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List: Top ten best food products by Trader Joe's

One of the unsung heroes of the grocery store world is the chain called Trader Joe's.  This store is stocked with fresh produce, natural products, and hard to find specialty items.  Trader Joe's boasts a wide array of products to accommodate different diets and dietary restrictions.  They sell healthier food options with an inexpensive price tag thanks to their private label.  Their flower section is the best I've seen in a grocery store with a larger variety and better quality.  They also employ some of the most helpful and genuinely nice people that exist on planet Earth.  Bottom line is, it's a fabulous, amazing place to shop.  You should go there.  Like, right now.

what to buy from trader joe's

The downside to Trader Joe's is that it's a smaller store with less stock and less meat variety.  Due to this & so I don't go bankrupt buying everything, I do limit purchases to just my favorite items.  They also sell items such as toiletries and necessities, but I limit these purchase as well.  The only non-food related items I get there regularly is the fruit and vegetable cleaners and sometimes their dish soap.

After years of exploring Trader Joe's, here are my top ten favorite products that they sell.  In my opinion, these products beat the similar items sold in larger grocery chains for quality and price.

Trader Joe's items that are better than other grocery stores

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Top ten best Trader Joe's food items.

1.  Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches
These are so delicious and amazing that I can't even describe it to you.  Let's just say this, I don't like chocolate chip cookies or vanilla ice cream, but I die for these!  Besides, my daughter would kick my butt if I didn't come home with these.

  This frozen rice substitute is inexpensive, yummy, healthy, and really easy to make.

Plantain chips are a common food item and really nothing spectacular.  Trader Joe's fixed that!  These chips are sweet, delicious, and a healthier snack option that I really look forward to.

Once you try these crackers you'll never want to eat another brand again.  They are crunchy, sweet, and a little chewy.  They also pair perfectly with most cheeses and cold meats.  Ever since I discovered these, I won't serve antipasto without these crisps.  So yummy!

The Trader Joe's dried wild blueberries are the main reason why I venture there.  Once my stash gets low, that's my indication that it's time to take a trip to the grocery store.  They are really sweet with the most pleasant consistency that I ever experienced with a dried fruit.  They are also the only thing that actually gets me to eat my oat bran.  No blueberries, no oat bran!

6.  Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken
This chicken is seasoned perfectly.  It's also fully cooked so it's an easy meal prep.
When I have to work late, a fresh salad with sliced Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken is what's for dinner!

These are soft cookies that taste like absolute heaven.  I eat them for snack or paired with an espresso.

As a person that doesn't care for salsa & will always reach for the guac, I can eat this whole can myself.  Trader Joe's Pineapple Salsa is super sweet with a little tang.  Pair it with chips or bake it with some chicken.

Let me start by saying that I'm a self proclaimed pesto snob.  I know this and I accept it.  Growing up, my Sicilian immigrant grandfather would make homemade pesto that everyone fought for.  After all my years of life, this is the only pesto that even comes somewhat close to that.

10.  Sweet Italian Sausage & 4 Cheese Ravioli
When I first saw this for sale I laughed because I didn't think anyone would buy it.  Well, guess what?  My husband came home with it a week later and declared it his favorite ravioli.  Somehow, this unexpected recipe is perfect.  The sausage isn't overwhelming and the pasta isn't too thick.  ...and it tastes  d e l i c i o u s  paired with their Pesto Alla Genovese.  You're welcome!

Other items that we love but didn't make the list are the Trader Jose's beer, their wild blueberry pie, their 100% pure maple syrup, their corn muffin mix, and their mushroom & herb risotto.

If you're looking for delicious and unique recipes to try, you need the I Love Trader Joe's Cookbook!  Some of my family's favorite dinner recipes came from here.  & it makes a great gift, just ask my SIL..

What is your favorite grocery store?


  1. In one of the books I translated a rich family goes to Joe's once a month to stock on all the healthy items and food, which is considered in the book a habit of a well standing family.
    Do they have veggie meat product substitutes? Veggie sausages, hot dogs, burgers, cheese etc?

    1. Yes! That's actually how I started going there. When I was a vegetarian, they were the only store that had quality products. I used to go there for all that stuff. They even have dairy free ice cream that you'll want to eat!

      I did my marketing project on Trader Joe's last year (which prompted this post. This post was written pre-pandemic LOL). Statistically, it's the middle class people that go to this store the most. Also statistically, the Asian ethnicity is the highest statistic to shop here, although closely followed by Caucasians. It's healthy food at a lower price tag because they sell their own brand of products. I went there over the weekend to get a case of beer. A six pack of Corona costs about $13 in your general grocery store chain. A six pack of Trader Jose Beer (comparable to Corona) is $4.99. Yet, if you go to buy meats and fish, it's VERY expensive. I don't buy that here.

  2. I have had 2, 3, and 4 and other varieties of number 10. I buy #5 at Aldi because their price can’t be beat on dried fruits. My must haves at TJ are the balsamic glaze, no salt almond butter, and olive tapenade. My daughter loves the pastry pups!

    My favorite grocery store is a local chain called Heinens. They have tons of plant-based foods and their meat is premium. Beef is 100% grass fed, chicken is free range from Amish country, no antibiotics, etc. All from Ohio. I only buy meat there.

    1. Ever since you've recommended the fig butter, I've been buying that too. I wrote this post a really long time ago, otherwise I would have swapped out #6 for the fig butter. My dad LOVED the fig butter so much that I stuck it in his gift bag for his birthday. I went to Aldi once and didn't really like it so I never went back. Do you like the grass fed beef? I'm not a big meat eater so my opinion may be invalid, but I find it very chewy. My husband got a skirt steak made of grass fed beef and it felt like eating chewing gum.

    2. Fig butter? You mean fig jam??

      I didn’t like Aldi the first time I went. The quarter for the cart and then the packing it yourself stressed me out! Lol, but I waited a few years and then tried again. They have certain products I really like and it’s cheap. I use a lot of cinnamon as an antioxidant and it’s 99cents. Real vanilla is cheap, too. And I’m obsessed with their cocoa almonds. I just stock up about 5 times/yr.

      I don’t eat a lot of beef, and when I do it’s from the crockpot, so it’s tender. I’d have to compare side by side to notice a difference.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Here’s a link to the fig jam we like. Looks l8ke the same thing as TJ :

    5. It looks very similar. The Trader Joe's one is actually about half the price. You should give it a try to see if you like it. We usually do pesto with our antipasto spreads, but after you recommended it we gave it a try and have been using it consistently since.

  3. Well I failed on every single one. But if that is a surprise to you then you may be living under a rock when it comes to my diet lol

    1. I had no idea! I thought these were all your favorite foods. LOL

  4. I love Trader Joes. We don't have one locally, but I always stop when we are near one. I stock up on their dark chocolate speculoos (sp?) candy bars. They have it in ice cream too. Jason buys their beer. We don't get anything that needs refrigerated since it's over 2 hours to get back home. We are supposed to get one 5 minutes from me near Notre Dame this year, and I am totally geeked about that.


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