Friday, February 26, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

We got hit with...
...the horrid snow storm shown above the day before we were supposed to leave for our trip upstate.  At first it was a pretty snow fall, but quickly turned into a beast of a snow storm.  At one point, it literally looked like snowballs falling from the sky.  It is absolutely amazing how we went from no snow last year which I'll never complain about again to mounds of it this year!

I'm absolutely sick about...
...this article from Elle magazine (link).  It's about a singer named FKA Twigs and the abuse she had to endure from Shia LeBeouf.  Normally I don't read or believe these things, but I grew up a big fan of LeBeouf.  I remember him as the silly little brother on Even Stevens, the hero of the movie Holes, and then my favorite part of Transformers.  After reading this article, it looks like he went down a deep, dark path over the past decade.  He's had several arrests, substance abuse issues, and multiple accusations of domestic abuse.  I'm glad this woman was able to escape.  I sincerely hope that LeBeouf gets the help that needs while learning accountability.

I'm pleasantly surprised that... son wrote his own name at only two and a half years old!  Say what you want about childcare at a young age, but they learn more at the right childcare facilities than most of us mothers would ever be able to teach.  Mommy's so proud of you, baby boy!

We booked the venue for... daughter's communion this year.  We'll be having a small gathering in a very large restaurant.  The large space will allow for social distancing and other precautions.  We had my son's baptism reception here and was very happy with the food and service.  

The owner of the establishment seemed...
... ecstatic to get a big booking in her calendar.  It seems that it's a miracle that her business survived.  She was near tears explaining that she's a 3rd generation owner and very emotionally invested in her business.  As the daughter of a small business owner, I completely empathized.  Hopefully things start getting better for small business owners very soon!

We had an absolute blast...
...snow tubing this past weekend!  The only downside to the trip was when my son fell onto the conveyor belt that carries you up the mountain.  In an effort to save him from immanent doom, I dove on top of him screaming for help before he could be carried away.  I hurt my knee which is still swollen and painful to touch and embarrassed myself when I saw the speed that the conveyor belt moved.  It was so slow that even after the dramatic show I put on, that we only moved about 2 feet.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. I don't believe anything FKA says, she is such a shaddy lady, not that she even resembles a lady LOL. But at the same time, how can you expect tenderness and sweet kisses from Shia or Marylin Manson, da hell? You enter the relationship with them only if you are sadomasochistic. The only public lynching I'm currently enjoying /insertevilcackle/ is the lynch on that ebil idiot Sia the Chandelier singer . That lynch was long time overdue, methinks. And she lurvs Shia, btw. I am, though, shocked that your country is turning into a land where such problems are tackled in the media, instead in institutions like in the normal world.

    1. In my mind is the Disney channel star. I didn't follow his career, so it really shocked me! What happened with Sia? I just did a quick search and it doesn't give any information other than she suffers from a neurological condition. What do you mean by institutions instead of the media? The media here is garbage and they will report whatever garbage to make $$$$$$. This is part of the reason that I don't ever watch the news.

    2. Meaning that you tackle cases like these in media and social networks instead of leaving them to the police, courts etc.
      Sia is very vile, she is currently in a pickle because of her horrid new movie which she directed and in which she did a lot of harm to the people who suffer from autism.

    3. I haven't heard about that one yet, and other then her song Chandelier, I know nothing about her. Although, it sounds like that is a good thing.

  2. I hate snow, so I can relate! That sounds scary about the conveyor belt, but I’m glad you saved the day!😃 I don’t follow much of the millennial Hollywood hijinx, but after being so disappointed in Johnny Depp and then finding out it was possibly all a lie and he was the one being abused, it’s hard to believe any of it anymore. I’m glad you were able to book your daughter’s first communion party. In a few months, so many will have been vaccinated, I think there’s not going to be much to worry about.

    My daughter loved the childcare place that my grandson started out in, but he was getting sick EVERY single week and she and her spouse are nurses and can’t call in sick, so it became impossible. That’s when I became the childcare provider and he never got sick again! But now they are able to coordinate schedules so they don’t need me. Did you have to deal with all the sickness?

    1. Um, yes and no. He contracted caxsackie (sp?) last year from the daycare, but whether it's now or later, their immune system has to be built up. After that first year of daycare, my kids stopped getting sick at all. While it sucks at the time, it really does build up their immunity to germs. I can see why that would be a problem though as a nurse.

  3. beautiful view...great shot.
    Thank you for sharing interesting story.

  4. You know, it's easy to fall for thinking the actors for Disney are sweet innocents, but Shia has alluded that he's done some shady thing to women, so I'm inclined to believe he's done the things she accused him of doing. I believe Zac Effron has also been accused of being manipulative and controlling in relationships as well. They seem so lovely on screen, we want to believe they are like that in real life, but it's hardly ever the case.

    It's springlike weather here, and while we missed snow tubing this year, I wouldn't be sad if all the snow stays gone until next December now.

  5. Shia is a giant weirdo from what I've read and he has admitted to. lol should have got a video of your freak out. Hopefully the knee is better.


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