Friday, February 12, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

My kiddies had an absolute blast...
...playing in the snow!  My husband blew up my daughter's snow tube, put the kids in it, and was pulling them up and down the road.  You could hear their screams and laughs from all the way down the block.  My son, who is way too much like his mommy, came in after a very short time and was complaining about the cold.  With the tot out of the way, Mushy Face and daddy made the crazy snowman pictured above.  She had way too much fun doing a photo shoot with her new friend!

Three cheers for my hubby because...
...he finally finished the little staircase leading to our office.  Remember this post from November 2019?  We left it in an undone state for over a year in the hopes that our contractor would return to finish the job.  Well, he never came back and our flooring was since discontinued.  My husband did his best to do the job himself.  I have to say, it looks pretty darn good!

My doctor wants to try an...
...experimental treatment to finally get rid of that swishing sound in my ear!  He said that he's had success with injecting Botox into the TMJ joint in your jaw.  The Botox will then weaken the muscle and eliminate any grinding that I may be doing in my sleep.  Once the grinding stops, he thinks the swishing sound will also stop.  I'm hesitant to inject chemicals into my body, especially since this seems to be a treatment with no end.

I've officially gone to the birds because...
...I spent my Sunday at a local park with my professional grade camera and binoculars trying to hunt down some different birds.  My daughter and I had lots of fun chasing down our feathered friends for the perfect shot.  We saw Golden-Crowned Kinglets, Robin Red Breasts, and Common Red Polls.  I've been documenting my birding adventures on this Instagram page (link).  If you like birds, you should check it out!  If you don't like birds, don't judge me.

We had a super rare siting of...
...a pine warbler!  The day of the snow storm, this little yellow ball of poof came out to play and eat from our suet feeder.  This bird is so rare for my location during this time of year, that I was able to make my first ever bird alert!  Once again, don't judge me.  He visited over and over again for the next few days.  I honestly think it was the heated bird bath that he was after.  It was so cold outside that there was probably a very limited water source for the little guy.  Either way, I hope he enjoyed his stay and decides to come back again!

I'm wishing you all a very...
...Happy Valentine's day!  I hope that your day is filled with lots and lots of  l o v e.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. The snowman seems properly confused. We had a bit snow this winter, but not really enough for a snowman. We are currently experiencing a subzero weekend and it is so cold I'm shaking even inside the house. Botox thing does sound scary indeed.

    1. She was outside so long that she was even starting to look like a snowman. Baby boy and I myself were nice and warm, snuggling inside the house. LOL Yuck to the subzero weekend. Can that break your heating system?

  2. So cute with your daughter posing! What a nightmare with the contractor. I’d have been livid and written some nasty google reviews. I’m a vain person, but I’m too scared to try Botox. But I know that it is helpful medically for many things, so maybe it’s worth a try if insurance covers it?

    1. Out of curiosity, why are you afraid to try Botox? I am afraid, too. My doctor told me that it's the most documented of all treatments because of its high popularity and it has no serious/permanent side effects. I'm still scared, though. LOL I think my fear stems from the people that come out looking like puppets when injecting fillers into their face.

    2. I’m afraid of a needle in my face, as well as the scary warnings about paralysis, etc. but that’s with any treatment and RX. And yes, the cat lady and puffy face look is worse than just having some lines. I don’t have any lines around my eyes. My dislike is the area around my mouth and chin. The skin is no longer tight. The mask is helping with that! LMAO

  3. I have noticed that the birds have taken over your Instagram, but I love it! You always get such good shots, too, which is impressive! Those suckers hardly ever stay still long enough for me to capture them with my camera.

    Happy Valentine's Day! I'm headed out of town today, but will be back next weekend and will catch up with everyone then :)

  4. You having gone to the birds? I never would have guessed. I'm with the kiddo too, too cold to be out in that white stuff lol


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