Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Life: Fancy Lee in Babylon, NY

 My husband started asking what I wanted to do for Valentine's Day in early January.  I mentioned that we could look into reserving one of those outdoor igloos to dine in.  They're trendy and popping up everywhere thanks to the "new normal".  What I didn't know, is that the restaurants were charging a $200 reservation fee that included nothing but (1) round of drinks.  My husband's rant on this find is enough to fill a whole post in itself, so let's just say that he very dramatically said no.

I assumed we would have an at home date night and never mentioned it again.  What I didn't know, is that he was doing research to see how safe it would be to eat at our traditional Valentine's Day spot.  Once convinced the precautions were good enough, he got a sitter and made a reservation.

This Valentine's Day and every other date night we went to Fancy Lee (link) restaurant in Babylon Village.

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Fancy Lee | Babylon Village | NY

I remember the first time that I pulled up to this restaurant to meet up with my dad.  It looked like an old diner from the outside.  All I could think was "He wants me to get sushi from there?!".  Total snob, I know.  But sushi places need to be extra..  Then I walked through the doors.  The inside of this retro looking building, is a modern, chic, and really clean restaurant.  Talk about judging a book by it's cover.

Fancy Lee is an Asian fusion and sushi restaurant.  They have everything from traditional Chinese food dishes to unique and delicious fusion choices to the absolute best sushi.  This is another reason it's one of my favorite spots.  If someone in your party doesn't like sushi, they will find something on the menu that they do like.  I've even taken my daughter here before starting from the age of 2.  She isn't allowed to eat sushi yet, so she gets a chicken dish and is very happy.

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For our dinner dates like this past Valentine's Day, we do a full on sushi meal.  We will start with a bottle of cold, sweet saki for me and a Japanese beer called Sapporo for my husband.  Fancy Lee provides a complimentary appetizer which is pictured above next to the menus.  It's a fried sushi roll with a sweet sauce on top.  We then place an order of edamames to pick on while enjoying our drinks.  An edamame is a steamed soy bean pod covered in coarse salt.  You then suck off the salt while biting out the bean.  Our main meal consists of several of our favorite sushi rolls to be split between both of us.  My husband's favorite is the Volcano roll which is deep fried and spicy.  I don't eat it because I don't do spicy.  My favorite is the Spring Breeze roll which is tuna and pineapple avocado with a house special sauce on top.  It's the polar opposite of my husband's favorite because it's very sweet.  If we make it through all of that, we'll end the night by splitting our favorite dessert there, fried ice cream.  Still laughing at my husband eating the stick pictured above and me in complete disgust thinking he ate wood!

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The staff is super attentive and very accommodating.  They go above and beyond to make sure that you're happy with your meal.  They check on you several times to make sure that you're content.  Sometimes the owner himself will pay your table a visit.  Our waitress on Valentine's Day even asked us which rolls were our favorite which was a total pleasant surprise.

The restaurant itself is immaculate.  I have high standards when it comes to eating out and even higher standards when it comes to sushi.  Fancy Lee exceeds those standards.  To make it even better, you can see the sushi chefs making your meal.  The wait staff almost always takes the time to point out which dish is yours so that you can follow it from start to finish.  

Additionally, the precautions they took for the pandemic was top notch.  Legally they're allowed 50% capacity, but didn't book reservations anywhere near that.  All staff was masked and some even wore double masks.  They kept each party significantly distanced with at least two tables apart from one another.  The sushi bar had plastic barriers between each chair, but remained empty for the two hours that we were there.  They used disposable napkins that were surprisingly sturdy and disposable menus.  The attention they paid to disinfecting a table after use far surpassed anything that I've seen yet.  To be clear, this diagnosed hypochondriac was comfortable.

I would highly recommend Fancy Lee for food, service, and environment.

Do you have a favorite restaurant?


  1. I’m not allowed to eat sushi, either. LOL, I got sick on tuna steak in 1994 and I was so violently ill that I just won’t do sushi. But it does look pretty and I liked the sound of both of your rolls. I would have cracked up thinking he ate a chopstick! That dessert looks yummy. I’m so glad you got to go out for Valentine’s. My husband just refuses to sit in a restaurant during Covid. I’m praying the weather is spring-like by April so we can sit outside somewhere. I’ve read that those igloos are pricey.

    1. I was a little "happy" from the saki, so my face must have been priceless. We both started hysterical laughing once he realized that I thought he ate a piece of wood! What did the groundhog say? The Long Island groundhogs had conflicting reports.. lol

  2. Isn't it blasphemous for an Italian to eat at a Chinese restaurant? LOL Your ancestors are turning in their graves :) I still haven't tried edamame, they're too expensive here. I myself almost never eat out as I my father was a cook and knowing how messy he was I don't trust any cook LOL And it ain't easy eating here when you are a vegetarian. Back in the days, my only option was to order breaded cheese or fries. But they fry that shit probably in the same frier used for meat, so I don't trust anyone but myself in making food. I won't even take food from my mother, but that is because I had many poisonings from her food LOL

    1. My friend is a vegetarian and never orders the fries. Turns out the oil that they fry the French fries in have boiling hot animal fat in it. I guess that's why they taste so good!! lol My ancestors probably wouldn't be happy, but I do love me some fish. :)

  3. $200 reservation fee. And to think I was miffed at a $20 sit down fee at a restaurant in Chicago recently. I would have not been so polite in declining that expensive reservation fee!

    Fancy Lee looks like a lovely spot for Valentine's Day or date night out. Your hubs is so sweet to you ♥

  4. Great that they were so attentive and kept things clean and orderly and took precautions and all that fun stuff. As far as chinese food though, you took me off that FOREVER! lol


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