Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Review: A honest review of Songbird Essential's heated bird bath (SE995).

 This week is for the birds literally.  Since we already squashed the myth that birds don't visit feeders in the colder months, it's time to squash another one.  Birds eat AND drink in the Winter time.  As difficult as it may be for them to find food in the freezing temperatures, it's even more difficult for them to find water.  Whatever water source is left lingering throughout the Winter is usually frozen and of little value to them.  Our birdie friends will be looking for a reliable water source to drink and bath in all Winter long.  This is the perfect opportunity to help our feathered friends, to give back to nature, and to attract new birds to your yard.  All you need to do is install a heated bird bath.

Songbird Essentials SE995 Songbird Spa heated bird bath how does it work

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Review:  Songbird Essentials Heated Bird Bath (SE995)

What heated bird bath did you end up purchasing?

Since reviews were hard to come by, we took a chance on the Songbird Essentials SE995 Song Bird Spa.

Why did you pick this heated bird bath?

I chose this heated bird bath for several reasons.  The first thing that attracted me was the price.  While I'm all about helping out my birdie friends, I need to take a step back and remember that we're on a budget.  This heated bird bath is economical and doesn't require any additional purchases to function.  The second thing that attracted me was the internal thermostat so that it doesn't use electricity needlessly.  The final thing was the array of options to set the heated bird bath up.  It can go freestanding, hook onto the side of a banister, be laid down on the floor, or be attached to the top of a railing.  Since we have short term plans for our yard, I like investing in something with options.

Are you happy with your purchase?

Yes, I'm happy with my purchase.  It's doing what it's meant to and it's doing a great job at it.  I mean, look at that pic!  Icicles are hanging from it and the water is still in liquid form.

what is the best heated bird bath

What do you dislike about the product?

While it was made clear in the product description, the bird bath holds a very limited amount of water.  The entire bird bath is only about 1.5" deep.  My second complaint is that the actual bird bath isn't evenly flat.  There's sort of like a bubble or raised center in it.  This makes for an even more shallow pool of water for the birdies to enjoy.  Shallow or not, it does it's job and the birds haven't complained.  At least, not yet.

Is there anything else buyers should know?

There are three things that I think are worth highlighting.

1.  The chord that comes with the bird bath is relatively short.  If you have your heart set on a certain spot in the yard either be flexible or be prepared with an outdoor extension chord.  We opted for the outdoor extension chord and have zero complaints.

2.  There is no on or off button.  This was very confusing at first and actually prompted me to call the company.  The thermostat control function is what turns the heated bird bath on and off.  There is literally no other way to turn it on.  Additionally, "heated" bird bath may be a misleading term.  It's not a bird jacuzzi.  It's just meant to keep the water at a temperature that is functional for our feathered friends.

3.  The bird bath is easily removed.  I've made it a habit to remove it every morning for a quick washing.  It's very important to wash bird baths regularly heated or not so that our bird friends do not get diseases.

Do you have a heated bird bath?


  1. If it was deeper it would be a dish for bird soup LOL I did expect a review from a bird, not from a bird crazed lady LOL How do we know the bird feel the same as you?

    1. LMAO Well, the blue jays yell at me when it gets empty. They won't stop squawking at me through the window until I get up and refill it. Does that count?

  2. ‘It’s not a bird jacuzzi.’ LOL! Nobody wants to see birds getting jiggy wit it in their backyard! No, we don’t do bird baths here. We actually quit feeding the birds two years ago because of the mess and it was attracting too many other animals. Plus, too much bird poop on the windows. We only do the birdhouses in the spring now, but I’m considering a feeder always away from the house that we can still see.

    1. LMAO @ getting jiggy wit it.. hahahaha We've been lucky with critter around here. Long Island does get racoons, but if they're around here, I haven't seen one yet. Squirrels did appear out of nowhere once the feeders went up, but they clean up the mess under the feeders so they're fine by me.

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  4. lol not sure i would have jumped to bird jacuzzi, but sounds like it mostly meets your approval. And i would be surprised if you didn't wash it everyday

    1. LOL, yup, got to clean out all that bird poop that the apparently love to add for flavor. Bleh, gag, barf..

  5. I'm interested in how it holds up long term. Do you think it will last several seasons? I hate buying things like this only for them to last a year, then crap out on me.

    1. I'll have to circle back and see how it holds up. So far it's been installed for a couple of months and seems to be holding up well. Fingers crossed, it will last more than one season.


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