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Review: A honest and detailed review of Present Pets.

Children today have an odd obsession with watching other people open boxes and blind bags.  Don't believe me?  Look up Ryan's Toy Review then..  Knowing this, my husband gave my daughter permission to hijack R&W to do the same thing.  You had to see her eyes light up when he said it.  Those brightly lit eyes made it impossible for me to say no.  I told her to pick ONE toy to review and that's it.  Well, she originally picked an egg filled with slime, so we went with her second choice.  The problem was, baby girl didn't have her chosen toy so how could she review it?  I told her to write a letter to Santa Claus explaining the problem and then after Christmas maybe we could do her review.

Ladies and gentleman, Santa Claus delivered with her #1 most wanted toy, Present Pets!

what is a present pet and how does it work

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A honest & detailed review of Present Pets.

What are Present Pets?

Present Pets are interactive toy pets that unwrap themselves from their blind box packaging.

There are three different Present Pets styles to choose from.  There are Fancy Present Pets, Glitter and Glimmer Present Pets, and Dalmation Present Pets a Walmart exclusive.  All three styles have two different pets to choose from, but are packaged in a blind box making the choice a surprise!

What does "unwrap themselves" mean?

Great question because I didn't get it either!  In my opinion, the unwrapping experience is the biggest appeal of the toy.  After pulling a fancy tab in the shape of a bone, the toy is activated and begins to literally break through the box while making puppy noises.  As you can see in the picture above, holes in the shape of paw prints get punched through the box on multiple sides.  Within a few minutes, the box cracks in half on both sides and the Present Pet essentially is freed.

Where Present Pet gets points for performance, they lose points because the toy is VERY difficult to get out the base of the box.  It took three adults and a child to get it free even with the step by step instructions that are included.  To be clear, Present Pets open the box for you with a very fun and ADORABLE show, but they still need to be freed from their cardboard crate.

What else does Present Pets do?

If you look past the marketing gimmicks of the blind boxes and "unwrapping", Present Pets are still a pretty cool toy!  They are interactive stuffed animals with many fun features such as barking back as in imitating your bark, performing tricks, responding to tummy rubs, cuddle mode where they snuggle and snooze, and game time.  When you're not using the features, it's an adorable puppy that is soft and just the right size for a child's arms to carry around as a companion.  Present Pets also have over 100 different sounds and actions to add to the fun!

a real life experience of present pets

What does your daughter think?  As in, go away, woman.

Hi!  It's me here!  I think it's the best toy ever!  My Present Pet is named Cocoa and I love her so much and she loves me more than treats.  I love to take her for walks, have tea parties with her, and watch Trolls with her.  Trolls is her favorite movie because she likes to dance.  There is just one thing I don't like about my Present Pets.  Cocoa scares my real puppy, Thor.  Whenever I let Cocoa run free, my real puppy growls at it and barks at it like it's a robber.  I wish Present Pets didn't scare real puppies.  I wish they scared baby brothers though because he always tries to take Cocoa away from me.  My favorite part about Present Pets was finding out which pet I got and watching Cocoa break through the box!

Please note, my daughter is 7 so I had to edit minor errors to make this readable.  All opinions are her own.

Is there anything else we should know?

Unlike most blind bag toys, I do think this one is worth the money because the toy is "cool" on it's own.  As a mother, I want to invest in toys that are durable, safe, and entertaining.  Present Pets definitely hit all 3.  My fear when purchasing asking Santa for it was that after revealing the surprise choice, my daughter would lose interest.  Consider that fear squashed because baby girl hasn't put it down yet!  It's also easy to acquire since it's sold at most major retailers including Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

What were the kids in your life after this year?


  1. Seems like they're a whole show! I was wondering what Thor thinks of it, and I see lil' missy told us LOL You should keep Cocoa away at night from Thor.

    1. Normally I stay away from those toys b/c I feel like after the "show" they get forgotten about, but we made an exception for this one. Cocoa has to stay locked away at night otherwise Thor goes nuts! LOL Poor Thory poo, he must think he's being replaced by a robot.

  2. That sounds neat, with the package opening. I remember a few similar (but way less advanced) stuffed animal toys that my kids had, where a kitten would meow when you pet its back.

    My grandson is only interested in cars and trains, so we got him this big road thing that’s train tracks one one side and a monster truck track when you flip it over. He loves it!

    1. That sounds like so much fun!! My baby boy got way too many toys this year, and the one thing he just won't put down is the old school magnetic drawing board. He literally sits with that thing for hours. Guess that proves you can't beat the classics..

    2. Are you talking MagnaDoodle? We went through a few of those here, back in the day!

    3. Yes! That's the one.. it's a V-Tech one but the same exact concept. I had a MagnaDoodle as a kid and couldn't remember the name.

  3. This is definitely something my girls would have begged for when they were little, though mine never wanted to do reviews for me LOL. Might have to make her a regular contributor if she's eager to help mama out with the blog :)

  4. lol 3 adults and one kid? Geez, that is one toy that makes you work for it.

    That is a neat idea though to have it break out. And good that it doesn't lose it's luster when they get it.

    She did a great review too. Have to have her blocked off for Tuesday's and Thursdays lol


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