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Recipe: How to make red velvet cheesecake brownies.

 For the record, I am not much of a baker.  I'll cook all day long, but it takes a major event for me to put on my bakers hat.  When I do bake, it's got to be a fool proof recipe otherwise I know that something is going to go wrong.  One of the recipes that I have been making and perfecting for the past ten years is the famous red velvet cheesecake brownie!  Every year I include a few in my holiday cookie boxes as a little treat.  I'll then whip up another batch for Valentine's Day because they're festive (red) and it's a recipe I've practiced!

This is a two part recipe.  The first part is to make the brownie batter and the second part is to make the cheesecake batter for the top.  While they're baked on top of each other, I do like to swirl some brownie mix through the cheesecake topping to make it look fancy pretty.

recipe for festive dessert red velvet cheesecake brownie

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Recipe:  Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies


(1.5) Sticks salted butter
(1) Cup sugar
(1-1/2) Teaspoon vanilla
(1/4) Cup cocoa powder
(2) Tablespoons red food coloring
(1) Teaspoon apple cider vinegar
(2) Eggs
(1) Cup flour
Pinch of salt

(8) Ounces cream cheese (softened)
(1/4) Cup sugar
(1) Egg
(1/8) Teaspoon vanilla extract

how to make red velvet cheesecake brownies


Preheat the oven to 350*.

Butter (1) 13 x 9" baking pan and set aside.  Peep the word "butter".  Don't spray Pam because it isn't the same!

Melt the butter in the microwave and pour into a large mixing bowl.  Add the sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder, food coloring, salt, and vinegar into the bowl.  Using an electric mixer, combine all of the ingredients.  Whisk the eggs and then add it into the brownie mixture.  In small doses, add the flour and mix until completely combined.  Pour the batter into the buttered baking pan and set aside.

In a separate large bowl, add the cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and vanilla.  Using the hand mixer, blend completely.  Cautiously pour the cream cheese mixture over the brownie mixture in the buttered pan.  Make sure the top layer is as even as possible.  Using a knife, scrape the remaining brownie mixture and swirl it through the cheesecake for a that fancy pretty design.

Bake for 30 minutes.  After fully cooked through, place the brownies on a cooling rack.  Do not attempt to cut these until they are completely cooled down.

how to make red velvet cheesecake brownie

Tip:  Use a plastic knife to cut through the brownies when it is time.  Plastic knives are less likely to collect pieces of brownie as your cutting through.  The end result will be more aesthetically pleasing and you'll have less wasted brownie.  That's a double win!

Idea:  I absolutely LOVE this pan because it cooks evenly and it has a lid for the easiest dessert transport ever.  It's inexpensive enough to purchase two that way you can leave your pan at your host's home until all the goodies are eaten.  Unless, of course, the host is a pan hoarder.  Then bake in a disposable aluminum one.

What's your favorite baked treat?


  1. What's the reason, do you think, for your lack of love for baking? Why is this one made with salted butter? You Americans do love to put your salt in everything LOL

    1. I have no idea! I'm always watching my weight so that could part of the reason I'm not much of a baker? I only use salted butter. We accidentally bought unsalted butter once and it didn't taste like anything. It's probably part of the reason Americans aren't know for their outstanding health. LOL

  2. I’ve not seen apple cider vinegar in a brownie recipe before. I was going to say that I was surprised by the red color, but then saw it’s 2 T of food coloring! That’s like a whole bottle! The plastic knife thing really does work, but it’s just hard to find one. I try to keep the disposable ones on hand and remember to not keep throwing them out.

    My favorite baked treat? That’s a long list but I love fruit pies, brownies, and ginger molasses cookies.

    1. Well, you're right about it being the whole bottle. LOL I used to buy the multicolored food coloring sets and it was exactly one bottle. Now I buy one giant bottle of McCormick's red food coloring and it lasts through a couple of batches. lol

  3. Cheesecake and brownies are my weakness. This recipe sounds soooo good. Though, I'd have to give it all to my family since red dye does not cooperate with someone with digestive issues, I have to avoid it. I used to love me some red velvet, too! Going to pin this one and maybe surprise Jason and the girls with some for Valentine's Day ♥

  4. Sure sound like winners for a treat indeed, for those that can eat at their feed lol

    A pan that is even. That is a match made in heaven for you.


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