Monday, January 25, 2021

List: Ten species of birds that will visit feeders all Winter long.

My husband has not been happy with the amount of money that we've been dropping on our little bird friends.  While he's happy that it's keeping the kiddies and I entertained while on somewhat of a lockdown, he's ready to put the birds on a strict diet.  I've been preaching to him that we I have made a commitment to these birds and now I'm going to do everything to keep them happy for the rest of the my life.  His newest comeback to my preaching is utterly ridiculous.  He seems to think that all birds fly south and that none will visit the feeders in the Winter.  Well, he's obviously wrong.

I decided to squash this myth in the best way that I know how.  Here's a list of ten species of birds that will visit feeders all Winter long.  Furthermore, some of these species are only found at the feeders during the colder months.  Therefore, there will be no bird diets.  Sorry.. Well, sort of sorry, but not really..

birds that don't fly south for the winter

Ten birds that will visit feeders in the Winter.

1.  Tufted Titmouse
These adorable little guys can be found at the feeders all year long, but especially throughout the Winter.  They're often found visiting my suet or sunflower seed feeders and then quickly flying away to eat their treat!  As a double bonus, when I see a tufted titmouse I know that my favorite birdies, the chickadees, are nearby.

2.  Chickadee
In case you weren't paying attention above.. Chickadees are my favorite!  I love their spunky personalities and boldness.  These are one of the few birds that will actually grab a treat straight from your hand.  Chickadees can be found at the feeders no matter the season, but their an even greater treat on a dull, Winter day.

dark eyed junco nyjer seed feeder

3.  Dark Eyed Junco
These birds start to visit in the Fall.  They come from up north where it's really cold and visit us for the colder months.  Dark Eyed Juncos are one of the species of birds that will only visit my feeders during the Fall or Winter.  As pictured above, their feathers are a dark, charcoal gray with a bright white belly.  These birds like to feed on the ground and are very poofy.

4.  Cardinal
Cardinals are a regular at our feeders all year long.  They love themselves some black oil sunflower seeds.  While they're always present, they are an extra treat to see in the Winter.  I didn't realize how magnificent they were until I saw their bright red plumage against the white snow.

5.  Blue Jay
Blue jays are another species that will regularly frequent our feeders.  Many people aren't fans of blue jays, but I admire their courage and enjoy seeing them prevail over bully birds like Starlings and Common Grackles.

6.  American Goldfinch
These yellow birds are another one of my favorites.  They're shy birds.  While they'll come to feeders, I find that they prefer thistle or nyjer seed.  As long as we have our nyjer seed feeder up and filled, we're blessed with that yellow plumage all year long.  

Fun Fact - Their bright bold feathers get very dull for colder months.  Don't fret, because they'll brighten up again for the Summer.  You were worried, right?!

carolina wren in the snow

7.  Carolina Wren
These adorable little guys are around all year long, but will only visit the feeders during the Winter months.  Peep this guy fighting blizzard like conditions for a bite of frozen suet!  Since we rarely see them during the warmer months, I consider the Carolina Wren a Winter species for our feeders.

8.  Nuthatches
Our feeders are graced with the presence of nuthatches all year long.  While white breasted nuthatches are definitely more common at our feeders, I occasionally see red breasted nuthatches as well.  In fact, there's one red breasted nuthatch that will literally honk at me if I go outside and the sunflower seed feeder is empty.

9.  Red Bellied Woodpeckers
Red Bellied Woodpeckers are a staple at our feeders.  They're there all day and every day!  Despite them being so common, I never get tired of seeing them on the suet feeder.  In fact, I still alert the entire house including the dog of it's arrival almost every single time.  Hot, cold, rainy, snowy, or whatever, I can promise you that the red bellied woodpecker will make an appearance!

10.  White Throated Sparrow
Our feeders are always frequented by different types of sparrows, but it isn't until the colder months start that the white throated sparrow comes to visit.  This little guy is a lot plumper than it's cousin species and has very distinct facial markings.  Those markings almost make them look like a house sparrow wearing a very bad disguise!

These ten species are just some of the birds that will visit our bird sanctuary and feeders throughout the colder months.  Other species that will be present throughout the winter are House Finches, Purple Finches, Pine Siskins, House Sparrows, Song Sparrows, Mourning Doves, Downy Woodpeckers, Harry Woodpeckers, and Starlings.  There are countless birds and reasons to keep your feeders full all Winter long.

What birds do you see in the Winter?


  1. We get the same birds as you, though I don’t remember wrens ever coming to our feeders. They love our birdhouses that we put up in the spring. One that you didn’t mention is my favorite because he’s so big, the pileated woodpecker. He’s the bird that Woody Woodpecker was modeled after. We see them quite frequently in these parts.

    1. My father gets the pileated woodpeckers at his property upstate. Unfortunately, I don't have any trees in my yard, and between all my neighbors, there's only (1) real tree. Maybe one day I'll have the pleasure of seeing one here! I swear I saw a Flicker here but it flew away so fast that I can't be 100% sure. You'll have to send me some pictures of Woody!!!

  2. He should just start feeding neighbourhood cats and all your birdies will be gone /insert evil cackle/

    1. omg I'D DIE! I'm deathly allergic to cats and am scared of the wild ones. LOL No evil cackle, shut it off. hahaha

  3. Well, Miss Jax, YOU have cost MY household a small fortune. Maybe that will ease your hubby's mind. haha I thought I'd be happy with one feeder see what had happened was...I let the dogs outside and noticed that my neighbor put out a feeder after I did. What?! Luring "my" birds away? haha So, I promptly got two more. That led to a feeder hook that came with two more feeders and a water bowl. Still only one mourning dove and one Carolina Chickadee. Until, duh duh duh, I hung a suet feeder, put feeder in a dish, and added sunflower seeds. Now, I have several Carolina Wren, and a few song sparrows. Yay!! So, in a all seriousness, thank you. I've been struggling with some health issues lately and having these feeders and watching the birds has been very enjoyable.


    1. This MADE MY DAY!!!! I totally get the bird envy. I look at my neighbors feeders all the time and give it the evil eye. hahahaha How's the suet feeder working?? I can't wait to see lots of pics!!

  4. We get a few robins, blue jays and cardinals all year round here. I saw a HUGE woodpecker yesterday. Thankfully it wasn't in my neighborhood though. One was on my neighbors house just pecking away at their support beam pole last year. Left a lot of damage by the time he was done. I just placed an amazon order after clicking one of your links. I try to remember to come here first before placing an order so you'll get credit. My order was for like $294, so hopefully that will net you a decent profit this month (I never fully trust them to accurately account for orders placed through my website, so just wanted you to keep your eyes open to make sure you got credit for my order today).

    1. We get robins too, but they will not go near my feeder. I wonder why? We had a woodpecker do that to our old house that was full of cedar shingles. It woke me up and scared the crap out of me. I remember asking my daughter who is knocking on the second floor wall?? lol That's so appreciated, thank you very much. :) I try to do the same for when you see a crazy lady ordering bird food, that's me! hahaha

  5. Well he is obviously wrong big time. And actually the winter months are when you should feed the birds anyway because it is harder for them to find food. They recommend not doing it in the summer up here as it makes birds lazy and there is some bird disease that they pass to one another if they congregate at the feeder.

    1. Is it wrong that I love proving him wrong?? LOL Probably bc he proves me wrong all of the time. I heard that diseases can be a big risk, especially in the Summer with the sun cooking up those germs. I try to be diligent with cleaning the feeders at least once a week in the Summer time to reduce the risk, but I'm sure it could probably use it even more than that. I'm up to cleaning the heated bird bath EVERY OTHER DAY. Why didn't birdies learn etiquette? Like, don't poop where you drink. You would think that would be common sense, even for a bird.

    2. You'd think, but after watching ducks swimming in a river of human poop today, easy to say birds are gross lol


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