Monday, January 4, 2021

List: Ten family friendly activities to do this Winter season.

 Now that the holiday season has passed us by, it's time to embrace the Winter and do our best to enjoy it.  While I'm not a huge fan of the snow or the freezing cold temperatures, there are some perks to Winter.  This season usually brings us snow days, comfortable sweaters, and some fabulous hair days.  Now that we're all in a positive mood, we can start to plan the best Winter yet!  Let's brainstorm some seasonal activities to keep us out of hibernation and the cookie jar this season.

Note:  If you're here to find our secret to building the perfect snowman, it's all in the accessories.  We use this snowman accessory kit (link).

winter bucket list for family to keep out of hibernation

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Ten family friendly activities to do this Winter.

1.  Bake for a good cause.
Reach out to your local community outreach programs and see if they have a baking program you can participate in.  Once it's set up, bust out your apron, bake the day away, and resist the urge to eat everything!  Once done, box up all your goodies and deliver them so that they can be passed on to people who really appreciate them.

Idea:  Not sure you want to bake for humans?  Many animals shelters will take donations of home baked dog treats as well.  As long as your baked goodies fill a hungry belly, they totally went to a good cause!

2.  Get creative with the Super Bowl.
A common Winter activity in the US is the Super Bowl.  Let's spice it up this year!  In addition to the traditional Super Bowl boxes, put together a BINGO board and less traditional bets.  This is a great way to stay engaged with friends and family while remaining in the comfort of your own home.  Oh, and don't forget the pigs in a blanket!

3.  See a performance from a local art school.
My daughter and I's favorite show to pay a small fee to see is at a ballet school for children.  The ballerinas in training put on a spectacular performance.  Other schools charge to see their students put on a play or a musical.  Whatever it is, venture out and enjoy the entertainment while engaging your community.

Idea:  Unable to see it in person thanks to the pandemic?  No worries!  Many places are accommodating this with virtual performances.  Set up your living room like a theater, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the show while supporting your local schools of art!

4.  Coordinate an at home dance off.
We have way too much fun playing Just Dance on our Wii.  They make this same game for most gaming consoles.  They also make similar games that you could look into.  Don't want to invest in a game?  No problem!  You can always YouTube some silly dances, recruit a judge, and compete.  This silly afternoon will keep you moving, warm, and laughing.

5.  Find a hill and spend the afternoon snow tubing.
As cool as Winter sports like skiing or snow boarding look, I must admit that I'll never be coordinated enough to do either.  Instead, I'll plop my butt down in a snow tube while uncontrollably spinning down a hill screaming my brains out!

Idea:  If your kids love tubing as much as mine do, check out this super cool unicorn snow tube or this really awesome bull dog snow tube.  You'll save in the long run because they'll never want a sled and you'll never have to rent an expensive snow tube!  You're welcome.

6.  Spend a day filling up the freezer.
Gather your favorite soup recipes like this Homemade Chicken & Sweet Potato Soup Recipe and put on your chef hat!  Spend the day cooking up your favorite freezable dishes, separating them into dinner sized portions, and placing them in your freezer for future use.  This is a fun, productive day in the kitchen while helping you skip all that potential, unhealthy take out you were going to order this Winter!

7.  Learn how to make a chunky blanket.
Knitting may sound like something Grandma is doing all year round, but chunky blanket making is done by hand as in, without knitting needles and is totally modern!

Idea:  Need help getting started?  I bought this set to learn how to make a chunky scarf.  I figured it would either make or break my idea without committing to a full blanket!

8.  Set up a Winter themed scavenger hunt.
If you're not sick of my scavenger hunts yet, set up a Winter themed one for the kiddies.  On a nicer day, take them for a walk and have them search for silly things in the neighborhood.  You'll have a blast with your children and may even discover a place that you haven't explored yet.

9.  Make homemade suet for the birds.
The birds that stay for the Winter are looking desperately for food sources.  Help them out by making some homemade suet.  The birds that love this type of feed are woodpeckers, blue jays, and chickadees.  Please note, this should be a Winter activity unless you want to clean up some melted suet bricks in the Summer sun!

10.  Participate in a polar bear plunge!
A Polar Bear Plunge is the Winter activity for the most dedicated to their seasonal bucket list.  Pick your favorite charity to support, your favorite swim suit, and your warmest towel.  In support of that charity, dunk your body into the freezing cold water at your local beach, lake, or pool.  Then go hibernate.  You deserve it after this one.

What do you have planned this Winter?


  1. My cats would eat all of the bird dinners so no suets for them in my yard, sadly. My cats are very into eating birds, so we can never have any nice birds around, sadly.
    My plan this winter is to do absolutely nothing until the new book arrives, I will just use the time to relax my tired old bones. I might go shopping this week if I'm in the mood, I do need some different winter jackets, but it is Orthodox Christmas so shops might not be open with my luck...

    1. A time to rest sounds exactly like what you need! Talking about eating birds, we have a hawk that has been perching right across from my feeders every day. I didn't even know we had hawks around here until a few weeks back. Every time I see it through the office window, I run outside with a spatula screaming like a mad woman until it flies away. LOL I'm not trying to make a hawk buffet in my yard..

    2. I saw a hawk catch a sparrow in flight and also an owl trying to hunt down my kittens and we also live in the middle of the city LOL I also had a very ominous episode with one of my cats catching and devouring a white dove... that was jeepers creepers.

    3. That would scar me for life. LOL Has the vision of that been burned into your brain?

    4. I think it brought me eternal doom LOL Cursed forever!

  2. We honestly have zero plans. I’ve been trying to get outside a few times a week to walk, but I won’t do it if it’s below freezing. I have my limits. We don’t do Super Bowl games, but our family does do a college basketball bracket for Final 4.

    1. That sounds like fun! I don't think we'll be doing much of anything this season, but there are still some safe things to venture out and do. We got excited this past weekend because Jones Beach extended their drive through light show. We are actively planning a snow tubing adventure, assuming we can find a safe place to do it at. I've never done snow sports before (b/c I really, really hate the snow) but I'm game if the kiddies want to try it.

  3. Allison has been wanting to make a chunky blanket for some time. I might see if she wants to make one with me here soon. But, she just got her first job ever and they have been scheduling her almost 40 hours a week! She finally told them 25 is her limit, so we'll see if they do reduce her. They better because she still has school and obligations to fill for National Honor Society. She also got an embroidery machine for her birthday/Christmas gift, so we'll probably learn that together soon as well.

    1. What kind of job did she get?

    2. I got the chunky blanket set for my Nanny because she likes to keep something warm on her lap as she watches TV. She said it's not as easy it looks but she's going to keep trying to see if it gets easier for her.

      That's a lot of hours for a full time student. I thought there were labor laws against that? When I worked at McDonalds during high school, we weren't allowed to exceed 20 hours a week and we weren't allowed to exceed 2 hours on a week night. Although, that was about 15 years ago so it may not apply anymore.

    3. She got a job at a new fast food restaurant that just opened here. She's 17, so labor laws here say she can work 30 hours a week during school and 40 hours during summer. So, technically they are breaking the child labor laws. I didn't fuss about it during winter break because she wasn't doing anything anyway, but now that they are back to school, I'll be watching her schedule and contacting management if they don't get it under control.

      I also like to keep something warm on my lap while watching tv. Even in the summer, I like to be covered. It's a weird habit, but it soothes me.

  4. Super Bowl? Pffft make me take a nap if I watched that haha Going up and down a hill all afternoon? Nope! Jumping in cold water? Nope! I need a better top 10 list lol


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