Friday, January 8, 2021

Life: The Kingsgate Cottage Birdhouse for small songbirds by Plow & Hearth

birdhouse on a pole that looks like a real house

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Life:  Kingsgate Cottage Birdhouse

I'm absolutely in love with...
...the birdhouse that my family got me for Christmas this year!

This birdhouse is from...
...Plow & Hearth.  It's called the Kingsgate Cottage Lighted Birdhouse.  It's not only beautiful to look at it, but it's made specifically for nesting songbirds like my favorite bird, a chickadee.  My husband did his research.  He found a birdhouse with an entrance hole sized specifically for small songbirds and purchased a pole so that the height of the birdhouse would also be fitting for small songbirds.  The birdhouse lights up at night and has a timer so that batteries aren't wasted.  Warning, this a temporary luxury.  You're not going to disturb nesting birds to change batteries.  It's well made and extra sturdy.  You could weatherproof this wooden birdhouse, but we didn't want to risk harmful chemicals coming in contact with our future tenants.  It's pretty to look at and the perfect home for our small size feathered friends!

Someone please tell...
...the chickadees that there's a gorgeous rental available.  & all utilities are included!

I'm happy to report that...
...we had a great break from school, work, and life!  For the first time in almost a full year, I didn't want the kiddies to go back to school yet.  It's funny how when the pressures of work are off of you, you're able to actually slow down and enjoy your life.  It got me thinking that maybe I should start planning some mental health days throughout the year just to enjoy my babies.

I'm in complete shock that...
...people are still putting their own agendas before the pandemic.  When people are sick, be happy that they're being responsible and staying away.  Don't get mad or insulted because they cancelled plans with you.  Health comes before a photoshoot family gatherings.

I'm even more shocked that...
...people think endless pictures of shrimp cocktail will entice us otherwise.  Seriously..

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. THat house is prettier than the ones we live in LOL

    1. Right? It's gorgeous! I really hope a chickadee moves in and the space doesn't become a home to a hornet nest or something similar.

  2. That’s a beauty of a birdhouse. I can’t believe my friends who are still texting me every month about doing couple activities. No matter how many times I explain that we are not going to bars or dining indoors at restaurants or homes, they just don’t get it!

    1. Thanks! I'm in love with it. He put it up so that the picture is my exact view from my home office window.

      Everyone's comfort level is different, and that's totally fine. What's not OK is that other people feel the need to try and force people to come their own level. We should all be respectful of each other at this time. If you're uncomfortable, they should understand that and stop putting it in your face! I do hope this ends soon though before more relationships get destroyed by the virus.

  3. That sure is a grand birdhouse indeed. lol yeah, I get it indeed. Pffft. People suck. Need to wise up and then this crap will be over. But own no. Their own vanity and egocentric crap takes over.

    1. LOL YUP! That's what it all comes down to.. people's egos. Oh well!

  4. I want a bigger version of the birdhouse for my own home. It is so pretty. Definitely a great Christmas gift!

    There's no rhyme or reason to how people are handling social situations this year. My mother in law made sure to tell us she wasn't doing holidays, but the same people that we gather with at Thanksgiving and Christmas were in and out of her house all week the week after Thanksgiving. I guess she thinks if it's one or two people at a time in her home it won't affect her? I have a friend that goes to jujitsu classes and rolls over and grabs complete strangers in a tiny space, but won't let her stepsons come over until they've been quarantined for 2 weeks because their mom let's them still go to in person classes at school. Like, why is one activity okay but not another. I'm just confused by people's train of thought this year.


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