Friday, January 22, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings


Baby girl's got bragging rights because...
...after hours of studying and ridiculously super early morning extra help sessions, she turned her failing grades into a 92%!  Second grade has been especially hard for her, especially in mathematics.  This is just one topic that she couldn't grasp through virtual learning.  That meant she had to make up for lost lessons last year and this year, but she did it!!  Mommy's super proud of you and your hard work!  For the record, I knew she could do it all along.

Don't worry about...
...the rings under my princess's eye balls.  They're not from a lack of sleep.  They're called allergy shiners and she gets them periodically.  A few doses of allergy meds and those dark circles will magically disappear!

I'm literally laughing my butt off because...
...a very nosey woman that I can't freaking stand at all stuck her nose where it didn't belong AND ENDED UP IN THE NEWS.

I'm way too excited for...
...the owl safari tomorrow that the nature preserve near my house is hosting!  Remember when we went to the bat safari?  Turns out they have an owl safari for the Winter.  Who knew we had owls on Long Island, let alone this far west?!  I'm excited to see some so let's cross our fingers that next week I have some cool owl stories to share with you guys!

Circling back to...
...this post about my top ten favorite movies released in 2020.  Well, my husband insisted that I watch the movie Us (Wikipedia link).  For starters, he had the wrong year.  It was released in 2019.  Secondly, if I was to write a post about the top movies of 2019, I would label this as the worst one of them all!  I got even more frustrated when I tried to Google what in God's name the movie was about only to find out that it was a gigantic political metaphor.  I was disappointed because I'm a fan of the two lead characters, but, I'm sure they didn't write it!  Have you seen it?  If not, I recommend watching it just so you can relate to how awful it was!

Please join me in wishing The Viking...
...a very Happy Birthday!!!  Because of the pandemic, we won't be having a cake, but here's the post from last year (link) instead.  When this is all over, I'll owe him a double dose of cannoli cake!

 What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. I hate maths so much, so I understand her pains. I've always had all A's except in Maths and Physics.
    Could you go all natural with your daughter's diet? In most cases allergies in kids are due to them eating industrial food, if they go fully commando on it allergies often disappear. A full cleansing of the body is also good for adults, usually by drinking herbal remedies for full detoxification. Even eating goat cheese and milk on a daily basis from goats who grazed on mountain herbs often cures or relieves some very serious syndromes and seizures in kids. For many kids, allergies are a product of their mommies not breastfeeding them as babies, which is a very sad trend in modern world.

    1. We try to eat as natural as possible. We have one cheat night a week which is usually chicken nuggets and french fries. Luci and I do love some chamomile tea, but I took your advice and only drink it in the fall and Winter these days. We also eat a spoonful of unfiltered, local honey every day to try and battle out the allergies. The doctor wants her on a daily medication, but I'm not a fan of it. I'll give it to them the meds for a week to clear it up when it gets really bad but then I take them off of it. Her allergies aren't as bad as my son's. He's got as many allergies as his mommy! I highly doubt we'd find goats grazing on mountain herbs here. A single tree is a rarity by me. Any other recommendations? I'll try anything!

    2. Well, all of the people that I've heard off that cured their allergies went full raw diet or full natural and they all did a full cleansing treatment. We do the cleansing here with the famous Hulde Clark treatment which includes black walnut, clover and wormwood. After that you're clean like a baby as you poop out tons of black stuff stuck to your intestines over decades or years :) It is good for allergies, cancer and similar stuff. And you could start giving them some of the strong natural immune system boosters, find what you have there, we have Russian chaga, Japanese shrooms etc. Also Manooka honey from New Zealand is good for everything, some people swear in it. Try with herbalists and natural healers while they are still young and before allergies stay with them for life.

    3. I'm going to research those things and see what we can find. The pediatrician basically says to give them what they're allergic to to get their body used to it, but then they suffer. Antonio is allergic to milk and the doctors advice was to give him more milk. Then he gets all congested b/c the milk causes that.. then he tells me to stop giving him milk until the congestion clears up and try again. It drives me nuts.

    4. I'm not a doctor, but I personally never would give milk to a kid allergic to milk. I'm allergic to milk myself and the pain it causes in my belly is rather indescribable, it is like knives tearing you up from inside. When somebody gives me milk secretly in some food, I basically have to throw it up in order to save myself from the deadly pain as nothing else helps.

  2. Congrats to your daughter! That is great and you deserve to be proud of her. Happy birthday to your Dad! I just noticed that he and I would have graduated together! I love owls and I’m excited for you to see one. We’ve seen barred owls here and at our last house. Their hoot is a very cool one. And now I’m dying to know about the nosey woman!

    1. Thank you very much. :) You saw barred owls at your house?? I'm so jealous! I did see that snowy owls took a stop at Jones Beach. I wanted to go see them, but according to the bird alert pages, too many people were going to see them and frightening the owls so we decided to stay away.

  3. Congrats to her. That is awesome indeed. Hope The Viking has a happy birthday and chows down. So you got into the owl one? A nosey woman got her due? Well that is good haha

  4. OMG, I was going to watch US, but I heard it was terrible. Glad you confirmed that for me as I probably would have still given it a try because sometimes I read a movie is terrible and end up liking it (like Wonder Woman 2).


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