Friday, January 15, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

I'm loving my new... mug that says "Coffee with Cuomo".  My friend's wife made it for me because we are two of the few people that love our local governor.  Cuomo cares about the people, always tries his best, advocates for the children's education, and is quite handsome.

That mug has triggered a silent...
...war in my household!  As much as I love our governor, my husband can't stand him.  Every morning, I put my mug out for display and every evening it makes it's way back to the cupboard.  The funny part is, neither of us say a word about this.  We just keep quietly doing it in the hopes that one of us forgets our new routine one day.

It's getting real hard to...
...stay awake at work.  I'm going through a two week training course on how to use a new system, and it's putting me to sleep!  Since I'll be living in this system to do my job, I'm trying so hard to pay attention, but virtual training is proving to be tedious.  Now I can relate to my daughter's inattentiveness during virtual lessons!

I'm still cracking up at...
...the instructor of the training when she yelled out in frustration "Holy Schmakalaka!"  Um, what?!  That's definitely a new one for me!

We are REAL excited for...
...the snowtubing trip that we officially booked!  To take advantage of outdoor activities, we'll be taking a drive way upstate about 4 hours north to be exact to go snowtubing.  While it isn't exactly a vacation, we're happy to have something to look forward to that's a very low risk activity.  Before we head home the next day, we'll be stopping by Stratton Falls so the kiddies can see the waterfall.  We're not going to let the Winter force us into hibernation.  Instead, we're going to continue connecting with nature while participating in pandemic safe activities.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. I don't think I'd ever use a political mug, no matter how much you think you like him, all politicians are nasty bitches and manipulators and paint themselves in the media the way they want you to see them. And if it hurts your hubby so much, I'd defo got rid of it! And them being beautiful means nothing. Macron is rather hot, for example, but is a nasty bastard as they all are.

    1. eh, it doesn't hurt him. We are always teasing each other. Now, if I put up a mug with Fidel, that may be an issue. LOL

  2. I had to look on a map to see where you were going. I forget that NY is such a big state because a 4 hour drive gets you from Cleveland to Cincinnati here. I hope you have a really fun time. I loved that kind of thing as a kid, before I became a wimp in the cold!

    I have a blog friend who HATES Cuomo! He lives in Binghamton. I dont know enough to have an opinion.

    1. Another thing that many forget is traffic. On Long Island, it takes over an hour to drive 20 miles. Just ask Pat Hatt. :) LOL

    2. Yes. Very very very very slow going.

  3. 4 hours is a long long way. Are we there yet? lol

    Funny about the mug. Surprised he hasn't "accidentally" dropped it yet though.

  4. As long as you love the mug, that's all that matters!

    I used to love snow tubing, but have become such a wimp in the cold in my older years. I have thought about skiing, but my husband has never been and always makes an excuse on why he can't go. I think he's scared he's going to be constantly on his butt and doesn't want to embarrass himself lol


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