Friday, January 1, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

how to attract tufted titmice

We officially had our first...
...snow storm of the season!  Honestly, it's our first snow storm in over two years so I can't really complain too much about it.  With the "new norm" and working from home, it wasn't even stressful.  There was no panic to find care for the kids or an emergency rush to shovel out the cars to get to work.  It was just a snow on the ground.

I really enjoyed watching...
...the birdies in the snow!  They're a treat to watch in normal conditions so you could imagine the entertainment that a snowstorm brought.  They were happy to have access to good food and fresh not frozen water in our bird sanctuary.  It's definitely a mutually beneficial relationship!

At night we've been watching...
...Behind Bars: Rookie Year.  The show is entertaining enough to keep my interest yet boring enough to put the kiddies to sleep.  It's also convenient that the show is available on YouTube since our Fire Stick has officially died.

I really need to start...
...watching what I'm eating and getting more active.  I officially weigh more than I ever have in my life and that's got to change, like, now.

Baby boy has been doing a great job with...
...potty training!  He was nearly there right before COVID hit.  Once his routine was broke, he refused to get back on the potty and mommy couldn't potty train while working.  His school has been working extra hard to get him back to doing his business on the bowl and they're succeeding.  I'm so proud of you baby boy and I'm REALLY thankful to the staff at his school for working this through this twice!

I'm hopeful that...
...the first day and post of 2022 is a reflection of the simplicity to come this year.  We're talking about snow storms, birds, potty training, and shows that put kids to sleep.  Here's to a fabulous year!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Why is it called a titmouse, such a crazy name for a birdie LOL

    1. It is odd, right?? But they are very rodent looking..

  2. We’ve had two snowstorms and it WAS less stressful because hubby was home and could take care of the driveway! But I’d be happy if that was it for the winter! We are renting Mad Men DVD’s from the library. So good!!!! I hope you and yours have a wonderful new year!

    1. My mom loves that show!! We have been finishing up Monk now that we got our Firestick back. Happy new year!

  3. We haven't had much snow, but we did have an ice storm over the weekend that left many (including us) without power. Thankfully I have a generator, so it didn't put us out. My mom had to come stay with us though since her house is old and drafty and quickly became unbearable once her power was knocked out.
    I need to start moving more too. Not because I give two figs about my weight, but because I am feeling extremely sluggish lately. Too much lazing around during quarantine put my body in a comatose state it seems lol.

  4. So soon no diapers. That is a win. Hopefully. Even if you gotta wipe butts. And you can have all the snow you want. Keep it there and let it snow, then it won't come here.


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