Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Review: A honest review of Blink outdoor security cameras by Amazon.

 When we moved into our new home, we were left with a few choices regarding home security.  We could reinstate a pricey contract by signing years of our life away to a monitoring company.  We could install our own cameras and sign up for less expensive monitoring without any contracts.  Or, we could go unprotected which was never a real option.  Being left freshly burned by a very popular home security company, we wanted to take the time to research and think about all of our options right down to specific camera models and brands.

While we were doing our research, we invested in a very inexpensive interior camera that would alert us of any movement when it was put in armed status.  This was comforting, but not really enough for our complete peace of mind.  I mean, if the camera did sense movement and we were home, it was pretty much too late since it meant someone was inside the house.  While not perfect, we did like the concept.  

In the end, we decided that protection, monitoring, and peace of mind without a ten year, binding agreement is exactly what we wanted.

how is the blink cameras by amazon for the outside

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Review:  Blink Smart Home Security Cameras

Which camera did you decide to invest in?

What made you choose this option?

For starters, we decided that we absolutely did not want to go through the headache of an expensive, long term contract ever again.  Secondly, we wanted a self-monitoring camera system that began the alert when the intruder was still outside.  Third, we wanted a camera that would automatically record once an alert was triggered.  The Blink home security system met all three of these non-negotiables plus was from a brand we trust!

Was there a final selling factor?

Yes!  There were two things.  The first was it's compatibility with our Alexa devices.  Our home has a few smart upgrades that are all linked back to our Alexa.  Since both systems are Amazon products, syncing them was virtually seamless.  The second factor was that I wanted the ability to see my bird sanctuary when I wasn't at home.  Please, don't judge me!  We can't afford an official bird cam right now like other birders, but this was the next best thing.  We were able to angle the camera in a way that potential intruders would be visible and I would have the perfect view of my feathered friends.  You get a very reasonable deal when purchasing two cameras instead of one, which makes sense because of front and back entrances, so we were sold!

How easy is it to install and to use?

The Blink camera runs on a battery with an advertised lifespan of two years.  Thanks to that super battery, the installation took a whopping 10 minutes each.  You literally find the right place for the camera, screw in the base with a drill, and download an app onto your phone.  Since we already had an Amazon account, we were able to log into the app and view the outside of our home via our cell phones rather quickly.  The next step was to link the Blink app with our Amazon Alexa app.  This was also fairly simple since they are from the same company.  Now we can say "Alexa, show me the front door." and get a live feed of it right on our Echo Show.  We actually do this quite often, especially when there's a knock on the door!  The phone app itself is also very simple.  There's a toggle to arm and unarm each camera.  There's a video file to play back a quick recording of every alert.  Once you grant the app permission to send you notifications, getting an alert whenever it sense motion is automatic and VERY simple.  Easy to install and really easy to use.

How good is the quality of the video?

The quality of the video is OK.  The Blink camera recordings and live views are in color, with sound, and decent quality.  Is it a five star motion picture?  No, but it's above average for it's implied use.  Below is a sample of an early morning motion alert and recording to warn us of a flock of vicious grackles!

What else do you think is worth noting?

There's a two way camera on the Blink home security system.  Through the Blink app, you can hear what's going on with the live view and talk to whatever person or bird is on the other end.  The Blink home security system comes with indoor and outdoor cameras in regular and miniature sizes.  It has a clear night vision so you're not left in the dark when the sun goes down.  The outdoor camera is waterproof and weather resistant.  As an added bonus, the app will alert you when there's overuse so that you don't risk a dead battery before it's projected two year lifetime.  When the batteries do die, it seems pretty simple to replace them.  Amazon recommends replacing them with these batteries according to their FAQs on their website.  Finally, the Blink smart home security cameras come with a limited one year warranty.

If you are interested in learning more about the Blink cameras, click here.

Have you ever considered Blink?


  1. You mean God of Thunder isn't enough to secure your place? Why doesn't this camera have deadly lasers as well, I require deadly lasers around my house.

    1. LOL Thor is 100% companion. There is zero guard dog inside of him. Ohhh lasers sound like an upgrade we need as well.

  2. Wow, we have the same cameras and I was planning on doing a post about them! Overall, we are pleased with the system and the price.

    1. Agreed, good security camera, but totally not a clear bird cam.. LOL

  3. I can relate because I got Wyze cameras so we could watch the dogs when we aren't home. They are pretty good, inexpensive cameras but they do have their limits. Yours are much better than mine, that's for sure!


    1. We have a Wyze camera that came for free with one of the Alexas. We've used it for the past year. It definitely did it's job!

  4. hahahahaha yeah, you have to have one that watches those birds. That is so much more needed than stopping thieves.

  5. We have Ring, but I think the picture quality looks pretty good on Blink, too. I love that you use it to watch your bird visitors!


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