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Recipe: How to make simple and delicious Stuffed Mushrooms.

 One food item that is a staple at every single holiday meal in our family is stuffed mushrooms.  My grandmother makes stuffed mushrooms taste like they're a delicacy.  She's fooled us all because they're actually pretty simple to make.  I remember when she taught me how to make them I thought she was leaving out key steps because it looked way too easy!  Notice I say taught.  My Nanny doesn't believe in recipes!  Now that I've come close to making a comparable stuffed mushroom, I feel good with adding it to our recipe book!

Idea:  A few years back my husband gifted me with a recipe book similar to this one.  He asked me to put together the book to pass down to our daughter in the future.  Ever since, I've been filling the book with our favorite recipes in my own handwriting.  To make it extra special, I have received my great aunt's zeppole recipe in her handwriting that I paperclipped in there.  This may be the sweetest thing he's ever done, seriously!

recipe for stuffed mushrooms with grated cheese

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Recipe:  Stuffed Mushrooms


(2) Packages large stuffing mushrooms
(1) Stick of salted butter
(6) Garlic cloves, minced
(1) Cup of Italian seasoned breadcrumbs
(1/2) Cup grated pecorino romano cheese
(2) Tbsp dried parsley
(1) Tbsp dried thyme
Salt & Pepper to taste


Preheat the oven to 400*.

Meanwhile, clean the mushrooms obsessively because they're a dirty veggie.  Separate the stems carefully from the mushrooms.  Dice the stems into very small cubes and set aside.  

On medium heat, melt the butter in a pan on the stove top.  Once melted, immediately add the chopped mushroom stems and minced garlic.  Cook in the butter until all of the water from the stems is released and evaporated.  Add the breadcrumbs for a real hot minute so that they get slightly toasted.  Remove from the heat.  Add all remaining ingredients and mix.  Using a teaspoon, gently stuff the mushrooms.  Be careful not to smash the stuffing in.  It's important for the mixture to be loose otherwise the texture will be off.

Lightly coat a cookie sheet with olive oil and line with the stuffed mushrooms.  Bake for 20 minutes.

Note:  This recipe is great for the holidays because it can be prepared ahead of time.   Store the prepared mushrooms in a nicer baking pan, cover with plastic wrap and aluminum foil, refrigerated, and reheat the next day.  Remember to remove the plastic wrap before re-heating.  Following these steps, the stuffed mushrooms came out just as good as if we ate them the night they were prepared!

What is a holiday food staple in your family?


  1. No no no, deary, you must not reheat da shrooms! They release toxins when reheated. You can possibly stuff them, put them in the fridge and bake them later on, but not reheat. Shrooms and spinach are the two things that become toxic when reheated, unless they were industrially deep frozen. We rarely have big shrooms in our shops, just little button mushrooms, so I don't stuff them often. Sometimes I do it with rice as it soaks in shroom juice.

    1. Really?? I have never heard of such a thing!! I reheat mushrooms often. Last night I made pasta with mushrooms and sausage.. I was going to reheat it for lunch. Now, I guess I won't! Same thing with spinach. I'm always popping it back in the oven to eat the next day or mixing the cooked spinach in an omelets. What type of toxins?

    2. Also, I edited the post and going forward, I will never reheat mushrooms again! I googled it and it looks like reheated mushrooms can cause heart problems..

    3. See? :P Dezzy knows his stuff LOL Not heating those two things are something our grannies always teach us here. You can eat them straight from the fridge, but not heated. And when it comes to spinach they always say you should eat it with eggs for better absorption of minerals and vitamin D. I believe that reheating turns nitrates into toxic nitrites in spinach and shroom which can then cause cancer and many other problems if often eaten like that.

  2. It’s hard to find big enough mushrooms here to stuff, unless we’re talking portobellos.They are delicious, though! I always make a mushroom wine sauce for our beef tenderloin on Christmas Day.

  3. Fabulous - Very Well Done


  4. I just eat mushrooms plain. That count? lol

  5. I love spinach dip mushrooms. I've got the recipe somewhere on my blog. I should make them soon as it's been years but it's one of my most pinned recipes. There's never any left to reheat, so I guess that will make Dezzy happy LOL.


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