Monday, December 28, 2020

List: Ten life lessons learned during the year 2020.

This past year may not have been how any of us planned or would have liked for it to go.  Remember this post?  Yea, that mostly didn't happen.  While that's true, it doesn't mean that the entire year was all bad.  As the year comes to a screeching halt, let's take a moment to clear the bad thoughts from our minds, be happy that we're still here, and appreciate the good things.

Today I'm linking up with our favorite rhyming cat from Pat Hatt Time to list ten lessons learned during the year 2020.  For the record, please note, he's the only rhyming cat that I know.  Just saying.  I recruited him to help spread positivity so that we can all go into the New Year with positive thoughts, optimistic mojo, and all that "hippie dippie" stuff that the cat just loves!

10 reasons 2020 was actually a good year

Ten life lessons learned during the year 2020.

1.  Smaller is better.
The theme of 2020 was small scale everything.  It started with Easter as a family of four and ended with Christmas with us plus my grandparents.  Each time we dragged our feet expecting to be disappointed with the smaller celebration.  Each time we ended the celebration reflecting on how much nicer it was with a smaller crowd.  There was less people to impress, cater to, cook for, and a lot less drama!

2.  Living creatures shouldn't be caged.
We all had different breaking points mine was 24 hours when we lost it in the lock down.  This gave many of us a whole new perspective of cages and what it meant to cage a life.  For me, this helped me to understand how my mother felt for years living with her disease.  For others, it taught them to appreciate pets, other people, or just living creatures in general.

3.  There are different types of stalkers.
After writing this post all about stalkers, I thought I knew it all.  Then 2020 progressed and taught me about the different types of stalkers.  There's the creeper.  There's the guy that tries to break through a locked door to get to you.  Sometimes there's even the guy that shows off a photo album filled with unflattering candid shots of you, but this stalker status is still up for debate.

4.  Children are capable.
I tend to do everything for my kids.  That was, until they were here 24/7 and I didn't even have time to tinkle anymore.  That's when I learned that kids are capable of a lot more than we give them credit for.  They are capable and they want to help.  They really enjoy the praise and satisfaction of a job well done!

5.  Sasquatch is a multidimensional, humanoid, that makes structures.
...or, at least, that's what I'm told is well known in Canada.

6.  Anything can be fun with the right crowd.
The pandemic taught many of us that a trip down the road can be just as fun as that trip to Disney World as long as you're with people that you enjoy being around.  Like everyone else, we had to cancel our big adventures for the year.  We replaced them with little road trips to overlooked places, car parades, and visits to tourist spots in our hometown like that giant duck building.

7.  Always try to find the light.
The song "I See the Light" from Tangled has been the theme song of 2020.  Every little step towards normalcy triggered us to sing "I Can See the Light" while doing ballet leaps in the kitchen.  Don't believe me?  Just ask the cat.  I'm pretty sure he even sings the song these days.

8.  Elementary age kids need to be in school.
Virtual learning isn't easy for older kids or even adults.  While it's hard for them, it's impossible for elementary age children.  They need to be in school.  They need socialization.  They need a pencil in their hand.  They don't need a stylus, ear buds, or an expensive lap top to break on the bus or slam over Johnny's head!

9.  Feeding birdies makes you happy.
When the pandemic started and we were all asked to stay home, my husband surprised me with a bird feeder to hang outside of my office window.  I went from being petrified of birds to being glued to the window like I was watching a juicy novella to starting my very own birding page on Instagram.  When you're feeling stressed, watch the birds!

10.  Just blame freaking Carole Baskin!
Whenever in doubt, just blame that freaking Carole Baskin!  I mean, she did most likely murder her husband and feed him to the tigers.  She totally deserves the blame.  One thing that none of us will unfortunately ever forget about 2020 are all the glorious things we learned while watching Tiger King.

What lesson did you learn during 2020?


  1. Who is this stalker person? I wouldn't mind a stalker if it was someone hot or at least remotely hot, I'm not really picky....LOL
    I think I did not learn much this year, I only developed even stronger nerves. As someone whose life was always just shit, shit and tons more of shit, I've learned to be phlegmatic and take everything easy, and that developed even more this year methinks. Horoscope says 2021 should be an easy year for everyone, even for me, let us hope it will be. I'm just asking for work, health and a hunk or two....

  2. I put the moderator on random checks, but for some reason, the moderator only flags Theresa M!! lol

    I have one guy at work that honestly is starting to scare me. I ran into my office and closed the door just to get away from him and he was jiggling the handle and banging on the door like something from the movies. Luckily, I work with a lot of men that are super protective so they shoo him away. Unluckily, the big boss is his BFF so he's constantly protected. And, no, he's not even a little bit attractive. Although he seems to think he's God's gift to women.

    Your view is like my mothers. She feels like her life was already bad being trapped in her home all the time and this just made it worse. The question is though, will it ever end? The way they're shoving "the new norm" down our throats I'm starting to think they're bracing us for a future that's forever changed.

    1. You should taser him with an electric taser. Or eat a bunch of garlic and blow your breath on him that should scare him away LOL
      It will end as the whole corona was probably done by the democrats. Isn't it unusual that it appear when all other things they've tried to thrown down Trumpie failed? And that the vaccine is here the very same month Biden steals the elections even though they said it will take years? Now that they are in the stolen seat of power, corona will go away too miraculously LOL but we will probably wear masks all year long.

    2. Every time I say that, my mom says that it can't be true because it's a global problem. Then again, she is a die hard democrat!

    3. It's so odd who moderator flags. I get flagged from my longtime visitors Rosie and Adam. Like, they comment on every post for 10+ year, why the heck are they still getting flagged!

  3. Well, nice try attempting to put a positive spin on 2020. I don’t believe I learned anything besides the fact that even my friends are pretty selfish people when it comes to a pandemic. We are still being invited to go out to eat, etc., even though I explain every time that we are listening to the Governor and staying home! It blows my mind what I’m seeing friends posting on Facebook. People still traveling, etc. like it’s 2019. SMH!

    I do agree with you on kids being in school. I’m glad your holidays were fun. You’re right about it being less drama when smaller!

    1. If the governor doesn't think it's safe to eat out, why are the restaurants still open? To ask people not to go out but to have the opportunity to sends such a mixed message. The governor here closes down everything based on the #s. He calls high risk areas micro clusters. If an area becomes a micro cluster and unsafe, it all gets closed down. The only exception is the schools. We have to volunteers equivalent to 20% of the students and 20% of the staff tested. If it's under 3% positivity rate, the schools can remain open. One of the reasons I love our governor is that he really advocates for the kids.

      Regarding traveling, I think there's a safe way to do it. We went to RI and didn't even eat in a restaurant. We did all outside dining. Then there's my in laws that just got back from Miami and even went on a plane. They want to see us for NYE and we already made them get tested twice.. Do you still think life is going to go back to normal? I can't see the end game.

    2. We have to get volunteers equivalent to 20% of the students body and 20% of the staff to get tested.***

    3. YES! It's a very mixed message. Unfortunately, he's had people picketing his house and so many threats were made during the spring lockdown to him and his (now former) director of public health, that I think he's too scared to do another lockdown of any sort. And yes, I'm not worried about outdoor eating, but that's not going to be happening in 8 inches of snow like we got on Christmas. It just makes me mad every time I drive by a bar or restaurant and the parking lot is full. Because I'd LOVE to go out to eat!

    4. Wow, that's a lot of snow!! I forget that you live up north sometimes. About ten years ago my girlfriend and I took a trip to Cleveland to see Carmelo Anthony. It was like night and day. It went from average temps to snow once you crossed the border. I couldn't believe it! I remember we brought one pair of socks and we were drying them on our curling irons so that our feet wouldn't freeze to death. LOL We brought open toed 5 inch heels instead of boots. Tourists much??

    5. I had to look him up. I only know Lebron! Lol. We average 65 inches of snow per winter, but some years it’s twice that much. We’ve already had 28 inches here and it’s only December, so I’m worried.

  4. This is true. The less people the more fun it can be many a time. Kiddos can do a lot and allow you to tinkle at least if you let them haha pffft Sasquatch is an alien from another dimension. You missed the alien part. Shouldn't be caged indeed. And the jury is far far in. Stalker indeed lol And better be the only rhyming cat you know, or the cat would get jealous hahaha

  5. This was a very difficult year for us. It feels like a lifetime ago we were making travel plans and new home plans and bam, the virus hits and everything went to a screeching halt. Not even a year passed but it seems like so long ago. My biggest takeaway is realizing how matters most to me. Who did I miss the most not seeing all the time and whose company did I not miss? It really made planning for the holidays much easier. I cut a lot of people out of my life this year and blamed it on the pandemic LOL. I do hope we get back to normal next year, but if not, that's okay too. I'm kind of loving this slower paced lifestyle for now.


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