Friday, December 18, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

Life:  Friday Ramblings

My babies finally wrote their...
...Christmas lists to Santa Claus.  They really enjoy going through the catalogues and looking at all the toys that they have for sale.  While they ask for the moon which they certainly won't get, it made me smile to watch them do this together.  Magazines and store catalogues may be headed towards an antique shop near you, but I hope that they still come every Christmas!  Watching my kids do this together reminded me of my own childhood.

I frowned when I read... daughter's Christmas wish.  She asked Santa if he could make COVID go away.  I asked her what she misses the most in this new normal.  She said "Seeing the people that I love."!  Santa, are youu listening?!

I got way too disappointed when...
...I didn't see the Northern Lights last week.  All the news outlets prepped me for it, and then, nothing!  I drove all around facing north and didn't see squat.  Did anyone else see them?

I'm laughing at the people who...
...keep asking me to go to India.  Remember a few months back when I had to fire 8 people from my team?  Yea, well the company I work for centralized those roles and outsourced to India.  Now they want me to go there to train these new hires on how to do those functions.  Not only is it a slap in the face to the good people I had to fire during a pandemic, but we're still in a pandemic and they have wild animals like lions.  No thanks!

We're grateful to...
...our local fire department who still held their annual Santa Claus parade.  While he didn't get off the fire truck to take pictures and hand out candy canes, he was there and my babies loved it!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Wait, what the what? Ya giv' ya kids catalogues? Well, that sure isn't an accident waiting to happen, nope, not at all LOL You should hire me as their nasty British nanny, I'd give them an orange and a wallnut for Christmas LOL But then again, I'd send all kids to boarding schools at age five, so I'm not the one to be given the task of caring for little spawn.
    I'd totally go to India, gives you the chance to buy yourself a big hat and a safari suit and act like a posh British lady in a tea plantation in Ceylon. That being said, I do ever so hate Indian food and climate...

    1. Yea, we'll save the babysitting for someone else, but it was very kind of you to offer. I mean, walnuts are a choking hazard. LOL I'm not a fan of Indian food or humidity either for that matter, so I'll be staying put on Long Island!

  2. Omg, I’d be laughing too at the suggestion of a trip to India during a pandemic. Frankly, it will never be on my list of places to visit! My kids always did the catalog thing. So much fun! And no, Northern Lights would be impossible for me to see, as we are surrounded by too many trees. I think some people closer to Lake Erie saw a glimpse.

    1. Right? Pandemic or not, no thanks. I'm so jelly of those who were able to see the Northern Lights. The cat made fun of me for it, but I thought it would be so cool to see.

  3. haha they are still on you about the whole India thing? Pffft no way at all would I let that happen on a good day. They made the cheap arse bed, let em lie in it. I think Santa may fail at her request until 2022. You and those lights haha

  4. So they want you to train people to take your job some day. Eff that!
    I miss making Christmas collages out of catalogues. It's so nice to see that kids still do that these days.


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