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Travel: A detailed review of Villa Roma Resort in Callicoon, NY.

 My family and I look forward to our trip upstate every single October.  We like to escape the hustle and congestion of Long Island and take the trek up north into the mountains.  After living through the heart of the pandemic a couple months back, we were looking forward to this trip more than usual.

Callicoon, NY is a beautiful place to visit, but with very limited things to do.  It's farm country deep in the middle of the Catskills.  To help us appreciate our visit, we like to stay in a resort called Villa Roma.  The best way to describe Villa Roma is to compare it to the resort depicted in the movie Dirty Dancing right down to the retirement like activities and talent show.  It's a place that has all the entertainment, food options, space, unexplored territory, and events to keep you very happy without ever leaving the grounds of the actual resort.  Truth be told, even after all these years, I still haven't experienced everything this place has to offer.

review of villa roma resort in upstate new york

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Review:  Villa Roma Resorts

At Villa Roma you're given a daily list of activities as shown above with times, descriptions, locations, and hosts.  As you can see from the example above, the options for activities are practically endless.  There should be something there that everyone in your group will enjoy and you won't have time to do it all!

The events that my kid's loved the most at Villa Roma were the hay ride, farm visit where they fed chickens and rode miniature horses, turtle races with real turtles, horse racing with fake horses, bumper boats, pumpkin painting, rock painting, and go kart racing.  My two year old son wasn't amused with BINGO or left right center, but my seven year old daughter loved these events probably because she won almost every time.  My grandparents enjoyed the excitement of their $1 bets and the nighttime entertainment.  The nighttime entertainment included a wide range of events such as a musical show called A Tribute to the Troops, a talent show with the guests, a comedian, and a live DJ where we got to dance the night away.  My husband and I enjoyed everything, especially not having to work.

Onsite at Villa Roma is the Main Dining Room where they serve lavish, four course meals in an upscale atmosphere.  This is also the location of the famous Caesars night where the staff wears togas, Caesar himself comes for a visit, you listen to live music, and the food doubles in portions.  Also onsite is the Roman Garden Cafe which is less pricey and more casual, but just as tasty!  This is where they have their famous pasta night.  Trust me and order the pappardelle pasta with bolognese sauce.  It's so good!  Other dining options include The Grill Room, Eleanore's Pizzeria & Deli, Pool Grill & Raw Bar (Seasonal), and Ski Chalet Snack Bar (Seasonal).  We did not dine at these locations, but those options are available.  Finally, they have a small space where you can buy delicious ice cream and Starbucks coffee.  We happily frequented this cafe a lot.

review of villa roma in upstate new york

We stay at a timeshare which are separate, large buildings scattered throughout the property to the right of the main hotel.  Each building has two floors with several timeshare units on each floor.  Each floor also has it's own washer and dryer.  The timeshare rooms that we stay in at Villa Roma contain two bedrooms, a living room area, a dining room area, and a full kitchen.  They are a little run down and outdated, but they're spacious, convenient, and comfortably hold my large extended family.  The kitchen is complete with everything that you would need to prepare a meal and then clean up afterwards.

The timeshare rooms are usually immaculate, but I was disappointed to see the rooms not as well kept this year.  We would like to blame this on the pandemic, but housekeeping was not up to par this year at all.  This was probably our only real disappointment this trip.  Additionally, we had several large spiders and one mystery bug in our rooms which is another thing we did not have years prior.

We have never stayed in the hotel rooms in the main building at Villa Roma.  While I'm not sure what they're like, I can imagine them being convenient since most of the activities are located in the main hotel building.  Villa Roma also provides free bus services to quickly shuttle you back and forth to where you want to go onsite.  Theoretically, you may never even have to use your car during your stay!

things to do near villa roma resort

If you do decide to venture off the resort like we did, there are some places that I would recommend visiting.

1.  Stone Arch Bridge Historical Park - This is the home to the three arched bridge that was the site of an ancient hex murder.  In addition to the history, it's a beautiful park complete with a jungle gym and grass to run.
2.  Diehl Homestead Farm - In addition to the beautiful backdrop and fall scenes to take pictures, they have an array of farm animals to entertain the kiddies and fresh produce for the adults.
3.  Bethel Woods Center - This is the home to Woodstock.  The museum is fun and interactive and the grounds are gorgeous.  Make sure to check their calendar of events since they have the best festivals!

We don't venture offsite often, but when we do, it isn't for long!  The best part of Villa Roma is their staff, including their main man, Doc Holiday.  They make you feel like you're part of a family and really engage in making your stay enjoyable and unique.

I would highly recommend a stay at Villa Roma in Callicoon, NY.

Do you have a regular place to visit?


  1. Tell me the staff wears Roman togas!

    1. They absolutely do for Caesars's night! It's hysterical.

    2. Such fun, especially if the concierge has sexy, hairy legs :)

  2. We always wanted to go to new places, so we’ve never had a ‘regular’ place we’ve visited, besides Vegas. We did go to Salt Fork twice for family reunions, which is a state park and lodge with family activities. Have you ever heard of Oglebay? It’s a nice family resort in WV. We took the kids there one summer, but they have a wonderful Christmas display during the holidays. I’m glad you still got to go this year!

    1. I have not, but now I have to check it out. With the exception of work, we always seem to be drawn to the east coast. We need to start venturing out west. I've been asking to go to San Antonio, but it just hasn't happened yet. That's my next US "wish list" spot.

    2. I've always wanted to go there, too! The riverwalk area looks so nice!

  3. haha did you scream about the bugs? No wonder they nicknamed you guys hahaha

    Sure does look like a nice spot though, stinks the housekeeping was subpar. Is it subpar for you? Or regular person standards lol there is a difference. Great that the staff engage though. And can't go wrong with raking it in with bingo haha

    1. Of course, who wouldn't scream about the bugs??? Come on now.. It was subpar in general. If I put it against my standards, it would have been worst. The cleaning services weren't allowed in the rooms with guests due to COVID, which I totally get..BUT it should have been cleaner due to COVID. I found stuff on the floor from previous guests that was pretty hard to miss like a bright orange Motrin.

  4. Since we try to see as much as possible All over the world, we tend not to go to the same place more than once. That’s lovely that your family has something to look forward to though each year. Too bad about the poor housekeeping. I’ve heard about a lot of hotels having crap cleaning this year. I wonder if hotels are really short staffed now because of the pandemic and that’s why the rooms aren’t as clean as were used to these days.

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