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List: Top ten BEST Supernatural episodes from Seasons 1 through 15.

 In 2005, I was an awkward teenager preparing for her senior year in high school.  Ok, so I'm still awkward, whatever.  In 2005, I was worried about getting a date to the prom, regents exams, college admissions, graduation, and raging hormones.  2005 is also the year that I started watching Supernatural.  That year, Sam Winchester became plastered all over my school binders, the catalyst of playful arguments with my mother, and even my re-occurring Thursday night past time with my future prom date.  Since 2005 to now, so much has changed, but I never stopped squealing like a dumb high school girl whenever it is time to watch Supernatural!

Instead of crying over the end of an era, we're going to celebrate.  This upcoming Friday I'm having a Supernatural "party" with our closest friends.  I'll be putting Sam, Dean, and Castiel on a cake, streaming the last few episodes, and trying not to get emotional!

To continue the celebration of Supernatural's FIFTEEN SEASON RUN, the Rhyming Cat and I decided to link up!  We're going down memory lane and listing our top ten favorite Supernatural episodes of all time.  With 326 (the 327th airs this week) episodes to choose from, all with the stunningly handsome Sam Winchester in a lead role, it wasn't easy to narrow them down.  For the record, I wanted to do the top 40 and the cat gave a hard no.  Boo to him.

supernatural from first season to the last sam and dean

Fun Fact:  My husband and I have almost nothing in common except for our favorite TV show dating back to our high school years!  When we moved in together, the only thing up for argument was whose Supernatural DVD collection would we keep.  We compromised and kept both!

The Top 10 BEST Supernatural Episodes

**Spoiler alerts:  Do not read further if you're just joining the Supernatural family because there are spoilers listed below.**

1.  Season 13, Episode 16:  Scoobynatural
This was one of the more fun episodes!  Sam, Dean, and Cas get sucked into a haunted television and end up animated and in a Scooby Doo episode!  It was nostalgic and filled with laughs until Vilma kissed my SammyWe loved this episode so much that last Christmas I gifted my hubby with a Socoobynatural throw blanket!

2.  Season 1, Episode 15:  The Benders
As much as I loved the pilot episode of Supernatural, this one sealed the deal for me.  It showed their brotherly bond despite their rocky road and revealed that their enemy wasn't Supernatural at all.  Instead it was the worst monster of them all in my opinion, deranged human beings that were using people as pawns in their hunting expeditions.

3.  Season 3, Episode 16:  No Rest for the Wicked
This episode made me cry and it still makes me get emotional every time I hear the song Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi.

4. Season 5, Episode 22:  Swan Song
This episode was originally supposed to be the series finale, yet here we are ten years later!  Sam has no choice but to give into his fate, but Dean still won't go down without a fight.  I can still hear the music as Dean showed up with his Impala to kick some serious butt.  Unfortunately, this episode ended in tears both on and off screen.

5.  Season 11, Episode 22:  We Happy Few
In one of the most epic episodes of Supernatural, several unlikely teams pair together to fight "The Darkness", aka Amara, aka God's sister.  The witches, demons, and even Lucifer himself all band together to defeat a common enemy that may not even be an enemy at all!

6.  Season 5, Episode:  Changing Channels
We get to see the Trickster in this episode which later turns out to be a crucial character in the heavenly family tree.  He puts Sam and Dean in a TV show world where they get to rank on top rated shows like Grey's Anatomy.  My favorite part of this fun Supernatural episode was the Japanese game show called The Nutcracker!

7. Season 14, Episode 15:  Peace of Mind
While this Supernatural episode may not be epic it's full of Sam Winchester and is one of the funnier shows.  Castiel and Sam find themselves in a picture perfect town where Sam falls under their influence.  This episode won me over when Sam awkwardly growls the word "roar" to his wife when asking for an extra olive.  I laughed even harder when Castiel yelled out that he doesn't wear a hat!

8.  Season 8, Episode 2:  What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
While this isn't the most epic episode or the funniest, it has two underrated characters.  That's Crowley and Kevin's mother.  While we're sad that they weren't in more episodes throughout Supernatural's life, we can watch reruns of this one!

9.  Season 4, Episode 6:  Yellow Fever
This Supernatural episode makes my sides hurt from laughing so hard.  Ten years later, and I'm still laughing but don't judge me.  Dean Winchester gets a case of ghost disease that leaves him itchy, paranoid, and completely out of character.  As a double bonus, this is the episode where he sings The Eye of the Tiger for us while dancing on his Impala!

10.  Season 11, Episode 8:  Just My Imagination
This was one of those episodes that had a little bit of everything.  It has Sam & Dean kicking some butt, humor, and Dean in a bathrobe!  This is one of our favorite episodes to watch over and over again on repeat because it never gets old.

Which is your favorite, Sam or Dean?


  1. That's a lot of seasons! Hope they get some nice new shows, although I don't like Padalecki's new project.

    1. I'm not a fan of Walker either, but I'm giving it a shot for two reasons. The first is Jared Padelecki (obv) and the second is it fills my Thursday night void. I'm super hopeful that this last episode is prepping us for some sort of spin off. The technical ending happened last week, so what could this week be about?

  2. I’ve barely even heard of the show! I think my daughter’s BFF loves it, so that’s the only reason it vaguely rings a bell. I have to say, being in a Scooby Doo episode sounds groovy! Zoinkers!

    1. Eep! You've barely heard of it??? You should watch a few episodes to see if you can get into it. Since you aren't familiar, can I make your vote for you and say Sam? :) Sam is the more handsome one with the long hair.

    2. Is Sam the guy on the left? I like him in the early years, but I prefer the guy on the right in current day.

    3. Yes, he is the one on the left. While Dean definately aged better, Sam is still the most handsome. Plus, he's the one on the show that uses his brain.

  3. Here you are whining about Sam turning into a car and you picked the episode where he did. Geez, that is sad. You really are losing your memory haha

    Good picks indeed. Not sure I'd put the old perfect town one in my top ten, but it was a fun one. But only 10? Geez, you are slacking.

    1. I specifically asked if we could do more and you said NO!!! Nodding to another show during Supernatural's time is just unacceptable. The perfect town one won because of Sam saying "ROAR". That's all it takes to land on my list. I kid, I kid..

    2. I never said no. Geez, bad memory.

  4. I remember looking forward to this series when I heard that Jensen was going to be in it. I used to be huge into Days of Our Lives when I was in high school and he was my teen crush way back when. Lots of tears shed when he left the soap opera, so I was stoked he was going to be back on the screen again in this series. I didn't expect to like the show, only tuning in to see my crush again, but I got sucked in to the story. I can't believe it went as long as it has, but it definitely had a good run!

    1. I forgot that Jensen was on there! Jared was on Gilmore Girls. Did you ever watch that show? I grew up watching Guiding Light with my mother. The only soap opera that I ever watched. It did have a good run, I just hope it comes back because fifteen years of something you really enjoy is not enough.. LOL


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