Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Life: Happy Thanksgiving!

We're spending our day knocking off everything on our check list so that we're extra prepared for tomorrow's Thanksgiving day.  It may be a day early, but when am I ever guilty of that?

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thanksgiving cookie jar decor

I'm wishing all of you that celebrate a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with delicious food, family, love, and appreciation for all that we have.  If you don't celebrate, you can still take a moment to appreciate the blessings in your life.

Over here, I'm thankful that we are healthy despite living through a pandemic.  I'm thankful for our mild mannered pooch, Thor the Puppy of Thunder, who never nips at my toddler when he pulls his tail.  I'm thankful for my family who has been extra supportive since the world turned upside down.  I'm thankful for my beautiful children that inspire me to be my best.  I'm thankful for my husband who never takes a break so that we're all happy and cared for.  I'm also especially thankful for this Turkey that we're about to eat and hopefully not overcook!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Happy Holidays! Let us take a moment of silence for all the poor turkeys who will die today :(

  2. Always thankful for good health, because if you don’t have that, you have nothing! Thankful for family and friends and that we live in a safe environment. Have a great rest of your week, Jax!

  3. Not thankful for a rhyming cat? How rude lol

    Enjoy...if you are able to enjoy after that loooong list

  4. Even though this was one of the worst years I can remember, there is still so much to be thankful for. I hope your family had a lovely day together on Thanksgiving. It was just us 5 here, and I actually found it quite refreshing from the hustle and bustle that too many bodies can bring.


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