Friday, November 27, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

supernatural series party ideas and cake

Life:  Friday Ramblings

Last week we had a blast at...
...our little Supernatural "party" more like a gathering to celebrate the end of an era.  Surrounded by our closest friends, we did what everyone does during a break up.  We cried and ate a lot of ice cream!!  We had an ice cream cake from Carvel and gallons of chocolate, vanilla, and cookie dough flavored ice creams.  We had toppings galore.  The ice cream definitely helped to ease the pain of the end of this 15 year relationship especially when they cut me a slice of Sam Winchester..

My husband and son made my night by...
...being good sports and dressing up as Sam and Dean Winchester for the event!

It was all fun and games until...
...I actually watched the series finale.  It was so God awful that I can't even talk about it.  The only thing that I will say is that it was so sad that I legit was left dramatically sobbing as in serious ugly cryingIt was the exact ending that I feared.

We had a small Thanksgiving dinner with...
...our family of four, my grandparents, and my aunt.  While I still cooked as if my entire extended family was coming, it was a little depressing that we each had to separate this year.  Instead of daunting on that, we were grateful for all of our blessings.

This year I'm extremely grateful for...
...our health.  Whenever I get stressed, I've been trying to remember that my family and I are blessed enough to still be here to enjoy another Thanksgiving when so many families have suffered unimaginable losses including loved ones and livelihoods.

I'm hoping that... all enjoyed your Thanksgivings this year despite things being a little different!

I'll end our ramblings with...
...the joke I told before cutting our Supernatural themed cake courtesy of Misha Collins.

How does Castiel make holy water?
By boiling the hell out of it.
Are you laughing?  I am!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. A lot of series that I watch ended this year and I have to say most of the series this year had stupid endings, truly and really.

    1. This wasn't a stupid ending. It was actually a really good ending, but oh sooooo sad! People are saying it's sadder than the ending from Game of Thrones (but I haven't seen GOT so I can't compare). Either way, I balled my eyes out and was loudly sobbing.

  2. We decorated all of our trees today (we have a LOT) and put up most of the decorations. Ate leftovers. It’s my son’s birthday, so I made a chocolate peanut butter cake for him. Having it shortly! I loved all your Thanksgiving photos on Instagram!

    1. That sounds like so much fun! We just finished decorating over here. My husband went away for the weekend, so the kiddies and I are going to have some low key fun since we are exhausted. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed them. :) We all gained about 20 pounds each from the food. LOL Hope you had a lovely holiday as well. Happy belated birthday to your son!

  3. haha well at least your cake and ice cream made it all better in the end. Even though the ending was pretty much what one guessed and was almost the exact same thing as season 8.

  4. I'm behind but I peeked and read up on what happened in the finale. Sounded like a sad, but good way for the show to end. Love the cake! And how sweet of your two boys to dress up as Sam and Dean ♥


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