Friday, November 6, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

funny pinterest fails

Life:  Friday Ramblings

I am still laughing at... Halloween fail!!  To celebrate the holiday, I looked up some cute Halloween themed food ideas.  We made bananas to look like ghosts and oranges to look like pumpkins.  Then I made hot dogs to look like mummies.  Above is a picture of my efforts.  How do you think I did?  Be kind, people.  Be kind.  My husband's face as he pulled them out of the oven for me will forever be engraved in my head!

My poor baby was frightened from...
...watching Sleepy Hollow.  I remembered the Headless Horseman movie on Nickelodeon and thought this would be a cute movie for the kiddies to watch on Halloween.  Well, I was wrong.  In other news, I was a little scared myself when I identified a cardinal before seeing it just by hearing it's tweet.  I have really become the bird lady..

I'm REALLY happy because... lemon tree starting budding again!!  We have about 10 little flower buds and one little golf ball sized lemon.  Here's to not picking the lemons when they're one centimeter big again.  Yes, I'm bowing my head in shame.

I'm loving my new... cut!  Between the stress of the new normal, my hormones changing, and anesthesia from last years surgical procedure, my hair has thinned terribly.  The new growth is thankfully very visible, but the ends were so thin you could see through them.  My hairdresser chopped my hair to about shoulder length with long layers and angles.  It instantly looked thicker and healthier!

I'm becoming nostalgic while...
...browsing through Target's new FAO Schwarz line.  It's bringing me back in time to when I would visit the store in the city around Christmas right before seeing The Rockettes.

I'm saddened, upset, and horrified because...
...there was a tragedy at my bird feeder.  I was admiring a bush full of red cardinals when I heard this screeching scream.  All I saw was two furry feet before realizing what was happening.  A hawk swooped down and grabbed one of my little birds.  The Common Grackles flew at it in a flock before the hawk could take off, causing him to crash into my fence.  I was screaming.  Then I was crying once I saw all of the blood and other unknown remnants scattered on top of my feeders.  I can't help but feel guilty.  I didn't know we had hawks on Long Island, but now that I know, I can only hope that I didn't create a hawk buffet.  If the hawk returns, I will be taking down my feeders.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. They look like something else to me, but I've been known for my naughtiness so that could be the explanation :)

    1. LOL My husband and I were cracking up as those came out of the oven. He was like "Mummy or a certain part of the mummy??" hahahaha

  2. Well, I could at least tell that they were mummy hot dogs. Not sure how you could have done better, TBH! So cool about the lemons! I have a long layered cut and I love it. I look forward to seeing yours. We get a lot of hawks here, but they seem to only go for chipmunks, not birds.

    1. I was devastated about the hawk. So there was a squirrel here at the time, but it grabbed the bird. I'm not sure if that was b/c the grackles attacked it so it panicked? Luckily, it hasn't returned. It feels so good to get rid of the thin pieces of hair. It's like your hair instantly gets thicker, right? Then again, I have very fine hair.

  3. Yeah, that was an epic fail lol

    Wow, you really are becoming a bird lady and you are scaring the poor kiddo. That is just rude. haha nature is all around you now. Predators and prey.

  4. Glad I'm not the only one who thought they looked like wieners. And not the word for hot dog LOL.

    Yay to the lemon tree!

    We have hawks here. They like rabbits. I know this because I found the remnants of one on my deck a few years back. It was a horrible, bloody, furry mess. I had to take my dogs out front to pee that day because I needed Jason to clean up the mess. I just couldn't stomach that.


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