Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Review: MadisonReed Professional Hair Color

Brace yourselves because I'm about to share a deep, dark secret.  I have a patch of gray hair on the right side of my head right above my ear.  It's not just gray.  It's thick, coarse, gray hair that doesn't want to take any dye.  I've tried all the name brand boxed dyes and have even dumped over $100 at the hair salon.  The best result I've gotten was turning that patch of gray hair into a patch of blonde hair.  I was about to admit defeat and get blonde highlights to blend in the grey, when a co-worker saved me.  Or, at the very least, she saved my hair from the 90's trend of dark hair with yellow streaks...

She recommended MadisonReed Professional Hair Color!

Because of my history with all hair dye, I was skeptical to even waste time trying it.  Luckily, she convinced me to give one last product a try.

madisonreed hair color does it really work

Review:  MadisonReed Professional Hair Color

MadisonReed supplies professional hair color that is free of toxic chemicals and easily applied at home.

What is the order process like?

The order process is surprisingly simple!  You access their website at, select the "at home" option, and answer all of the questions honestly.  After filling out the questionnaire, the website will recommend the product that best fits your needs.  For me, this was coverage of my color resistant grays.  I got Ravenna Brown (3.5NNN) Darkest Brown for resistant grays as pictured above.

How expensive is this product?

My first order was $26.50+tax.  To subscribe, it goes down to $22.00+tax.  While this is expensive for a box dye, it's significantly cheaper than the hair salon.  The kit also comes with more items than the typical box does.  My kits came with hair color, color activator, gloves, a cap, petroleum jelly, a makeup remover wipe, shampoo, and conditioner.

What is your favorite part about the product?

As you all know and are probably sick of hearing, I have terrible skin allergies.  With my sensitive skin, it was comforting to know that this product is without any harsh chemicals.  That means it is free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, SLS, and titanium dioxide.  Where it's lacking in harmful ingredients, it's bulked up with keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract.  Without going all hippie on you guys, I have to say, the more natural the product, the better!

Did it really cover your stubborn grays?

YES!!!  It totally DID!!!  Sorry, just a little excited over here..  As pictured above, the gray patch above my ear completely disappeared and matches the rest of my hair.  Usually with a dark dye, the gray hairs turn into a blondish color at best.  With MadisonReed hair color, the grays were fully covered and completely matched the rest of my head.

So, you were completely, 100% satisfied with the product?

It's the best product that I've used to date, including the hair salon color.  That being said, I would say that I'm 95% satisfied with the product.  MadisonReed advertises that your hair will be left feeling "healthy, conditioned, and shiny".  While it didn't damage my hair, it was definitely left a little dry and coarse compared to what I started with.  I slept with coconut oil overnight and after a second wash the texture of my hair improved.

Are you going to subscribe for regular shipments?

Yes.  I already subscribed for shipments once every 5 weeks.  If this isn't enough, I will modify it.

I would highly recommend MadisonReed Professional Hair Color.

Did you ever use boxed hair dye?


  1. I've noticed that people go gray younger now than before. I have a couple of friends who are gray in their late twenties. Try rinsing your hair with nettle tea it will make it silky and stronger.

    1. I started going gray before I graduated high school, so did my brother, and my mom had a patch since near birth. I get I can blame my genes. :)

  2. I’ve known two people who’ve had that one gray patch at an early age, but both had it front and middle. I use Revlon Root Erase. It’s super economical because you just pump out the amount you need. One box lasts me 4-5 applications. I don’t have a ton of gray, so I only need to do the roots every 6 weeks. My color is the dark golden brown.

    1. As long as it covers the grays, that’s all that matters! I get so frustrated when the hair salon dyes don’t even cover mine.

  3. I used to use hair dye all the time. One time I let one of my kids pick it out. Big mistake. I ended up with maroon colored hair for six weeks. It didn't look like that on the box!! Now I use a stylist because my hair has become so sensitive due to my migraine meds. She calls my greys "sparkles." haha I'm so glad you found a product that works. I don't think that's expensive at all. If works, go for it, I say!


    1. Maroon sounds fun! The kids picked a win. :)

  4. Or you could just shave it off. No greys then lol I've had it here and there since 26. Good when you finally find something that works, even if only 95%

    1. Ok, Monk. Lol!! Have you ever dyed it? I feel like Monk would have to. He’d want either all gray or none at all.

  5. Both of my best friends just tried Madison Reed for the first time and swear it's the best they've tried so far. I will be placing an order this week to try it for myself. My other good friend is a hair dresser and gets so pissed that I use a box dye, but honestly, I don't care. I think I look fine and that's all that matters.


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