Monday, October 5, 2020

List: Ten effective strategies to discreetly add more activity to your life.

Does anyone remember this post or this postCome on, they only date back to 2015!  Well, it's five years later, and I'm still having a hard time committing to an active routine.

These days I'm not just a little overweight or flabby, I'm straight up puffy.  I work sitting down.  I eat sitting down.  Then I do the grand finale of laying down to watch TV.  The past few months of isolation got me in such a funk that my whole body swelled.

Gyms are remaining closed and we are still trying to avoid public places.  Our favorite Summer events that kept us moving have been postponed indefinitely or cancelled.  My high heels that I wear to work that help keep my legs shaped are sitting unused collecting dust.  We can't even go to a park and chase the kiddies around the playground yet this year!  That means that I need to come up with new tricks to get active without trying.  Maybe round three will be the one that sticks?  Let's hope so!

how to become more active in ten simple steps

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Ten strategies to be more active without even trying.

1.  Have fun with a scavenger hunt phone app.
Whether it's with your kiddies or an active date night with your man, have fun with a scavenger hunt.  There are plenty of free applications and/or lists for you to plan the hunt.  It could be a neighborhood scavenger hunt, one around a local city, or even a nature hunt.  Whatever it is, get up, get active, and scavenge!  Winner gets ice cream.  What?  Ok, counterproductive..

2.  Wash the car by hand.
Washing a car by hand for about 30 minutes burns approximately 140 calories.  This is an easy and productive way to burn calories while adding more activity to your life.
  How many calories do you burn washing a toddler?  Asking for a friend.

3.  Do a squat challenge. 
I used to do 10 squats every time I went to the bathroom.  It saved time and kept my legs fit.  Starting immediately, I will be doing this daily and hope to never get lazy with it again.

4.  Do an outdoor clean up.
Rake the leaves, power wash the deck, weed the flower beds, and turn the soil.  Vacuuming bird seed from the lawn with a shop vac is also a very good way to stay active.   Yes, seriously..

5.  Race the clock to clean the house.
Our cleaning day is Saturday.  We try to scrub the house from top to bottom before bedtime.  Instead of doing this leisurely, we have decided to set a timer and race the clock.  This will make us more productive, sweat, burn extra calories, and have extra time for fun.

6.  Pause while sweeping for broom exercises.
Some of the best arm and back work outs can be done with the help of your broom.  Sit on a chair, lean forward, hold the broom upright, and rotate side to side without moving your bottom half.

7.  Use a step counter.
It could be a Fitbit, a phone app, or a little thing to hook onto your belt loop.  I've been using this one.  It's inexpensive, has a heart monitor, and water protection, but isn't as fancy.  You'll be surprised how many steps you take during the day.  You'll feel challenged to do more.  One time I reached 9800 steps at bedtime.  I got out of bed and marched around for 200 steps!

8.  Scavenge along the seashore. 
Get active by taking a walk along a shoreline to collect seashells or smooth rocks for a potential backyard project later.

9.  Learn a dance routine.   
There are lots of YouTube videos that do a great job teaching you a new dance.  Pick an upbeat song, shake your butt, and have some fun trying to learn the choreography.

10.  Become a birdie.
A birdie is the appropriately cute nickname given to people who bird watch regularly.  Get a list of birds that are native to your area and try to find them in a local park or preserve.  You can change it up by looking for land birds one day and sea birds another.  Going for a hike is a great way to be more active and always a lot more fun when you give in and join the birdies!!

How do you remain active?


  1. I will always be a fat walrus, I've made my peace with it. I do make ten squats a day, but I've never went over that number LOL like even the eight one is difficult who will go over ten??? I would be active if I had a hot trainer to take me out for a walk like a dog.

    1. I go over ten every single day. On the 10th one I always hold and shake my behind a little bit. My arms may be getting a bit flabby these days, but my butt is pretty solid!! LOL Ohh a hot trainer you say?? Let me know if you find one and if you're willing to share..

  2. I like and agree to your invitation to actively move the body so that the body looks ideal and of course healthier.
    Keep the spirit on the move, Jax. Regards.

  3. I have only missed maybe 8 days of walking since Covid hit, so I’ve managed to stay active. I do like your idea of a scavenger app! Do you have any recommendations? I’ve never used one.

    1. That's a great way to stay active! Although, I must admit that I get lazy with my walks. Without new places to explore or on the hunt for something, I'm not too keen on a walk around the neighborhood. We used Let's Roam for Providence and had such a blast! They have scavenger hunts for everything. You'll love it!

  4. Get a job where you never stop moving . It takes care of it all lol

    A race to clean the house? Does It come with a reward?

    All good ways indeed, even though I can't picture you going through real woods searching for birds lol

    1. LOL Well, I'm not looking for THAT much activity yet. :) Yes, your reward is a nice clean house.. the best reward of them all. Who said anything about the real woods?? I was thinking about a nice path through a park. Anywhere with limited interaction with nature. lol

  5. I'm not as active as I'd like to be. One small thing I do is coming up with ways to make myself walk around the house more.


  6. Since the pandemic, I haven't been as active. I did take a ju jit su (sp?) class a few weeks ago, but it really wasn't for me. I guess I stay pretty active though cleaning the house and doing errands all day long. There's a lot of walking up and down steps at my house, so that helps!

    1. That sounds like fun!! Did you have to wear a mask in the class? I'm not sure I could do something so active and wear a mask. Cleaning the house is a surprisingly great way to be active. :)

    2. No, nobody was wearing a mask and it made me very uncomfortable. And it was very hands on with strangers. Thankfully, my best friend came with and was my partner, or else I would have walked out.


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