Friday, October 9, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

outdoor harvest decoration ideas with hay

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Friday Ramblings

We're packing it up and getting ready to go to...
...Callicoon, NY!  We have vacation time to burn before the company eats it so we decided to spend a week in the mountains.  We'll be hiding from drama, chaos, and the hustle of life.  Every year we take the drive for the weekend, but this will be the first time in a long time spending an entire week there.  We're looking forward to it!

We went pumpkin picking...
...and ended up hauling home a lot more pumpkins than we anticipated.  The cashier accidentally rang us up for two bales of hay.  She couldn't give us a refund for the second one because of COVID, so we were told to take pumpkins equal to the value of the hay.  The end result was the above display.

I'm a little sad because...
...the heel to my favorite boots broke off!  They had a good run of at 8 solid years, but they were super comfortable and stylish.  I'm hoping that my father can save them so that they last a few more seasons.

Baby boy is looking forward to...
...a drive through Jurassic Park display!  I'm hoping that it isn't a dud because the ticket was $60 and Prince Charming would be really disappointed.

I'm absolutely ecstatic that...
...the fiscal year end is over.  I had so much work to do for the entire month of September that I was working from about 7AM to 2AM, including weekends.  To stay I am burnt is an understatement.

I'm totally IN LOVE with...
...this new lipstick!  I decided to ditch my typical lipstick of Outlast by Cover Girl because it was leaving my lips dry and peeling.  My husband surprised me with a new tube of lipstick in a brand I've never heard of.  The color is perfect, it stays on for hours at a time, AND it leaves my lips feeling moist.  Sometimes you need a push to break routine, but I'm glad he pushed because I'll now be loyal to Eternal Cosmetics!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. If you meet a bear up in the mountains don't move and play dead!

    1. If I meet a bear in the mountains, I may actually just drop dead from fear. LOL Here's to that NOT happening. :)

  2. Your display is very cute! I’m so jealous of your trip. My husband refuses to go anywhere that involves staying in a hotel now because of Covid. I feel as though everyone I know is traveling! I’m going to have to look up that place on a map.

    1. This will make place #3 that we've traveled to since COVID. The only place that I didn't feel safe in was Kalahari. I felt very secure in Rhode Island. I think that as long as the place you're going to has low metrics, then your risk should be low. Additionally, you should be aware and careful. When will this end again?? LOL Maybe if I keep asking it will end sooner..

    2. We finally made a trip to Northern Michigan over the weekend. Jason didn't want to go at first. "I don't know if we should. Staying in a hotel feels kind of icky right now." I was the one who insisted because I thought we were all being extra clean. Got to the hotel and ick. There were dirty cups shoved in the night stand, a toothpick left in the bed, and what I hope were chocolate stains left on the blankets. I had to strip everything down and Lysol it, but I was still tempted to sleep in the car. We were 6.5 hours from home and ALL of the other hotels were booked. I probably should have listened to Jason and stayed home after that nasty mess. Thank God it was only for 1 night! It was the first time I have never left a tip for the maid.

  3. Get a picture of sasquatch up there!

    That is actually a shifty way for the cashier to make more money, if one thinks shifty. lol

  4. It makes me so sad when I have to trash a favorite pair of shoes too. My heel broke off my boot last year and I ended up buying a pair of Freebird boots to replace them. Needless to say, they cost twice as much as my old favorite pair and aren't nearly as comfortable :(


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