Friday, October 2, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

what food and feeder brings american goldfinch

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Life:  Friday Ramblings

Our American Goldfinches had...
...babies!!!  These little guys spend the entire day hanging out in my bird sanctuary and munching on our nyjer seed as you can see in the video.  I'm way more excited than I should be able this, but they are so stinking cute that I can't help myself.  They are also very BOLD!  I walk right up to them and they don't even flinch.  All the other birds fly away and these little guys just look at me like "What's their problem?".

This bird feeder and this nyjer bird seed are the exact ones that I use to attract them.

Did you know that...
...American Goldfinches don't nest until July which means that we get to enjoy their babies in the Fall?  I didn't until recently, but it made very happy to learn!

My kids finally picked out their...
...Halloween costumes!  My daughter chose to the Queen of Mean from Descendants and my son picked Baby Shark.  Big shocker, right?  I'm not sure what Halloween is going to be like this year, but we will do our best to make it as special as possible.

My son got the scare of his life at...
...a hardware store!  He decided to hit a button, and this GIGANTIC werewolf decoration starting roaring and then bent down right to him.  He just froze, started to cry, and then screamed "scared me" over and over again.  Now he keeps saying "Is it a werewolf?  I'm scared." whenever he hears any noise.  But I bet he'll hit less random buttons! 

I'm infuriated that... daughter's back pack weighs literally more than half her body weight.  I stuck in on the scale and was in complete shock at the weight.  I called the school to complain, but they told me there is nothing they can do about it.  They want them to bring everything back and forth in case there is a shut down.

We did get some good news that... daughter's schools will be reopening full time start November 9th.  Start the countdown!

I'm ECSTATIC that...
...September has ended along with my job's year end close.  With all the lay offs and growth targets we were given this year, I easily worked 12 hour days including weekends for an entire month.  I'm burnt out and ready to relax.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Such cute birdie! Yes, our school bags were extremely heavy too, and we walked to school with them as well, sometimes up to an hour there and then an hour back. There really is nothing they can do about it, you need your books at the class. Hope next year will be easier for you at work, but given how 2020 looked like, 2021 might be even worse LOL especially in your country after Trumpie wins again and liberals start rioting....

    1. Aren't they cute that you just want to smush them? So many of them are coming around the past 2 weeks that they I've been glued to my window! Do you guys have a lot of back problems from carrying those bags? I had to wear to a brace all throughout middle school and had a spinal fusion surgery by age 20. Hopefully these kids don't face the same fate over this! I'm trying to stay so far away from politics b/c it feels like a civil war is about to break out over here! Family members are disowning each other their political opinions. It's ridiculous. My own mother threatened me if I choose to vote Trump! The problem is, I don't like either candidates and I really don't think it's anyone's business who I vote for. Everyone should get off their soap box.

    2. It shouldn't be a problem if your daughter exercises daily, she's already doing the ballet, so that's good. We did not have internet and so much TV when I was a kid so we spent a lot of time outside and were more flexible and strong than kids today who have surgeries and whatnot because they spend half of their time in front of the telly. I actually worked in the field as a kid LOL You probably had problems with your back because you are, if I remember, very short.
      Yes, politics is annoying, both are horrible, but Trump is the first US president in the 4 decades of my life that did not start any international war and I deeply appreciate that, especially as someone who had US bombs dropped on my head, wish your people would do too.

    3. Eh, I was always very active and still am. The only thing I can say that I did bad was my calcium and meat intake. I didn’t have a very balanced diet growing up because I was a picky eater. That’s a good reason to prefer someone.. one of the few valid reasons I’ve heard to date!

  2. I’m sorry but those book bags are unacceptable! They shouldn’t weigh more than 10% of the child's weight. It’s not just because of neck and back injury, it’s also a safety issue. Kids are more likely to fall and get hurt carryIng that much. I’m infuriated for you. It’s BS that it’s necessary. Kids that age shouldn’t have homework that needs books. Teachers can do online lessons or worksheets. Books can either stay at home or at school. I’d contact the PSO or whatever parent group there is. Just NO!

    In other news, I’m clueless on the Descendents! But I hate those scary decorations that move and make sound. I’m scared too!

    1. I agree.. it’s awful. I’ve escalated all the way to the superintendent and was told to “tweet the governor”.. um, excuse me? Made me even more mad!

    2. What the hell? I could write a book on my poor experiences as a public school parent. Honestly, these people need to get off their high horse. Your taxes are paying their wages, benefits and nice retirement packages.

  3. Lmao you mean you didn't buy the werewolf as a reminder not to push random buttons?

    that is stupid that her bag weighs that much.

  4. The kids here don't even really have books anymore. My daughter got one and the teacher said it was optional if she even wanted to come in to pick it up. Everything is on their chromebook these days. I am sorry your little girl has such a heavy load to carry around every day :(


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