Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Book Review: The Poet by Michael Connelly

 After finally finishing The Secrets We Kept by Lara Prescott, I was able to get back into my reading list and knock off a few books that I was actually looking forward to.  A friend of mine recommended the author Michael Connelly since I was a fan of the TV show, Bosch.  Michael Connelly wrote the book series that the Amazon TV show is based on.  Eagerly, I added The Poet by Michael Connelly to my reading list and finished the entire novel in less than a month!

The novel is titled The Poet by Michael Connelly.
The book is read by Buck Schirner.
The unabridged version is 15 hours and 24 minutes long.

is The Poet by Michael Connelly a good book

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Book Review:  The Poet by Michael Connelly

The Poet by Michael Connelly is a crime thriller novel with so many twists and turns that you won't know what's about to happen next.  You may recognize this author as the creator of the famous fictional detective, Bosch.  If you haven't heard of the books, maybe you heard of the Amazon TV series.  Like the Bosch series, there's lots of murders and mysteries in The Poet that need to be solved by the main characters.  Additionally, there are some crossover characters which is a fun surprise for those familiar with the other series.

The novel is based around the leading character, Jack McEvoy.  Jack is a successful reporter with a cushy gig at a local newspaper.  He specializes in covering murders and providing a unique perspective on those stories.  The Poet starts with the death of Jack McEvoy's twin brother.  Using Jack's investigative skills as a reporter, he uncovers the truth about his brother's death which eventually leads to the truth of several other murders.  Working hand in hand with the FBI and his new, suspicious love interest, he solves the mystery of his brother's death.  Every time the story progressed and I thought I had things figured out, there would be a twist or turn that had me shook.  Throughout the book, the author shifts gears to a serial pedophile, telling a related side story from this character's sick and demented perspective.  As horrified as I was by these shifts of the novel, they really made me think.  It made the book unique and stand out from the other crime thrillers that I have read.

The Poet by Michael Connelly was an overall great read.  Unlike previous novels I read, this one had me wanting to continue the story.  I found myself lingering in my car far more times than I care to admit just to hear this story unravel.  Most books get into my brain and put me through a broad range of emotions.  The Poet got into my brain, but I didn't experience a range of emotion.  Instead I became a wannabe detective and my mind became consumed by solving the crime before the narrator!

Would you read other books from the series?

If I'm being honest, not right away.  As much as I love a good crime thriller, I enjoy long breaks in between them.  It's fun to play detective, but I prefer a story that teaches you something other than a pedophile's self pity and twisted view on the world.  I also prefer a story that makes you feel a wide range of emotions.  When I'm in the mood for a quick read and a mystery, I would dive into another one of the series.

I would highly recommend The Poet by Michael Connelly.

If you're interested in this novel and want to learn more, click here for information on the audio book version and click here for the Kindle version.

Do you like crime thrillers?


  1. Wish they gave more effort into making that cover, such fugliness :) I feel like they gave it five minutes tops in the design room.

    1. Yea, it's not the best cover. It definitely doesn't encourage a reader to pick it up and red it. LOL

  2. Nope, crime thrillers is not my idea of a good read. My favorite books are fictional novels about dysfunctional families and friends, like The Interestings.

    1. I haven't heard of The Interestings, but I'll have to look it up. Have you watched the show Bosch? I usually don't read crime thrillers either, but my friend kept telling me that I had to read it since I enjoyed the show Bosch. It was good, but I still prefer my historical fiction novels.

  3. It’s been a while since I read a crime thriller

  4. Sounds like a good one if it got you to want to play detective. Fun when characters cross over too. Got me into Bosch at your sea as well.

  5. Like you, I like long breaks in between crime thrillers, though I do like them every now and again. Like Dezzy, I think the cover is totally fugly.


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