Wednesday, September 9, 2020

TV Review: Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

I'm sure that you're all sick of hearing me, but I can't get off my soapbox just yet.  Sorry, but I'm disgusted by the influx of sex trafficking and horrified by everyone's blind eye.  After hearing the Wayfair conspiracy and diving down the rabbit hole, one name engraved into my brain.

That name is Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein was a man of unexplained resources and power.  He utilized this power to abuse and traffic women, specifically, minors.  This information wasn't a best kept secret.  It was known.  Really, really well known.  People of power turned a blind eye to this well known fact and allowed the crimes to continue for decades.

Netflix released a documentary TV series titled Jeffrey Epstein:  Filthy Rich to expose it all.  This four episode series was one of the most eye opening things I've ever seen.  It was hard to watch.  Difficult enough that I cried more than once.  Even still, I think everyone should force themselves to watch it.  Here is why.

jeffrey epstein filthy rich review

A review of Jeffrey Epstein:  Filthy Rich

Let's start with basics.  Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein was a very rich and powerful man with friends in high places.  He was very mysterious.  He was popular, especially in celebrity circles but not many people knew why.  His wealth was a mystery.  His power was a mystery.  His death is even a mystery.  After years of eluding the public, he was finally connected with sexual abuse and sex trafficking crimes.
The big mystery was that he was one of the worst types of criminals.

Why was the documentary so difficult to watch?

Throughout the series woman came forward and told their story in explicit detail.  As a mother, it was heart wrenching to hear what these women went through when they were as young as just 14 years old.  Their stories is what had me in tears.  It was also difficult to see how arrogant Jeffrey Epstein was.  He was sexually abusing countless underage females and didn't even bother to hide.  He knew that law enforcement could do little to hold him accountable.  That had my stomach turning.  Then the victims associated Jeffrey Epstein with other people of power that are still relevant today.  That had me scared.  This is a difficult, heart wrenching, really i m p o r t a n t, series to suffer through.

You keep saying it's important to watch.  Why?

It's important because this documentary series opens your eyes.  Opening the world's eyes can save your child, your neighbor's child, you colleague's child, or a child you'll never meet on the other side of the world.  These are children and it's our job as adults to protect them.

Without giving any spoilers, what was the most shocking part of the series?

I was shocked and horrified at the extent that people went to ignore Jeffrey Epstein's crimes.  People of power ignored his crimes and praised him.  Politicians and royalty befriended him and allegedly engaged in the crimes.  Infamous lawyers teamed up to defend him in court.  The media ignored and mostly continues to ignore the extent of the sexual abuse and trafficking.  Layers of our judicial system and law enforcement even tried to protect him and his criminal associates in an insane plea deal.  Money doesn't give that much power.  Although, I think a good bribe could.  But, who am I?

Did you learn anything good in this series?

I want to say no, but that's not true.  There was one thing that gave me a ray of hope.  That was the string of men and women that investigated, pushed, and continued to fight for these victims despite any glimmer of hope being extinguished.  It reminded me that despite all the evil in the world there are good people still out there.  One particular member of law enforcement was obviously distraught because he felt like he couldn't protect the people he swore to protect.  People like him are the "good" in the series.  Good people exist.  Morals exist.  This series proved that without a doubt.

I would highly recommend Jeffrey Epstein:  Filthy Rich.

Have you seen the docu-series yet?


  1. But the question is - whether all that was said in Netflix' documentary is true, I wouldn't really believe everything. That being said, rapists and criminals are currently being set on all ruling positions here in my country to cater to our dictator Pussylip's criminal needs. So if you were, let say, a gym teacher who likes to fondle lil' girls, you would get a principal's seat here.

    1. They did cite reliable sources and with the number of women that came forward, I tend to believe it's true. I'm so sorry that your leader is that way. It's disgusting! Let's hope that justice comes to those that victimize anyone, let alone a child. Do you have Netflix? It's definitely worth the watch, just remember that it's hard to watch.

  2. No, we don’t get Netflix, but there was a long article in the WSJ about Epstein (how he got his money, how Maxwell helped him coerce young girls, etc.) that I read. It did not mention the Hollywood connections which I would like to see come out.

    Not sure if this will make you feel better, but I listened to a podcast about child trafficking and the numbers that are thrown around are very inaccurate.They include teens that run away (say a foster child leaves a home 3 times in one year, that counts as 3), children who are taken by a parent and the other parent reports child as missing, etc. Are there sickos who abduct children? Yes, but there’s never been proof of any large sex trafficking rings involving children who are being secretly abducted in this country. I think it’s more of an urban legend thing on FB.

    1. I hope it's an urban legend, but I know for fact men get away with disgusting actions as I've experienced that first hand. All we can do is protect our children to the best of our ability and raise them to be good people. You should watch the documentary if you're able to access it through a free trial or maybe on YouTube. They provide pretty hard evidence to several connections and drop names. If you watch it, circle back and let me know what you think. Disclaimer - it's really difficult to watch. I found myself wiping away tears on several occasions.

  3. I plan on watching it with my daughter. This is something that is near and dear to my heart because of the work I do with those struggling with addiction. Those two worlds are closely related. I keep my box of tissues nearby.


  4. I watched it and what a f'ing pig he was. And with how much money he had, $100 seemed to be his going rate for messing with these little girls. That's a slap in the face on top of the mental and physical abuse he thrust upon these children. Watching the interviews, my god. What an arrogant prick he seemed. Probably because he knew he had friends in high places and could get away with being a sicko. I hope there's a little humanity left in Gislaine (sp?) and she comes forward with names of those high powered people who participated or turned a blind eye to his shenanigans.

  5. I have no polite words to describe that dbag. Anyone that turned a blind eye should be locked up.


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