Monday, September 28, 2020

List: Ten fun family activities to do this Autumn.

Happy Fall, y'all!
Last Tuesday marked the official first day of the fall season.

It's no secret that Autumn is my favorite season, mostly thanks to the cool, crisp air.  You all know the deal.. better hair days, favorite holiday, etc.  No need to beat a dead horse.  Since it is my favorite season, I feel a little pressure to pack it with lots of fun activities.  Luckily, this is one season where it's easy to compile a bucket list since there are lots of things to do.  For a double win, they are mostly outside because coronavirus and on a budget because pay cuts.  Here's to another fabulous Autumn with lots of smiles, action, laughs, and memories.

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Ten Fall activities to do in 2020.

1.  Take a road trip through the mountains.
Every October, we take a little trip to the Catskill Mountains for a change of scenery.  The fall foliage is gorgeous.  The roads wind through the mountains surrounded with colored trees.  We stop about 3 hours upstate in a town called Callicoon, NY.  This place is like an Autumn wonderland.

2.  Play in a corn kernel pit.
..or just watch someone else to do it because it is kind of gross..  The kiddies love to jump in it, bury themselves in it, make corn kernel angels, and throw it.

3.  Go apple picking.
Spend an afternoon visiting an apple orchard or local apple festival with your family.  Here you can pick bushels of apples, enjoy some apple cider, and take pictures with a gorgeous backdrop.

4.  Bake apple pies.
With the bushels of apples that you picked above, bake them into multiple apple pies.  Invite your BFF or grandmother and get peeling, kneading, chopping, and baking.  

Idea:  Last year, my cousin baked apple pies, boxed them in professional looking boxes like these, tied festive ribbon around the boxes, and gave us a fun surprise for Thanksgiving.

5.  Get lost in a corn maze.
With a quick Google search, find the most challenging corn maze within a reasonable distance.  Spend the afternoon getting lost in the maze and trying to get out.  If you have kids, let them lead.  If you don't have kids, wait until night falls and have fun walking through a haunted corn maze.

On a warmer Autumn afternoon, spend time outside decorating pumpkins for your stoop.  You can carve, paint, draw, stencil, or even use stickers to make the ultimate pumpkins.

Idea:  My daughter made a special request to get this Cinderella decorating kit for her pumpkin this year because we all know she's a little extra!

7.  Re-pot your indoor plants.
Autumn is the best time to maintain all of your indoor plants.  Take a day to change their soil, clean the leaves with Miracle-Gro's Leaf Shine spray because no leaf wants to be dull, and re-pot them if they outgrew their current home.

8.  Have a spooky themed party.
Light a fire, make s'mores, and tell each other the spookiest stories that you can think of.  For added effect, light the jack-o-lanterns that you made earlier and hang fake spider webs.

9.  Make caramel apples.
Since bobbing for apples may not best the idea this year, make caramel apples instead.  Good thing you picked those bushels of apples earlier this season!

10.  Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.
The Macy's Thanksgiving day parade is one of my favorite moments of the entire year.  This parade can be enjoyed with or without kids so make sure that you don't miss it!  If you do have kids, don't forget to hype them up for the grand finale.  Because Santa can see through the TV!

What's on your Fall bucket list this year?


  1. I've never heard of corn kernel pits, sounds very dirty to me! I'd love to visit mountains in Autumn, even move there for a few months before snow sets in. I like raking leaves in the Autumn as my daily exercise, although it is dangerous when you have cats as they like to poop in it.

    1. I'm going to find a picture of it on Facebook and send it to you. It's a little house filed with (disgusting) corn kernels that you get to jump and roll around in. I thought you were going to say raking is dangerous because of blisters and then you went with cat poop. LOL At least you gave me a good giggle.

  2. We always go apple picking and make a big apple crisp. So yummy! I’ve never heard of a corn kernel pit! Where have I been? Maybe it’s a NY thing?

    It seems as though trick or treating is ON in most communities here. I think we may go watch our grandkids this year instead of hand out candy here.

    1. Ohh an apple crisp sounds yum!! We tried to go apple picking yesterday, but they were already out of apples. Either we were late for the season or everyone went because of the limited activities this season. What are the grandkids dressing up as?

    2. I don’t think they know yet! I gave them our handmade Elmo costume that all three of our kids wore, but it was a bit big for my grandson. I think he’s smaller at age 3 than my kids were.

    3. That’s so cute that they were all the same and you still have it! My parents never saved any of that stuff. You will have to share pictures after the big day.

  3. We don't really have an autumn here. I miss it. Your ideas all seem great. I, too, have never seen a corn kernel pit.


    1. This is so odd that none of you have seen a corn kernel pit! While this year I haven’t seen one bc it’s not covid friendly, they’re very popular.

  4. I love all of the fun things to do in the fall. I thought the parade was canceled this year though because of Covid19?

  5. What is a corn kernel pit? Did I miss that somewhere? Don't think I've heard of it before. Ball pits and leave piles, but no corn kernel pit.

    I've had enough of the backwoods for 10 lifetimes lol mountains can suck it. I don't think you'll be watching any parade this year, maybe a repeat of a previous year at best.


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