Friday, September 25, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

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Life:  Friday Ramblings

I can't believe that... entire year has passed since we last had our fall decor displayed.  Life passes way too quickly and is kind of depressing.  To celebrate the start of Autumn, we swapped out our regular decor for things that are a little more festive.

I cant stop laughing at... son trying to imitate my daughter's ballet moves.  The first day of Autumn was also the first day of her dance classes.  To celebrate, I snapped a few shots of her before she ran off to class.  My chunky Prince Charming kept screaming "MY TURN" every time my daughter struck a pose.  He tried so hard to do them too, but mostly just ended up landing on his butt.

I was even more appreciative of it when...
...he took a little cat nap on the couch afterwards because all that "dancing" tired him out!

September is always the worst because...'s the fiscal year end close for my job.  This means long hours, missed family time, and way too many hours staring at a screen.  While I hate the close, it's always great motivation for me to think of creative ways to quit my draining job and get into something else that I actually enjoy.

I smiled to myself with pride when...
...I got another Dean's list certificate for my Summer course.  While I don't talk about schooling like, ever in real life, I'll share the news here because you'll reserve judgement.  Or, at least, I can't hear it too loudly through the computer screen.

An article left me baffled when it asked...
..."What is the end game?".  When thinking about COVID19, it's easy to understand why certain restrictions have been put in place and why our lives have been altered.  What I'm having a hard time understanding is, when or how or will it end at all?  When looking at history, it may take time, but it will end.  But, even if that isn't reassuring when everything has become about politics.  I'm curious of your thoughts.  Do YOU think it will end?  If yes, when?  How?

To leave on a positive note...
...happy official Fall, Y'all!

Do you decorate for the Fall?


  1. Maybe you should enrol your son to the ballet as well? You could have a Swan Lake at home LOL
    I do love me Fall above All! Just posted a gorgeous Fall mug at Theresa's Facebook :)

    1. LOL I don't think he's coordinated enough. But, we did get a good laugh at watching him try.

      I just took a peek. How adorable!! It reminds me of my Autumn cookie jar. Similar colors and pumpkin design. I replace my pig cookie jar (you know, the cousin to your little bowl) with festive ones throughout the year.

    2. I'm liking the new layout of the blog, although it will take some time getting used to it being on the left side now :) Try to play with the fonts, you have them where the fonts are, you will see AD NEW FONTS option there when you click on the button.

    3. PS your titles are finally visible after a long time :)

    4. Woo hoo!!! Everything disappeared midday yesterday and had PHOTO BUCKET plastered everywhere. Figured that means I have to finally just do it. Played with it a little bit and then splurged $10 for a code with step by step instructions. If we ever get famous one day, I’m hiring an IT guy!! Lol

    5. Where is the fonts button? I only have 6 basic choices that I can see.

    6. It is above those six fonts, you should have a small option saying Choose new fonts, when you click on it you will get a massive list of hundreds of fonts from which you can pick some you like (but don't pick too many as they will clutter your font drop list).

  2. Yes, I did get out my fall and a Halloween decorations. I just read about the history of the Spanish flu. It seemed like it took 3 years to totally return to normal, but they didn’t have a vaccine for it, or even understand viruses at the time.

    My thoughts are that the death rate from Covid is going to start plummeting because the most vulnerable will have already succumbed. And if we can get 40% to get the vaccine early next year, we should be back to normal by summer.

    1. To know that an end is in sight, even if it's almost a year away, gives me hope!! Everyone keeps saying "the new normal" and "indefinitely" which makes it hard to comply because there's no end game. Thank you for giving me hope. :)

  3. I think by 2022 we shall see the light, but probably not much before then. Especially if they rush a vaccine and make things worse.

    Here's to those ways to getting out of the crummy 9-5, which is way more than 9-5.

    haha hopefully the poor guy's butt wasn't too sore from falling down. At least he tried though.

    1. Did you just say "See the light"??? Oh my!! Did you sing it as you typed too?? 2022 is a long time, but at least there's an end in sight. Imagine being this way for the rest of time? It's a sad way to live.

    2. Congratulations on your Dean's List certificate. I think a vaccine will be developed, but I don't know how long it will take. It would help now if some people stopped having fits over wearing a mask.


    3. Thanks, Janie!! Let’s hope it happens soon. :)

  4. I am soooo far behind on my fall decoration right now. I should have had my favorite holiday, Halloween, up 2 weeks ago. I've got a firm date of having it done by the weekend though!


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