Friday, September 18, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

Life:  Friday Ramblings

We had the absolute BEST time... Rhode Island!  This little state is packed with stuff to see and do.  I was shocked to see how many people reached out to me on social media for my itinerary.  Lots of people apparently have this state on their bucket list but little idea of what to do there.  I'm going to put together a whole post about it, but in summary, we really had a lot of fun.  We only stayed for 4 days, but I think it could have easily turned into a week if we did a beach day and if it wasn't for corona.

We had a little thief visit our...
...bird feeders the other day because my husband had to rearrange the feeders for the roof to be repaired.  It was literally moved for just one day and already the squirrels knew about it.  Note:  I never saw a squirrel in my neighborhood until we put up the bird feeders.

I'm really dreading...
...this semester.  I took Globalization because it's a graduation requirement and I really don't have the focus or motivation to get through it.  It's going to be a lot of writing and research about something that doesn't interest me.  Luckily, I only have three classes left which I can use to force myself through it.

My daughter's hybrid schooling is...
...just as big of a pain as I thought it was going to be.  She's unable to navigate the lap top they lent her and she's already forgetting basic fundamentals such as using a writing utensil.  These kids already lost half a year of school.  How can another year lost be justified?

I was almost in tears listening to...
...a neighbor at my daughter's bus stop.  She has three weeks left to work from home.  After that, she either goes into the office full time or has to resign.  Since schools aren't reopening, she's forced to resign and will have to put her house up for sale quickly after.

In brighter news...'s almost Fall!  While it's around the corner, I still think early September is way too soon to release all the pumpkin flavored products, Halloween decorations, and set up pumpkin picking at the local nurseries.  This also goes for my husband who wanted to toss my vegetable producing plants away to make room for mums that are WAY TOO early to plant.  End rant.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. I am also concerned about the condition of their first graders who cannot learn to use writing tools. This also happens in my country to this day. Who knows how long this bad situation will stop.

  2. Kids probably won't need writing utensil soon, they will get chip implants to control everything with their brains... you just watch and see.
    You people need to organize local daycares in your neighbourhoods. Poor housewives could keep neighbours' kids in their homes for a small fee. It is not perfect, but better than getting fired. Our kids have been in school for weeks now in four shifts every day, but in my country most families have grandparents close or in the house for babysitting. We don't ditch our old people to geriatric homes they can be useful LOL

    1. I wish! Unfortunately, that’s illegal here. You need to be a business, pay for licensing, have proper space, have certifications, and I think teacher student ratio for younger kids is 4 to 1. They make it very difficult. And I hear you about the homes. Isn’t that terrible? Makes you wonder about your own fate!

      How is school going for them? Any outbreaks?

    2. I'm guessing there were but either the government won't tell us, or the parents won't care as they prefer their kids in the hands of teachers rather than in their own LOL We did have massive lines in front of the local medical offices as many parents tried to get doctor's excuses for their kids so that they wouldn't go to school. Some prefer their kids at home and safe. Everybody is currently rushing back to the country as of tomorrow all citizens who return from abroad will have to do tests. But we are generally more preoccupied here daily with affairs and crimes and atrocities of our dictator Pussylips aka Spinochio, than with corona. He is currently firing all the doctors who stood against him during the worst of outbreak. Which is pretty much all the best doctors... without them we will all die...

    3. Wow!! You would think with all going on he would honor the doctors and dedicate something in appreciation of them.

  3. It’s seems as though every medical professional is recommending that school should go back to normal, but with masks. If there are teachers who are concerned for their health, put them in other positions with grading papers, lesson plans and zooming with students whose parents aren’t allowing them to return. It’s insane to make people lose jobs and homes over this!

    Glad you had fun. I know nothing about Rhode Island so I’m excited to hear about it. We keep our tomato plants until a Halloween. Mums go in pots!

    1. That's the problem, I put my plants in pots this year. Every time I see him go near them, I'll just have to shoo him away.. or get more pots. LOL

      I agree with those doctors. I'm pleasantly surprised with how little the kiddies seem to mind those masks too. I think we're more bothered by the masks then they are.

      Rhode Island was FABULOUS! I may the longest post ever about it. I apologize in advance. LOL

  4. So Rhode Island was a much better hit than that other swimming place that shall not be named? lol I know where there is a couple from Rhode Island up here, them and their dogs.

    School is back full time here and so far so good. That stinks she is losing her house. Too bad you can't find someone that can just watch the kids. Call it a play date and pffft to the rules.

    1. Omg about a million time better! I still get the shakes when I think about the other place.

      I think everyone is afraid to get sued. God forbid something happens, you’ll get sued, lose everything, and get arrested!

  5. The squirrels like to raid my feeders too. Chipmunks as well! I had Jason build me a squirrel bench though and I put peanuts on it in hopes they take those and leave my bird feeders alone.


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