Friday, September 4, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings


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Life:  Friday Ramblings

My daughter was a little down because...
...Summer camp ended and school is still up in the air.  She's going to miss her friends and the special activities that the camp had planned for her daily.  Instead, she'll be stuck home working with her mommy.  It's a sad time to be a primary school student.

She got cheered up when...
...Mr. Softee made a return to our block!  He was wearing a mask, but it was him!  She ran out of the house so fast to get her favorite ice cream cone that daddy couldn't even keep up with her.

A car dealership tried to... us off again.  They wanted $1800 to replace the front and rear breaks.  Luckily my husband is handy.  He did the work himself for only $200 worth of parts.  The second that he said our SUV needed to go in for a recall, I started prepping myself for a high bill.  They always seem to find something wrong and it's always a million dollar job.

I'm laughing right now because...
...I just asked my two year old to put his bowl in the sink and he said "YES SIR" while saluting me!

I'm in the middle of a new read called...
...The Poet.  I find myself lingering in parking lots to get more reading in and to avoid unwanted tasks.

I'm really happy because... Summer class ended which means I get a whopping two weeks without the added responsibility of college.  Only TWO more classes to go until I graduate.  I say it and I know that it's true, and still I just don't believe it.

I'm totally obsessed with...
...these car coasters!  I was uploading the Kalahari photos into our annual book and found them.  I already ordered (2) sets of these since coffee stoppers were outlawed where I live.  Ever since they were banned, everyone's coffee spurts out like a geyser every time we drive.  I showed my husband my new find.  He was unimpressed until I mentioned the splattered coffee that he's constantly complaining about

I'm completely FRUSTRATED with...
...Blogger!  They keep making changes and they're changing quicker than I can keep up with.  It took me two weeks to figure out to get rid of the double spacing between paragraphs.  I couldn't figure out how to get to my signature pink font color after it disappeared.  It took me a few days to figure out the new hyperlink buttons.  The sizes of fonts changed and were more options were added.  As a result, my large font is ridiculously large.  What's next?  Blogger- I think I speak for everyone when I say, it's just too much for us to handle at once!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. I hate the new Blogger changes,too. Can’t figure out how to caption a photo now. Annoying!

    What’s a car coaster? And are you saying plastic coffee lids are banned from places like Starbucks? What the heck? Well, I hope someone sues the state when they get! We are still being forbidden here from bringing in our cloth bags to stores due to Covid. Makes no sense.

    1. I'm not sure how to do that either anymore. But the whole added space in between paragraphs really killed me. Turns out they added a new format called "paragraph" that adds that space. You need to change it back to "normal".

      Yup! No plastic lids, no plastic straws, no coffee stoppers... just madness spewing out of the cups as you drive. Naturally, I got way too excited when I saw the car coaster. I'm up for a new company car in October so I discovered it just in time. :)

  2. School started here this week, about 99% of kids are going, but it remains to be seen if it will bring us a rise in corona. First day of school some kids spent exchanging masks, the used one on their faces... (facepalm). We also had a teacher who wanted to cleanse the classroom with church incense.
    Blogger keeps putting me to new Blogger and I keep switching back to Legacy version. You should all to that so that they would see that nobody is accepting the new Blogger.

    1. Part of me feels like a grumpy grandma fighting the changes on Blogger.. but they are doing too much at once with no direction. They could at least give you a little pop up saying that the functionality we are used to is goes away. SMH at the mask swapping.. that's going to be the new thing. Designer masks and then trading them like pogs! The CDC announced here that a vaccine will be available for October or November. Do you think it's possible?

    2. I've personally no intention whatsofreakingevah to get the vaccine unless they force me to. I don't believe in what is inside them and in who made them and in who gives it to us, but you have kids so for you it might be a different attitude.
      PS our vile dictator, The Pussymouth, is in USA today, you can keep him there, we don't need the bastard back :)

    3. I keep saying the same but I having a feeling that it's going to be mandatory to return to work or go to school. I only hope that it's safe to get. LOL What's he doing here? Maybe he'll decide to retire to Florida like most older people and leave you all alone!

    4. He is with Trumpie, signing some treaty with the terrorist self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo. Hope his plain drops from the sky while returning here.

  3. Ugh to rip off mechanics! Glad your handy hubby saved you money!

    Those car coasters are so cute!

    Boo to the new blogger. I freakin' hate it! HATE IT! It needed to be said twice LOL

    1. The rip off mechanics are the worse. The second he said "dealer", I totally cringed.

  4. ha ha ha how cute is your child calling you 'Sir' ..., it is really cute seeing the innocence and behavior of a child.

    1. After I wrote this, he's called my daughter "sir" a few time and she's gotten insulted every single time.

  5. hahaha do you ever get any work done? Between enters, reading, and listening to reading, you seem to be sitting in the car a lot lol

    Stinks that school is up in the air, but how things go this year. All are back here, but we'll see how long that lasts. No one is holding their breath.

    And yep, car dealerships rip you off every chance they get.


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