Monday, August 24, 2020

List: Ten reasons to start holiday shopping early.

I know that the holidays are probably the last thing on your mind, but we have to talk about it.  It's officially August, which means, we've only got 4 months left until the big day.  If you're like me, you're going to want to avoid the stress and pressure of last minute shopping.  You'll also want to avoid the financial strain being dropped on you like an anchor.  The best way to avoid the stress and enjoy the season is just like anything else - BE PREPARED.  Remain organized, keep lists, and buy a little something each week until you're done.  You won't need credit cards.  You'll get to take advantage of sales.  & did I mention free of stress?  Long story short, for those of you that haven't starting preparing yet, should start right now!

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Ten reasons to start holiday shopping early.

1.  To spread out the financial strain.
For those of us with larger families, the holidays really take a financial toll.  Immediate family for me means buying for 28 people PLUS playing Santa for two kiddies.  It isn't cheap, but it feels less expensive when it's spread out over a long period of time.

Idea:  Invest in an inexpensive personalized calendar like this one to keep yourself organized and dedicate a month to someone specific on your list.  This will keep you focused on your end goal and help ensure that you spread out that financial strain.

2.  To remain organized.
It's much easier to remain organized when you aren't in the mad dash of the holiday season.  To start holiday shopping early, you can use tools like excel, or if you're more hands on, get a real cute paper checklist book like this one.  I keep an Excel sheet dedicated to the holidays to log every gift I buy.  Crazy?  Maybe, but that's ok..

3.  To limit the suspicious amount of packages.
When a billion packages come to the door in December, the kiddies will know something is up.  When you evenly spread it throughout the year, the kiddies will never suspect a thing.  Additionally, the more packages you get, the more your house could be flagged for burglary.

4.  To eliminate panic buys.
When you spread out your shopping, you'll get the advantage of planning out thoughtful gifts.  You could skip the cheesy ties, holiday pins, and other popular last minute items.  Instead, your gift will be sentimental and meaningful.

5.  To cash in on the best deals.
There are some good deals around the holidays, but the best deals are at the change of seasons.  Starting you holiday shopping early means taking advantage of the best sales and buying the same items for less.  I just scored an Owleez for $8!!  Last Christmas these things went for about $40.  I rest my case.

6.  To not have to worry about delivery times.
Early shopping means assurance that your gift will be in stock and/or delivered in time for the holiday.  Even with Amazon Prime, there have been several times that desired items went out of stock and had delayed delivery dates.  That's when you deal with the embarrassment or do #4.

7.  To avoid Black Friday shopping.
Every year on Black Friday there are a few steals to get online, but I'd never go to the actual store.  The deals aren't worth risking your life which literally happens around here.

8.  To avoid the scramble for the "it" toy.
Every year I see parents begging the mom groups to post when the "it" toy is in stock.  ...and every year I chuckle because I know that I am overly prepared...  Start your holiday shopping early to ensure that you are scrambling to find that hot item that's out of stock everywhere.

Idea:  My daughter has been begging for these Rainbocorn toys for months already.  According to her and her friends, this is going to the "it" toy this year.  You've been forewarned.  I already have mine purchased and hidden away.

9.  To avoid fighting for ___.
To avoid fighting long lines, for parking space, long customer service holds, and much more.  When things are done early, you can address problems before the whole world decides to.

10.  To actually  E N J O Y  the holidays!
It is possible to enjoy the holiday season despite all the hustle and bustle.    Don't believe me?  Those of us who are done shopping in early December will tell you all about it..

When do you start holiday shopping?


  1. August would be really early, but then again I already bought a few things for my sister Theresa for our annual Christmas goodie box LOL You never know when some goodies will be available or not, so it is better to be safe. I generally buy things for people when I see something they might like, not immediately when I have to. But I've always had a plotting mind when it comes to shopping.

    1. I've been shopping for months! I can't help it. The second I see a good deal, I snatch it up. Our deals are also predictable here since they run similar discounts the same time each year. I knew what I wanted to get my brother, but it was pricey. When the college dorm stuff when on sale, it went from $60 to $29 AND I had a coupon. I spent like $25 and I got the satisfaction of crossing someone off my list. LOL

    2. That is such a sweet feeling finding thingalings on a massive discount. Another great feeling is imagining how the person you are shopping for will enjoy it. Last year I bought Theresa about a dozen of teas and the most exciting thing about it was knowing she would be able to enjoy them for many months on a daily basis. I prefer such gifts that bring people moments of joy.

    3. Love that & YES! I try to never give a thoughtless gift because it will either be wasted or re-gifted. Everyone can always tell when you take time to put something together.

    4. Dahlink, I am still enjoying those teas! Such a thoughtful gift if there ever was one ♥

    5. And your piggie is sitting next to me on a shelf, she now has a green grass ball on her back and serves as a flower pot, she likes it a lot :) it kinda looks like she has a mop of green hair.

  2. I’ve put away a few things for my grandson, but only because I bought too much for his upcoming birthday! Lol! After decades of Xmas shopping for my kids, I’m honestly burnt out and dread it every year. We mostly give money and food gifts now, but if I happen to come across something one of them would like, I buy and save for Xmas.

    Can we talk about the annoyance of not having any toy stores anymore? I miss ToysRUs. Had some bad experiences buying toys on amazon.

    1. I remember last year you told me of your Trader Joe's gift basket. Which, by the way, sounds like a fabulous gift! Have you tried Target? I do 80% of my toy shopping there and only go elsewhere I have to.

    2. Yes, I’ve gone to Target and Walmart, but there’s not much there and no variety. It’s nearly impossible to find something they don’t already have!

  3. When you see something it is best to get it indeed. That is a crap ton of people. No wonder you shop early and wrap away all day lol Avoiding lines and scrambles and shipping delays are big wins too.

    1. Lol, I have to take a day off from work just to wrap... and sometimes still don’t finish. Damn ocd slows me down!

  4. I buy year round when I find good sales. My niece is way into Bath and Body Works, so when the seasons swap out and the body sprays go to $5, I grab her several. I also just loaded up on the candles for the ladies in my family. The 3 wicks were marked down to $12 and I had a 20% off coupon, so I loaded up. My teen daughter loves makeup, so I watch for Ulta to put the Tarte and Too Faced palettes on sale at season changes and buy them for half price to stash away for Christmas. I want to enjoy the holidays, not go out in the madness shopping for gifts in the cold and crowds, so the earlier I am done, the better.


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