Friday, August 21, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings


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Friday Ramblings

I'm glad to be back home more...
...than you all probably would have thought!  While the kids had a blast, it wasn't my thing.
I'm glad to be home where my bathroom is clean and there's limited risk of drowning.

One place that I did enjoy visiting was...
...Lake Harmony, PA.  During our trip to Kalahari, we took the 20 minute drive up twice.
One evening, we ate at Nick's Lake House Restaurant for outside dining with a breathtaking view.
We timed dinner perfectly so that we could watch the sunset as we ate.
The food was mostly American food, but it was delicious.
My husband got a crab cake meal and I got a mushroom explosion hamburger.
As simple as the meals were, it was easily the best food that we had during the entire trip!
I would highly recommend this place for the food, view, and service.

I did embarrass everyone that night because...
...a SPIDER decided to land right on my arm during dinner!  A gross, jet black BEAST!
I swatted at my arm, screamed as loud as I could, jumped up, and ran across the restaurant.
The spider got vanquished, but he won the fight because he had me itching all night long.

I'm a little disgruntled because... daughter's school district decided on hybrid classes for the start of next school year.
This means three days in school and two days at home.  I just don't get it.
1.  What about people who don't have the privilege of watching their kids while working?
2.  What about people that will lose their jobs to stay home with their kids?
3.  What about the people that don't have computers or tablets or the funds to get one for remote learning?
4.  What about the people that are going to starve, lose their homes, and worse because of this?
The state needs to ban together.  Privileged children can stay home while the others go to school.
This eliminates high attendance which will allow for social distancing without hurting those less fortunate.

Certain things just shouldn't be...
...political.  Unfortunately, some can't separate politics and life.
The coronavirus doesn't discriminate based on political party, so how can you fix it with politics?
I hoped that people would rise above that so that the children wouldn't have to pay.  They didn't.

Meanwhile, I'm thanking God that...
...I can work from home.  That we do have a computer.  That we won't lose our jobs.
&, for the record, we'd give up my daughter's spot in school to make room for someone that needed it.

I got WAY too excited when...
...I saw a hummingbird flickering around my petunias the other day.
Apparently I screamed so loud out of my excitement that my husband called me "embarrassing".  Ok, Scrooge!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. The school thing has been a disaster. Here, they’ve divided the district by last name, so that A-L go Mon/Tues and M-Z go Thurs/Fri. Wednesday’s are for cleaning! How insane is that? Can you imagine being in HS and all your friends go on the other days? I’d be so pissed!

    1. Just one day for cleaning?!? In my country they have twenty minutes breaks between every lesson for full cleaning and decontamination LOL That's up to five cleanings per shift (we have morning and afternoon shifts in schools).

    2. I have no idea what the cleaning protocol will be while school is in session. I know the teachers union will prevent teachers from actually doing any cleaning, so I’m guessing it will just be janitors at night like it’s always been. From what I read, Wednesdays will be more of a deep clean/decontamination.

    3. I don't envy anyone in the school districts right now, but something better has to be done. On our "parent calls" you could hear parents in tears because they are going to lose their jobs to stay home with elementary age children. Superintendents had nothing to say other then "get childcare". What he doesn't realize is that childcare is more than most people's pay checks. For example-for both my kids to go to day care PART time it's >$600 a week. I have no idea what full time is. I don't know what the right answer is, but have people become homeless and starve isn't a good one.

    4. This is why in my country we have morning and afternoon and night shifts even, so that one parent can always be there half of the day with the kids, one parent works in the morning, the other in the afternoon (at least when it comes to factory jobs and shops, office is different). Can't you find a nice old lady in your neighbourhood who takes cares of kids for a little money fee? We always have willing housewives or grannies who do that in every street.

  2. In my country first four grades will go to school from September (with mandatory masks) while the older pupils and high schoolers will have two weeks online, two weeks in classrooms. The lessons will be just half hours long, but since they are splitting all classes (which usually have about 30 students) into two groups of 15 teachers will have two times more work in such dangerous conditions, exposed to possibly contaminated kids for up to 8 hours a day. I think most parents will riot after first two weeks. I hope we throw down our government like they are currently doing in Belarus!

    1. I'm glad that they accommodated the smaller children. It truly is a lose - lose situation. How much longer do you think this will go on for?

    2. For years, methinks, the aim is to close us in our homes and kill all social life so that we would be getting info only from the internet and telly which they both control.

    3. I keep hearing a mix of that and so that people can make money off of it. Let’s hope none of it is true and things get better soon.

  3. I really feel bad for those parents who not only have to struggle through online learning, but who have to figure out work schedules too. This is a mess that I can't wait until it ends.

    Yikes on the spider who wanted to dine with you. I bet it was quite a funny scene watching you jump out of your chair over it though :)

    1. I thought my uncle’s eye were going to fall out of his head! Oh well, we all know how I act when bugs are involved. Lol!

  4. You seem to scream a lot lol wish there was a video of you running away from the spider.

    School is sure one big mess

    1. You’re acting like you didn’t already know this? Lol and yes, school is a mess but there seems to be no right way at this point. Sigh


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