Friday, August 14, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

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Friday Ramblings

I got WAY too excited the other day when...
...this guy pictured above came to visit.  He's a European Starling & is a brand new species for the feeder!

I also got way too excited to see...
...e-mails in my R&W inbox with questions on my bird sanctuary.  If you missed it, that post is here.

The first question was- What is bird suet?
GREAT question!  Bird suet is bird food packed into some type of lard that is also safe to eat.  The birds have to dig and peck through the suet in order to get to the seed or other type of food.  A suet feeder hangs upright and is great for birds that prefer not to or simply won't perch on a regular feeder.  You would use suet to attract birds like woodpeckers, blue jays, and our new friend the European Starling.  We have this suet feeder, but haven't installed it yet.  I need to do more research first.  Once I get a better understanding of strategic placement and the best food to buy, I'll share!  In the meantime, the blue jays have lots of fun feeding on the seeds that the sparrows throw down.

The second question was- Why is your hummingbird feeder empty?
Well, because I never filled it.  I wasn't going to acknowledge this one, but it was asked.

We have a short ramblings for today because...
...we are heading back from our trip to the Poconos!  The kiddies had a BLAST.
I hope to catch up and reconnect with everyone by the end of the weekend.  Happy Friday!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. That is one lovely starling! Which reminded me of Sterling Knight, where did that lovely chap disappear? Back in the days he was hot as sweet hell.

    1. I had a hard time identifying that bird because of the molting chest, but I went to my birding app and they helped me figure it out. I've clearly, "gone to the birds".. LOL

  2. One time, yes only ONE time, I had a small flock of those come to our feeder. I had to look them up, too. I guess they were only passing through.

    1. They are new to me! I did hear that they are sort of bullyish and can scare the other birds away. Hopefully we don't see him around for a while. We already have grackles and I could predict a turf war!

  3. What a beautiful bird! We only get cardinals and robins mostly here. I did see a bunch of blue jays in my yard this week though.

    Safe travels back home. I'm sure you'll be glad to get home and rest up (because vacations are exhausting LOL!)

    1. Exhausting is definitely the word I would use.. oh, and skeeved. LOL I was so not made for water parks!

  4. Sure sitting pretty. Making the birds work for their meal too. We watched a seagull murder a crab and chow down yesterday. That count for anything?

    1. LMAO!! Are you saying that I should put crabs in the bird bath to attract seagulls? That would be a big no. The day a sea gull comes to my feeder is the day I close shop. They scare the crap out me.. hahaha


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