Friday, August 7, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

We had the best time at...
...our little anniversary celebration.  We took a few hours to ourselves and enjoyed.
Our first stop was an intimate dinner in an alleyway at a restaurant called Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar.
We shared food with a flight of white wines, a meat & cheese platter, and a few tapas dishes.
Everything was spectacular and I think I even discovered my new favorite cheese.
We then took a quick walk to a local marina and dipped our toes into the water.
The grand finale was a stop for my favorite dessert, Cold Stone Creamery.
We only had a few hours, but it was a perfect way to celebrate 5 years.
Oh, and I would highly recommend Barrique for an adult outing!

That new, life changing cheese is...
...Boschetto al Tartufo.  It's a semi-soft cheese made with both cow and sheep's milk.

We're packing up for...
...our little trip to the Poconos to celebrate my husband's milestone birthday of 30!
He picked a family friendly resort with the country's largest indoor water park.
It not's really my cuppa, but it's also not my birthday celebration.

I finally gave in and bought...
...washable face masks from Old Navy.  I was hoping the pandemic would disappear, but then it didn't.
I can't stand wearing the medical grade ones that are so large they scrape my eye balls.
The ones I have now are adjustable, fit perfectly, and come in different colors to coordinate with outfits.

I'm really sick of hearing... busy one of my severely under worked employees thinks that she is.
I ask her to do simple tasks and she says "I don't really have the time to review".
Remember when I had to fire 8 people, well you weren't on the list because I knew you could handle more.
It infuriates me even more because I was in that role and did so many more tasks.
You can't fool someone that used to do the job herself less than 4 years ago!

We had lots of laughs at...
...a local bat safari that we decided to participate in.  No, I haven't completely lost my mind.
It started with a little presentation so the kiddies would know all about bats and where to find them.
Then the adventure started with a short walk to explore and seek out bats in their natural habitat.
There was plenty to be seen which resulted in lots of gasps, screeches, eeps, and laughs!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. I've never had tarfuto or truffles, but I do like shrooms.
    It is your fault that you even allow such talk from your minions, if it was me I'd be like 'What did you say? Did I hear you reject work?' and then I would heap three times more work onto that wench and fire her if she does not do it :) You cannot let her choose what she will do and won't, freaking hell, you're the boss, not her. They need to be afraid of you, you are not their momma nor a friend, you are their boss.

    1. I know! I wrote her up last year for insubordination, but after time, she goes right back at it. After this latest stunt, I brought her into the office for another reprimanding and she just cried. To be honest, my real mistake was keeping her over other employees. She's capable of all the work, but just doesn't want to do it.

    2. She is now your punishment LOL

  2. I hate bats! So nasty! Lol!

    I’ve not had that cheese, but I’ll be on the lookout. That sounds like a very fun anniversary celebration! I hope your trip is a fun one and can’t wait to hear about it. I’ve never been there, but my parents honeymooned in the Poconos in 1961.

    1. After the safari, I realized that bats are kind of cool!! We may look into getting a bat house for the yard, but we have no trees to put it on. Maybe they make a giant stick to stick in the ground. LOL That's so funny. The Poconos is known for those types of trips. The heart shaped jacuzzis are the big joke because they are in most of the hotels over there.

  3. I am also not suitable to use medical masks that are larger than regular masks. So I always choose masks that are medium in size and to look less stylish I choose cloth masks with batik motifs or also traditional ethnic motifs typical of my country.
    Greetings :).

  4. She just sounds like a giant pain in the butt. I'd fire her butt after doing it for so long.

    Bats, birds and now water with feces in it. You really are branching out.

  5. Relax....

    # Nice to read about your Friday rambling

  6. I think bats are adorable. I'd like to go on a bat safari!

    Ugh to the crappy employee. You would think watching her coworkers lose their jobs she'd be on top of her game knowing that all the jobs there are expendable. What a twit.


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