Wednesday, August 19, 2020

DIY: How to spray paint flower pots to make them look like new.

When it comes to home decor, I tend to be a little boring with color.  I love creams, whites, and gold.  If I'm forced to add color, it's usually a pop of teal somewhere.  This year, my newly self declared interior designer of a husband decided to call me out on it.  He wanted us to add color to our home but we really didn't have extra cash with our furloughs.  We decided to compromise and refurbish planters that we inherited when we bought our home.  It seems like such a small, easy project, but it really did add the color we needed to the deck.

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How to spray paint a planter to make it look new.

When he dug out these old, discolored stone planters, I told him to forget it.  He assured me that it was a simple project, cost <$10, and that I would absolutely love it.  Well, as much as I hate to say it, he was totally right!  They came out fabulous.

Step One:  Thoroughly clean the planters.
You're going to want to get all in there and scrub off any dirt or lose particles.  After cleaning, wait until they are completely dry before moving on.

Step Two:  Prep your work area.
This may be a simple project, but it sure is  M E S S Y  !  Lay down a large piece of cloth or plastic to protect the ground underneath.  Make sure that you account for wind.   We didn't and I now have a half teal stone..

Step Three:  Spray the base color.
We used Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Matte Spray in teal.  Spray as evenly as possible throughout the whole item.  Wait 20 minutes for the paint to dry.

The spray paint can be found by clicking here.

Step Four:  Spray the second coat.
After waiting the 20 minutes, spray a second coat just as even and as thorough as before.  Wait another 20 minutes for the paint to dry.

Step Five:  Seal and protect with a top coat.
...anyone else feel like we're talking about nails?  We used Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Semi-Gloss Spray in clear.  Wait a full hour for the three layers of spray paint to fully dry before handling.

The top coat can be found by clicking here.

Some other tips to consider:
Wait for a clear, Sunny day to do this.  Humidity will increase dry time.  
Wear "work" clothes because any hint of breeze is causing you to get painted too.

Not only was this real easy, but it really made such a difference.  We have a wooden deck and wooden patio furniture.  Usually our only pop of color are flowers.  We surrounded the teal planters with smaller, white ones really making this just a pop of teal.  The best part, we passed a quarantine day feeling productive and got an inexpensive deck upgrade!

What DIY projects have you done recently?


  1. It does look bettah now, indeed. We do hate wind while spray painting. I don't use spray as I'm afraid for my glasses LOL

    1. LOL, well if this paint hit your glasses, you wouldn't be happy. It stains almost immediately. I think it was even worse because it's such a vibrant color. We did this in May and it's still holding up good as knew even with daily watering and weather conditions. I want to spray paint everything now. lol

  2. Love it! That turned out great! Paint can do wonders. I have done a few projects that involved old larger picture frames that had paper prints in them and I enlarged vacation photos from Maui, Napa, and Sonoma to put inside and hang up. Was very happy with the results!

    1. Thank you :) I felt like the deck even looked updated. So funny what a little paint can do. That sounds so pretty! You have to share pictures of your pictures! We're working on a wall in our basement to put all hanging items from our travels and your project sounds like the perfect inspiration.

  3. Uh, what DIY projects have I done! Hmmmmm. Let me think about it for a couple of weeks.


  4. I found some ugly planters at Lowe's on clearance last year. Spray painted them a metallic silver and they are my favorite porch decoration now. It's amazing what a little spray paint can do!

    1. I like painting things silver, gold and bronze myself, turns rubbish into expensive looking nicknacks.

    2. So true! I did find a metallic blue spray paint that is just gorgeous though. I am trying to figure out how best to use it around my house. I did use it on a name round for my cousin's daughter that I made for her bedroom door, but it's too pretty to splash on a small craft. I may have to find more ugly planters to use it on.

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