Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Review: Duke Cannon Supply Co. - Activated Charcoal Soap

I'm about to say a word that no one wants to hear right now, so I apologize in advance.
On Christmas, sorry again, I like to fill my hubby's stocking with silly but useful items.  One year it was reindeer poop chocolates that were actually really delicious.  Another year it was shower curtain rings because he lacks the ability to delicately enter the shower.  There have also been others such as Taylor Swift CDs, Hugh Jackman memorabilia, and a shaving bib.

This past year was a little more difficult for me since the clever idea area of my brain was empty.  That's when I stumbled upon a classic idea while browsing at Target.
Duke Cannon's Big Ass Lump of Coal Soap
While it didn't have the backing of an inside joke, it did get a chuckle and a shaking of the head.  It was also a teaching moment for Mushy when she realized Daddy was bad and got coal!

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A Honest Review of Duke Cannon's Charcoal Soap

What is the purpose of this product?

Activated charcoal soap is known to deep clean your skin, being extra beneficial to those prone to acne and extra oily skin.  It gets deep into your pores and removes all impurities.  While I'm not sure of the scientific backing of this, activated charcoal soap is rumored to remove toxins from the skin and even lighten or remove acne scarring.  Yay, because who wants to remember their favorite pimple?!

What do you like best about this product?

The first thing that I love about Duke Cannon's charcoal soap is the size.  It's honestly the biggest bar of soap I've ever seen!  In addition to it's size, it really does deep clean.  I try to limit it's use to once a week because it cleans so well that it can be drying to the skin.  After that weekly wash, my skin feels like it's been freed!  Build up from cosmetics and its own oils must be taking root in my pores because my Saturday morning wash this soap leaves my face looking and feeling like it was recharged.

What does "mischief & shenanigans" smell like?

It smells wonderful.  To me, it's a masculine scent that should linger on all men's skin.  The official scent of mischief & shenanigans is bergamot and black pepper.  Bonus points for whomever could tell me what a begamot is?!  The scent is subtle enough for me to like it.

Is this a costly item or reasonably priced?

I purchased the Duke Cannon Big Ass Lump of Coal soap for <$10 at Target.  For the size and frequency of use, this bar of soap will undoubtedly last us a year.  I would classify that as a bargain!

Is there anything else you think is worth mentioning?

I'm a huge fan of the company Duke Cannon Supply Co.
In the past, I've purchased numerous gifts for the men in my life.  They sell reasonably priced, useful gifts that won't get thrown in a drawer to never be seen again.  At least, I hope not.  In addition to selling a good product, they donate a percentage of all proceeds to veterans.  They also advertise being from a simpler time when men were chivalrous and handy.  These are things that I can and do totally support!


  1. Well if he did not divorce when you gave him Swaylor Twift's album, he probably never will...
    How come it was his gift and you used it? LOL
    Bergamot is what gives that lovely taste to Earl Gray tea, deary, it is a citrusy fruit from Persia, methinks, originally, it is also used in famous Turkish Delight sometimes.

    1. I wrote this post before March and just kept pushing it out. He has only used it ONCE since. I guess he isn't a fan of soap? LOL I had to Google it to find out what it was, but it's very subtle so I like it.

  2. Omg, I guess I’ve never mentioned how much I hate bergamot? Dez is correct; it’s supposedly a citrus fruit, but there’s something truly repugnant about it time. My daughter received a B&BW lotion that was bergamot and she hated the scent, so she gave it to me and I had to take another shower after putting it on my legs. Couldn’t escape the odor. But I hate EarlGrey tea as well, so there you have it.

    I’ve never tried charcoal anything, but the toothpaste seems most odd!

    1. It's funny because you have! I wrote this post months in advance, prior to your unpopular opinions post. This is the only thing I've smelled that scent in, and it's a subtle, manly scent. I have to say I'm a fan! LOL at having to shower to twice. You must really hate it!

      The toothpaste does seem odd and so does the deodorant. Part of me thinks charcoal is just a trend, but I"m telling you, my skin gets so clean that it's legit tight.

    2. I hate it in some tea labels, but in some it is really beautiful, for example Lipton's Earl Grey has a very nice aroma of bergamot in it, it is probably the cosiest tea ever for winter drinking, but in some other labels it can be similar to tasting soap LOL

    3. Yes, soap is a good description!

  3. I do use charcoal powder on my teeth occasionally. Mine is from Black Diamond but you can get it cheaper elsewhere. I drink a lot of tea, so it's the best thing I've found to get my teeth white again after drinking tea all day.

    1. Oooooh! I did not know that! What’s the flavor like?

    2. I should also point out, it's quite messy though. Don't wear good clothes in case you dribble some out of your mouth. I've done that a time or two and it has stained my shirt.

  4. I bet it's great right now to help clean your skin after wearing a mask all day. I know my face feels dirty after wearing my mask and I have to give it some extra TLC these days.

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  5. hahaha so it makes one smell manly? Doesn't working out do that in a way too? Don't you want some sweaty germs? Lasting a year would sure be a bargain indeed.

  6. I haven’t try that kind of Soap yet


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