Monday, July 6, 2020

List: Ten of my favorite candles for people sensitive to scents.

I love the feeling, look, and obviously smell of a lit candle on my kitchen counter.
It's become mandatory for a candle to balance out my chubby pig cookie jar in the center of the island.
There's just one problem.  I have horrible allergies and can be very sensitive to scents.
Thanks to my sinuses, I have to be careful when choosing a scented candle to purchase.
The wrong scent and I can be sniffling and out of sorts for days.  ...& no, Benadryl isn't the answer.
As time progresses, I have become a master of picking out perfect candles for those with allergies
These candles are all mild, unoffensive, pretty, and absolutely  f a b u l o u s.

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Ten of my favorite candles for people sensitive to scents.

This scent is so mild and lovely that it's perfect all year round.
It's strong enough that you know it's there, but mild enough that you barely know where it's coming from.
Note - This scent also comes in a hand soap.  Go for the whole set and you won't regret it!

This candle is perfect for the Autumn.  Mild and refreshing with a little hint of masculinity.
Don't be fooled by the fancy presentation.  This candle can be picked up at your local Target!

For those who know me well know that I love all things coconut scented.
Yes, ALL things.  Shampoo, deodorant, soap, and candles!
It's subtle, fun, and reminds you of a relaxing day sipping frozen beverages while getting a sun tan.

There are many times that I'm caught off guard as candleless.  Can't leave my pig without his neighbor!
For those days, I run out and grab a few Glade candles.  They are a cheap, quick fix for the problem.
While this candle smells divine, it doesn't live long.  The burn life is only a fraction of the others.

This candle was bought on a whim because of the label promising "Serenity + Calm".
Let's just say the label isn't a lie!  The smell is subtle, calming, and serene.

For a more summery scent, I love the Sunset Citrus candle from Pier1.
It's strong enough to empower the funky smells of Summer like a sweaty dog but mild enough for allergies.

This is another line of home scents that advertises as stress reducing, so I gifted it to my hubby.
It's a stronger scent than most of these, but it's surprisingly not irritating to my sinuses.
If anything, it actually helps clear my sinuses when they are already agitated.

This scent and Frosted Cranberry are two of my favorite Winter candles.
The smell is subtle yet surprisingly cozy.  It's the perfect scent to snuggle up and read a book with.

Of all the vanilla scented candles, this one is the sweetest, making the name appropriate.
It's a great scent for all year round, but one of my favorites to light up when hosting.
The compliments you'll get are endless and you'll be smirking because they don't smell your sons feet.

This is my go to holiday candle.  It's my strongest scented candle on the list, but still fabulous.
When your Christmas tree loses its scent, you'll be glad to have one of these jars on hand.

What are your favorite scented candles?


  1. I have a few scented candles but for some reason they smell only when you stick your nose to them, not when you light them. Out of these I think I'd only like cranberry one and vanilla ones. And maybe coconut if it really smells like coconut :)

    1. The coconut one does smell like coconut.. it's so yum! Reminds me of almost a pina colada. The scent is powerful enough that you know it's there too.

  2. I love everything coconut, so I’m loving that choice. My nose can’t handle certain scents either. The number one offender is Bergamot! I tend to like the food scented candles over the floral ones. I once found a Thin Mint candle at a discount store that was amazing! Never saw it again:(

    1. Most floral scents aggravate my allergies too. I have never heard of Bergamot. Off to Google I go.. lol

    2. It’s horrific! I don’t know why people claim it smells like citrus? It smells like really bad old man perfume. It’s in Earl Grey tea, which I also hate.

    3. It's funny b/c after I googled it, I realized that there is a charcoal soap I use that has that scent in it. It's mixed with a bunch of other things so it doesn't bother me, but now I"m curious what it smells like solo!

  3. Bath & Body Work - Eucalyptus Spearmint is one of my favorites in my insomnia days

  4. I am obsessed with BBW Rose and Vanilla scented candle. My favorite scent though is Yankee Candle Autumn Wreath. I burn it year round. It's just a nice homey fall scent that always puts me in a relaxed state of mind.

    1. I haven't tried that one. Now I must make that my next purchase. I'm all about a relaxed state of mind. :)

  5. I can't smell, so they don't do anything for me one way or the other haha but then I do have fun playing with the fire a bit. What?

  6. I love scented candles, but if I let them burn long, I usually get a headache. I'll keep your suggestions in mind.



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