Monday, July 20, 2020

List: Ten anniversary celebration ideas.

My husband and I will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary this weekend.  While we don't get each other gifts, we like to make this a special day sans any kiddies.  Since it's a big thing to get some alone time, we try to put some thought into the evening.

My favorite anniversary celebration was for our third year of marriage.  It was my favorite because my husband planned it all on his own and it was full of little surprises.  He took me to a small French restaurant because my biggest dream is to travel to France.  He surprised me with the champagne from our wedding day and a gorgeous display of flowers.  He ended the night with my favorite dessert and a dance to our wedding song in our living room.  He also accidentally ate chicken liver which is something we still laugh about today.  It was a simple evening, but it was sweet and very thoughtful.

The moral of the story is that extravagant gifts and/or trips are nice, but it's not what matters.  It's the thought and relevant little surprises that you do for your partner that win the day.

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Ten anniversary celebration ideas.

1.  Recreate a meaningful event.
Whether it be a first date or a favorite date, reinvent it for your anniversary and experience it in a whole new way!  Our first date was at a small cafe/sports bar.  We never returned, but we point it out whenever we pass it.  How about reliving your worst date ever together?  That could end in laughs.  Maybe..

2.  Go on a chocolate tour.
Many large cities have dessert or chocolate tours that you can venture out on together.  While a beer or bar crawl doesn't really scream "romance" to me, bring on the chocolate tour!

Idea:  Don't want to venture out of your house?  Try doing a chocolate tour of you own with this chocolate variety pack.  Up the fun by pairing it with different wines.  Enjoy this fun and intimate night discovering your new favorite chocolate!

3.  Enjoy an evening dinner cruise.
Get tickets for a reputable dinner cruise for your anniversary where you'll spend a unique and romantic evening.  You'll both enjoy a meal, cocktails, and maybe even some dancing while floating on the water.  Peep the world "reputable".  We did a night cruise after our prom.  It was so not anniversary appropriate.

4.  Spend the day at a winery.
Take a drive out to a local winery.  Pair and taste different wines with meat and cheese offerings.  With the beautiful scenery and the inevitable buzz, this could be a real romantic anniversary day date.

Idea:  Make your wooden gift for a five year anniversary a wicker picnic basket like this one.  Fill it with delicious colds meats, cheeses, and breads to eat with your wines.  Then win the romance award by making your winery picnic an annual tradition!

5.  Create a DIY annual anniversary item.
Each anniversary year represents a different item.  For example, year four is flowers and year five is wood.  For our 4th anniversary, my daughter and I hand pressed a rose from our garden and framed it.  With wood for a fifth anniversary, the opportunities for homemade decor are endless.  If you're crafty, spend the day doing a thought out DIY to represent that year of marriage.  Just don't share what you made for the year of leather.  We don't want to know!

6.  Go to a local fair.
For your anniversary date, you can share a funnel cake, kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel, and win your sweetheart a stuffed bear.

7.  Tour a local mansion or castle.
I never thought of this as a romantic outing until we toured the Flagler mansion on our honeymoon.  We got to hide away in a gorgeous garden, learn history, and see a room made out of gold.  We've also visited the Vanderbilt mansion.  We saw a planetarium, gorgeous courtyards, and a real mummy.  No two mansions or castles are created equal.  Go have fun exploring together!

8.  Have a bowling match.
Bowling is always a fun night out, especially when you get competitive.  Loser does the week's laundry?

9.  Make a faux wedding cake together.
Using YouTube as your guide, bake a multi layer cake together and decorate it like a professional.  Recreate the moment you cut your original wedding cake with your new one.  ..& be prepared with champagne...lots and lots of champagne..

Idea:  Gift your sweetheart with this cake decorating kit for your anniversary!  You'll have a memorable night making your first one together and can do it each year going forward.

10.  Go on an fancy picnic.
I love the romantic passages in novels of a couple on a picnic enjoying fresh bread and cold meats.  They usually enjoy a bottle of wine, make a crown out of daisies, and talk about their dreams.  While I've never been on a picnic, it's on my bucket list and would it it as an anniversary date.  Preferably in a place with no bugs, crowds, or sand.

Idea:  Give your lover this picnic basket set for 4 as an anniversary set and enjoy this quality time together often!

What was your most romantic date?


  1. So he takes you out to a restaurant, pays you a nice dindins and flowers, and what did you get him? Hope he at least got some bedtime action that night LOL My late father used to buy my mom a present for their anniversary, but she never bought anything for him, ladies seem to be like that, like it is our anniversary, but it is only about ME ME ME... da Meagan Markle style LOL I don't think any of your ten ideas are man friendly, sister, except the bowling one. Most men would probably just prefer a massive junkfood dinner, beer and then a sex marathon in bed all night long.

    1. To be fair, he took us out to dinner for his birthday, my birthday, and our anniversary. He gets it over with on a 3 in 1 date!! lol We don't go out often as a couple, only twice a year, so he's nice enough to make it a place that I would prefer. He does spoil me with flowers though. I get sunflowers or tulips every week. :)

      I remember his bachelor party. He got to pick anywhere or anything in the world to do for the day. He picked a zombie apocalypse laser tag game and then beer with the guys. Reflecting on that.. maybe you're right. They are geared for me. The next list will include bumper cars and water slides. LOL

    2. Yes, your number nine would be a special kind of horror for most men, methinks LOL It would be kinda the same if he asked you to celebrate your anniversary by fixing together the car that took you to the wedding ceremony or something.

    3. I think my husband would enjoy that one. He likes creative type stuff, but can totally see him imitating Rachel Ray or someone obnoxious the whole time. You have to see him make the simplest of things.. you get a whole show! #7 would be most torturous to him, although he still suffers through those things for me.

    4. I have to disagree with Dezzy about these not being man friendly ideas. Jason would actually prefer a lot of them to beer drinking or junk food. He always suggests date night at a brewery (him beer and me wine), a picnic on the Amish parks, creating a new recipe together, and he even took me to the fair last month since they set up the food stalls without the rides. For him, he doesn't want the attention lavished on him. He prefers to do things that make me smile. I also get flowers every payday. He'd be upset if I started giving him gifts since he buys what he needs when he needs it. Though, he will never turn down a back rub, so that's usually his gift.

    5. I love this!! Carlos would never say "no" to a gift, but until we get rid of day care costs, we have agreed a while ago to stop the gifts. Carlos does get a joy from making me happy. A lot of times all that he wants is an acknowledgement that he went out of his way for me. From Dezzy's point, Carlos would probably not appreciate #s 7 & 10. #5 is hit and miss.. it would depend on what we're making and under what circumstances.

  2. I love your ideas, but how have you ever been on a picnic??? We both love wineries (that’s why our fave place is Napa) so we usually incorporate a winery or two into our anniversary plans. For our 25th anniversary, we visited 25 wineries in the Finger Lakes!

    Was the Flagler mansion the one in Palm Beach? We did a bike tour of the area and rode past it.

    1. Never not ever been on a picnic

    2. Nope, never! I'm not a fan of nature. I do fantasize about faraway, romantic places like France having tolerable, bug free type nature for my dream picnic. :) Love the 25 wineries idea!! What a fun, extended way of celebrating. Tell me you didn't do it all in one day, though. LOL

      Yes, Flagler mansion in Palm Beach. I loved learning the history, and my husband loved mocking everything. In other words, he wasn't real excited about it..

    3. We did it over 4 days and didn’t taste at every single one. Some we just had lunch at or walked around.

      We stayed at The Breakers in Palm Beach in 2015. It was fabulous! It was part of a business trip because we wouldn’t have spent that kind of money otherwise.

    4. I would have been real impressed if you did all of them with tastings in one day. LOL We stayed in the Four Seasons. It was so very nice but not a place I would go with kids.

  3. A walk on the beach and going to a comedy club are two more date night ideas that we like. Or, we'll just drive to a new town, park and walk the city exploring the little shops.

    1. Love the comedy club idea! Hopefully we can enjoy nights like that again soon. My favorite is exploring new cities. :)


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