Friday, July 31, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

We had way too much fun in a...
...sunflower maze at a farm out east.  Sunflowers make everyone happy, right?
The entrance fee was a little high at $5 per person, but it was worth it for my kid's ages.
An adult could have gotten out in 10 minutes, but my kids extended that to about an hour.
They also had fun playing with a pony, a giant ear of corn, and the cow playground.
Sadly, we didn't get to take home any sunflowers.  Although, these probably wouldn't have fit in my vase!
For those asking about the bees..  Yes, there were lots.  No they didn't bother us.  I only screamed once!  :)

I'm feeling nostalgic listening to...
...Socco Amaretto Lime by Brand New on repeat.  This was my Summer anthem over a decade ago.
In high school and my early 20s, Brand New was one of my favorite bands with this song being #1.
Over ten years later, and this song holds a whole new meaning.  Basically, I'm old.
"...And stay awake through summer like we own the heat."

I'm wishing my baby brother...
...a VERY HAPPY 29th  BIRTHDAY!!  Here's to ending the decade with health and happiness.

I'm absolutely and completely OBSESSED with...
...Pinterest!  I can't stop creating pins, boards, and just organizing all 10 years worth of posts.
Pinterest even introduced me to a new graphic design site that's free where you can make such pretty things.
Here's to no more cheesy pictures on Blogger.  Hopefully I can create some cool graphics now!

We're getting ready for...
...our trip to Kalahari in the Poconos!  It's to celebrate my hubby's 30th birthday.
While it's not somewhere I'd pick to go, I'm looking forward to getting away for a while.
I'm packing my bathing suits, flip flops, sunscreen, and fedora.  & dieting.  Lot's of dieting..

Calling all experienced mommies because...
...I don't know what to do with my son!  He's too big for a high chair and too small for a dining chair.
How do you feed your children without them crashing onto the floor in the interim?
He tried to flip the high chair over with himself strapped into it a week ago.
Then he threw himself off the dining chair while eating a cookie a few days later.
Is there an answer for this or should he just have to eat on the floor until he's big enough for a chair?!  Help!!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. I remember that my grandfather used to plant sunflowers because he liked to nibble on the roasted seeds all day long, the process of getting them out of the sunflower head is very entertaining and tiresome too at the same time, you just turn them upside down and beat them with a stick like crazy until they all fall out LOL We'd have whole sacks of them for the winter nibbling. I don't plant them myself, but I always eat a spoonful of sunflower seeds a day. In my country all the cooking oil and margarine and mayo are made from sunflower.

    Just put the kid on the centre of the table and let him feast the medieval style.

    1. That's so funny. I had no clue how you'd collect the seeds out of the sunflowers. Now I want to bang a sunflower with a stick just to try it! How many seeds do you typically get from (1) flower?

      My luck and he'd jump off the table and crack his head open. LOL The boy needs to be strapped down.

    2. Depends how big the flower is, but a lot usually, like a huge bowl filled with it. And there are both black and black and white seeds, depends which sort you plant. The black and white ones are usually very big.

    3. I told my husband that we have to try this next year. He told me to move the bird feeder to an isolated spot and let the sunflowers grow. The seeds for the bird feeder are all black. I wonder if they are OK for us to eat too.

  2. Ok, I am old because I have never heard that song. I just played it on my Apple Music to have a listen. Kind of has a mellow Green Day vibe to it. Or maybe more like the bands Live or Blue October? Gonna check out a few more of their songs now.

    Our sunflower field closed in June. It will reopen again in September. It's $5 here too, and $1 per stem to cut them. I took my niece there last year and got some gorgeous pics for her senior portraits.

    Don't they make booster seats that strap to the kitchen chairs? Then you strap the kid into the seat? I'm pretty sure I saw one of those at my friends house recently that she uses for her almost 3 year old. Maybe look on Amazon for something like that?

    1. Yes, just like Green Day!! I used to be a big Green Day fan back in the day. Blink 183 & Jack's Mannequin were two other bands that I obsessed over.

      I think that's so expensive for a sunflower maze that really isn't challenging. Granted, it made for a good day out with the kids, but if they weren't there, we'd walk through it in 5 minutes. The senior portraits were a good idea. Sunflowers make a perfect backdrop!

      Yes, but our stools don't have a back to tie the booster seat onto. Sigh, maybe we'll have to invest in a chair and a booster seat special for him. lol!

  3. We always used a booster seat like Theresa described. I love the sunflower field. I went to a big one last year (unsure if I knew you then) and it was beautiful. I sort of pride myself in knowing bands, but I’ve never heard of Brand New. My oldest daughter is around your age and she loved The Starting Line back then (I thought they were boring).

    1. I don’t think we knew each other yet but I haven’t met an ugly sunflower yet lol. Brand New and Jacks Mannequin were my favorites.. then I was also a fan of the more popular bands like Blink182 and Sum41. Wow, what a phase that was!

  4. Letting the kiddos have fun in the sun flower maze is the way to be. Geez, can't get a chair for a booster seat? They make things way easier. Used him here for the kiddos up until a couple months ago. Now they're good.


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