Friday, July 17, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

I bet that you are all...
...wondering what the heck you're looking at in that picture!
Well, it's a picture of my home grown lemon next to an ear bud for scale.
My little lemon finally produced fruit!!!  Too bad it's the size of a lemon shaped tear drop...
I was little disappointed that I couldn't eat it, but am looking forward to next year's harvest.

On the flip side, we are having...
...hearty harvests of Japanese eggplant, red peppers, and tomatoes!

We have officially cancelled...
...or at least rescheduled, our trip to Disney in September.
My babies are in Summer camp and are partially cared for by my grandparents.
As sad as we are to push it out again, it just wasn't worth it to put others at risk.
We weren't happy with face masks in the heat.  We were disappointed with no character dining.
Then we watched the positive cases climb to >10,000 a day and decided to admit defeat.

We still see the light because...
...while we aren't rocking Disney, we'll still take a few days to explore.
We'll be taking a road trip to Rhode Island to spend a few days as tourists.
They have lots of historical sites, beaches, mansions, and other fun things to enjoy.

I almost cursed out a...
...a mom at my kid's school/Summer camp for being a rude, self centered woman!
Before drop off, you wait in the lobby area for temperature checks and for the kid's escort.
Adults have to wear masks and social distance, which means one family in the lobby at a time.
I was patiently waiting outside the lobby door for the family in there to finish their process.
It was raining, I was late for work, and baby boy was beating me up.  But, I follow rules.
Then this LADY cuts right in front of me and pushes her kids into the lobby.
She completely ignored social distancing, the school's rules, the family inside, AND us already waiting.
Listen, we're all in a rush to make it to work on time, but slow your roll, WOMAN!!!!!
Those rules are in place to keep our children safe, us all healthy, and to RESPECT each other's fears.
Let me end my rant right here before I say something not lady like.. errrr..

I'm happy to report...
...that I got the MRI results.  My brain was declared "unremarkable".  Insert sigh of relief here.
Thank you all for the well wishes, good vibes, and prayers!
We're still unsure what's causing the hearing loss other than possibly TMJ.
Since I'm not comfortable with that answer, I'm going for a second opinion.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. You do know you are supposed to let it grow yellow like that for many months, right? Da eff would you pluck it down when it is still a baby? Ours are currently the size of lime green marbles, will be ready for plucking in late Autumn, methinks, maybe even winter.

    1. It turned yellow so I assumed that it was ripe? Most produce doesn't ripen until it's ready to be picked. Oh well. At least now I know that Limona isn't broken. :)

  2. That’s a sad, sad lemon drop! Lol! But I’m impressed you have tomatoes already! We only have green beans right now. People are so rude! I had a mask less woman almost run into me while I was paying at the store. She backed in with her cart and was yakking on her phone. I had to yell Excuse Me! Would have been nice if the cashier said something about her ignoring the 6 feet signs!

    Glad your MRI was unremarkable. I’m always glad to see that word after a mammogram!

    1. The garden is doing so well! I had enough eggplant last night to feed all five of us. Ugh, people need to wear their masks. They are going to make us all have to isolate again. It makes me want to scream!!

    2. A few days after the incident, it became a mandate in our county. Now the stores have employees posted At the door to make you have a mask. Too bad it doesn’t control HOW they wear them because some people are idiots!

    3. Lol, our governor gave a demonstration on the difference between a face mask and a chin guard. I still giggle thinking about it!

  3. I probably would have said something to miss rude butt. My girls are constantly saying they can't take me anywhere because I'm blunt when someone makes me angry.

    Your little lemon is so cute. That's great your garden is thriving. My cucumbers should be coming in any day now, but my tomatoes, well, I don't think they are going to make it this year.

    1. I wanted to, but it all happened so fast. I did tell her that there was a family in there and we were waiting, but she ignored me or didn’t hear me. Either way, what a witch!!

  4. haha poor poor little lemon.

    The rude lady is part of the problem. people like her need to pound sand.

    Can the cat still say he told you so about Disney?

    1. Lol the poor little lemon went rotten soon after. At least I got a picture.. nooo because the cat said Disney wouldn’t open and it did, soo, we win!

  5. Enjoy Rhode Island. I love it there. Happy for good results.

  6. Wow.... that is real tiny for a lemon.

  7. Oh, the size of a lemon that small? ..., I first saw it.

    For me the size of a lemon is very interesting to observe.
    Really unique!


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