Friday, July 10, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

My heart is melting because... baby girl made this letter for her baby brother with zero adult influence!
They bicker like most siblings do, but their bond is stronger than anything I hoped for.
The picture is the best because it shows baby boy spraying her with the hose.  Hence the look of surprise.. lol!

It felt ridiculously good to...
...return to the office!  The kiddies are back to part time day care and I'm back to part time peace.
It was so nice to see coworkers that I haven't seen in 3 months and even nicer to sit in an office chair.

I'm beyond relieved...
...that the last phase of lay offs has officially ended at my job.  Let's hope they are done for good.
I knew that people would be impacted, but I'm shocked at how many people were actually let go.
COVID19 is destroying lives in more ways than one.  We can only hope we see an end soon.

I saw the light when... was the first day in my new position.  I was sad to change roles, but it may be for the best.
I now have a supportive boss with clear goals and a manageable work load.
If I learned anything from this, work is not life so don't sacrifice pieces of it for anything.
This new role may be the perfect fit for me, demotion and all.

I'm totally loving...
...the new area rug for my office!  The play yard was removed and it's time to make it a real space.
The area rug is the start.  We're planning a way to make it into an office and den combo.

I'm freaking the hell out because...
...a visit to the ENT for a simple buzzing in my ear ended in disaster.
Turns out I have mild hearing loss in both ears due to nerve damage and now need a MRI.
While the doctor thinks TMJ is the culprit, they need to rule out the existence of any blockages.
To rule them out, I need to get a MRI of the brain.  Excuse me while I go cry again!
This sent my health anxiety to the edge.  I've been shaking ever since.
Here's to a healthy brain without any growths anywhere!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Did you match your mask with the suit at work? As of yesterday masks have to be worn here everywhere in public places, but thanks to us storming the parliament building and attacking the government, we won't have a weekend long lockdown :)
    Do you have a new office now? New secretary?
    Fingers crossed for your hearing!

    1. lol It's management only so I've been rocking jeans and a t-shirt. Shhh don't tell anyone because I'm usually only seen in business attire! Did you guys really protest? I can't believe they are just now requiring masks for public places. Is it re-surging near you? NY seems to have it under control, knock on wood. I have my same little office but no secretary, although I could totally use one! lol I'm just grateful for my office because I can close the door and take my mask off instead of wearing it the whole shift.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your hearing loss and the need for more testing. Nothing freaks me out like health issues and the need for more testing to “rule things out.” I will say a prayer for you. XO

    1. Agreed!! The second he said MRI I didn't even care about the hearing loss. Thanks for the prayers, that means a lot. :)

  3. I'm sorry about the hearing loss, but I love your daughter's picture and note.


  4. Great they have such a strong bond. You saying work is not life? hahahaha believe that when i see it.

  5. What a precious picture! One to save, for sure!
    Good luck on your new office position.
    Yikes to the hearing. I had my first MRI in March and fell asleep in the tube LOL

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your hearing. I hope they find some answers soon!
    That picture is too adorable! I bet it was good to get back to work. Good luck with your new position. Glad you weren't laid off!!

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  7. Oh so cute darling
    Thanks for share with us


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