Friday, July 3, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

Price Charming was all squeals when...
...Thor, the Puppy of Thunder, came out dressed as Baby Shark for his mini celebration!
Surrounded by immediate family, we had celebrated my chunky little man turning two years old.
We had Baby Shark cupcakes, Baby Shark games, a Baby Shark pinata, and Baby Shark face masks.
He was all smiles from the second he woke up that morning and saw the first Baby Shark balloon!
doo doo do doo doooo ... Sorry, I had to.  It's engraved into my brain!

My favorite part of the party was...
...the small crowd!  Due to COVID19, we limited attendance and it was GREAT!
I don't think I'll ever have a backyard party with more than 25 people ever, ever again.

My daughter's totally loving her...
...princess castle aka, a tent.  She's even been sleeping in it instead of her bed.

We have all new baby...
...lemons!!  My lemon tree pulled through and is looking healthier than ever.
She's growing new leaves, has small blossoms, and has three green lemons on a branch.
I'm sad about the crazy amount of babies she lost since blossoming in March, but we're looking forward!

I'm real annoyed because...
...the rushing water sound has returned to my right ear and it's driving me NUTS!
It's to the point that in order to concentrate, I rock an ear bud to drown out the sound.
The doctor put me back on Singulair and is hopeful that it will dry out the congestion again.
I ran out of my local honey supply about a week before this started.  Related?  Maybe!

We're looking forward to...
...our backyard celebration for the 4th of July tomorrow.
We'll be celebrating with close friends of ours that we haven't seen since early March.
The kiddies will rock their inflatable pool, have a water balloon fight, and watch the fireworks.
Every year the neighbors behind us put on a better firework show than Disney World!
We're crossing our fingers that this year we'll be spoiled with front row seats to the same show.

For those of you that celebrate...
Happy 4th of July!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Maybe it is not rushing water, maybe the ghosts are talking to you....

  2. The ear things sounds SO annoying! So, it’s related to allergies? I feel as though all my friends and I have some sort of weird allergy issues going on, usually skin related though. Your 4th sounds like a lot of fun! I’m bummed because my grandson threw up this morning and now they can’t come for our celebration. Looks like more sitting around and twiddling our thumbs this weekend. LOL

  3. The ear issue sucks big time. Hopefully it goes away again and you enjoy the backyard celebration.

  4. blogwalking from malaysia. Follow here :)

  5. Since I always said Disney has the best firework display I've ever seen (next to the rednecks at the local racetrack) I'd say your neighbors must put on one hell of a show!

  6. My baby niece loves baby shark too.


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