Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Life: Cafe Il Villaggio

For my husband's 30th birthday, I wanted to surprise him with a nice night out.
Besides, we haven't been to a restaurant in almost 2 years because my son just wasn't ready..
For the special event, I chose one of our favorite Italian restaurants called Cafe Il Villaggio in Babylon Village.
Cafe Il Villaggio is a restaurant tucked into the heart of Babylon Village on the south shore of Long Island.
This restaurant stands out because the owners are from Sicily and the menu reflects it with Sicilian dishes.
It's not easy to find a Sicilian menu.  Most restaurants serve traditional Italian or Italian-American food.
Long story short, I made the perfect choice for my husband's surprise 30th birthday dinner.
The food was perfect.  The service was amazing.  The dessert was on point.  & my son even behaved!

cafe il villagio babylon village

Cafe Il Villaggio | Babylon Village | NY

Cafe Il Villaggo was super accommodating to work with, even during a pandemic.
They had outdoor seating available along with limited indoor seating with required social distancing.
The staff all wore masks, along with the patrons, with the exception of when they were seated at their table.
They took my reservation a week in advance and even made a note to surprise the birthday boy with dessert.
The table was prepped in the corner of the restaurant away from guests and with a high chair for our son.

We started with our favorite appetizer, fried calamari, a beer for my man, and a glass of moscato for me.
Oh, and HOT, fresh bread.  Baby boy was dancing in his high chair when he saw that.  Seriously!
My daughter ordered her absolute favorite dish ever, the classic spaghetti with meatballs.
The portion was big enough to feed her, my gavon of a son, and have leftovers for a lunch.
My husband ordered their shrimp monochino which was absolute perfection.
I ordered the special of the night, spaghetti in a wine sauce with tomatoes and clams.  It was delicious!

Before we knew it, over an hour passed of delicious food and entertaining conversation.
The whole staff came out from the wall behind my husband with dessert, a lit candle, and was singing.
His face was priceless as the whole restaurant put their attention on him and joined in on the the song.

His birthday dessert was a traditional Sicilian dessert known as cassatelle.
Cassatelle look like empanadas, but taste like a cannoli stuffed zeppoli.  In other words, they're heaven!
The kids ate their cassatelle and were spoiled with gelato imported straight from Italy.

We were packing up and getting ready to end our night, when the owner took the time to say hello.
Even the patrons took time to tell us how beautiful our kids were and to wish my husband a happy birthday.
For those unfamiliar with Long Island, friendly conversation is not the norm for around here.
It felt like we were dining in a Sicilian village and running into our old family friends.

I would highly recommend Cafe Il Villaggio for food and service.

What is your favorite cuisine?


  1. A lovely family photo indeed. Why do they call it a cafe if it is a restaurant? In my country cafes have no food, maybe just some cakes.
    My favourite cuisine would probably be the one from the Levant countries, lots of legumes and seeds and veggies.

    1. Thank you :) A cafe here is just a smaller restaurant. A place to go eat cakes and beverages is either a coffee shop or a bakery depending on what their specialty is.

  2. What a perfect evening and a beautiful family picture! Happy Birthday to your hubby! My favorite is Southern Italian cuisine.

    1. Thank you :) When you say Southern, do you mean Sicilian?

    2. I’m not sure? I just know Northern uses cream sauces, which I don’t like. I like the olive oil and tomato based dishes.

    3. Sounds Sicilian to me. :) Tomato and basil based dishes are my all time favorite. I even through a couple dozen fresh basil leaves into my sausage and peppers. Love the taste.

  3. What a lovely birthday dinner surprise. He looks so happy! And the food. Gah! Scrumptious! I have never had those desserts before, but now I want to come back to NY just for a taste!

    1. He was a happy man despite officially becoming "old". LOL Those desserts are AMAZING!!! You must try some. Maybe skip NY and head out to Sicily. I missed the last Sicily trip to visit b/c I was having a baby, but everyone said they ate fresh cassatelle every night.

    2. Waaahhh! I'm 40, so I must be near death if he is officially old LOL. Thanks for the tip on Sicily. I am sure I'd eat fresh cassatelle every night too!

  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby! What a lovely picture of your family.

    I love that everyone up there is still taking precautions so you can enjoy things like this. That's awesome!

    Click link below for my new domain. Warmly,

    1. Thank you :) Cuomo really did a great job of curbing the virus. It's still here, but the spread is slow and steady. Hopefully this means we're on our way to herd immunity. They are also taking away liquor licenses for establishments that aren't following the rules. A bar in Deer Park was one of them!

  5. Sounds like a great evening indeed. Getting all singing must have been odd considering it isn't the norm.

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