Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Let's Discuss: Wayfair Scandal

I had to interrupt my scheduled R&W posts to talk about this sooner than later.
Which, BTW, is a big deal for my OCD!  I erased on my R&W calendar which made smudges..

Yesterday I read an article that struck a nerve, or in modern terms, took me "down the rabbit hole".
It was about the Wayfair Scandal.
First I felt denial, then interest, then fear, and eventually sick to my stomach over it.
Yes, I was actually afraid.  I posted about it on Facebook and took it down over fear for my babies.
The past few months have been filled with all sorts of hell, but let's draw the line at children.
When it comes to children being hurt, I just don't have the stomach for it.

The Wayfair & Amazon Scandal

Wayfair was selling extremely overpriced storage cabinets on their website.
These cabinets were all labeled with with girl's names that were recently listed as missing children.
The theory is that this is how sex traffickers were selling stolen children.
It's ok, I started with denial at this point too.  It sounds crazy, right?

The first thing I did was try to find WFX Utility cabinets, or anything similar, priced that high.
After 20 minutes of searching, I gave up.  They just aren't sold for that price.
The second thing I did was cross reference those uncommon female names to missing people.
Every single one of them came up as a child that recently was listed as a missing person.
This is where the interest started because the conspiracy theory is looking to be true.

The next step down the rabbit hole was a mad dash to get information through the internet.
Common people were finding similarly unreasonable priced items with female names.
One was a pillow for $10k, named after a missing child, and with crazy shipping terms b/c it was heavy?
Another one was a crazy priced shower curtain that was proven to be worth <$100.
Now I started to get really afraid.  Are my kids at risk?  Are other people's kids safe?

Then I started looking up some examples myself through Wayfair & Amazon using the sort feature.
I'd type in a common, typically inexpensive home item and sort from price highest to lowest.
These items existed.  They were in front of me.  I could purchase them.
Then I noticed there were reviews on these items.
Sick, crazy reviews that clearly weren't about a pillow or a shower curtain.
Take a peek at this article.  It does a great job posting screenshots of these reviews.
One man wrote about a pillow that he first used on his jet and another about how it had the Midas Touch.
Are you sick to your stomach yet?  I certainly am and even more so after posting this.

Wayfair responded saying that the allegations are absolutely not true and took down the items.
Amazon has yet to respond as of Monday morning, but I'm sure it's on it's way soon.
Many of us are waiting for their response to cancel Prime subscriptions and boycott business.

The final step to all of this was fact checking the information with fact checkers.
According to Snopes, it isn't true due to lack of evidence but did a poor job of disproving it.
I checked several other popular fact checkers and none were able to disprove it.

The bottom line is this, true or not, the possibility of this is sickening.
What's worse is, why is there hardly any media coverage on this or people talking about it?
Something this big and this serious should be investigated thoroughly with a big push from media.
The media shoves garbage down our throats daily.  Now that they should be, they aren't?
In the meantime, what is something substantial that we can do to end sex tracking?
I want to help.  I want to save these children.  I also want to puke and cry at the same time.

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. I'm not often shocked, but now I'm flabbergasted!
    In other news, I'm often shocked with the idiotic names furniture makers come up with, especially the Scandinavian ones.

    1. It's nuts!!! The further down the rabbit hole you go, the more it makes sense. What's more concerning is, no one is talking about this. WHY? They are more worried about protesting other issues instead of protecting all of our children.. SMH

      We are purchasing the buffet table to our dining room set for our 5th anniversary. The set is called Kona. Cona in Spanish means cone so I never forget the name of it. LOL

  2. I’ve not heard of this. I tend to believe Snopes that it’s false and quite a stretch. Logically, why would child traffickers use sites that the general public does? So that some Karen in Orange County orders expensive cabinets for her home and winds up with a child delivered instead? Makes no sense.

    1. I thought that at first too, but would Karen really spend $10,000 on a pillow or a filing cabinet? I doubt it. What convinced me in the end was the number of coincidences. One or two relations could be coincidence, but it's way more than one or two. Even if this isn't how they are trafficking, it's still an issue. They are estimating sex trafficking to be a multi-billion dollar business. I knew it existed, but had no clue how often and that it was happening here.

    2. I hit "Publish" too soon.

      If you have the stomach for it, you should watch Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. It's eye opening and sickening at the same time. If you watch it, let me know what you think.


      If you are familiar with QAnon, they are the group behind this conspiracy theory.

    4. I just read the article. While I’m disappointed that they are making it political, they don’t exactly disprove the theory either. It’s too many coincidences to have no merit. Maybe it’s not sex trafficking, but it’s definitely more than trying to rob Karen. Try doing a search through since that search engine isn’t censored. Lots more information pops up. You probably think I’m crazy.. lol. I never people in conspiracy theories, but this one got me!

    5. Even if this is a conspiracy, more resources still need to be utilized to combat this industry because as it's coming to light how much money there is in sex trafficking, that's not a conspiracy and cannot continue to be overlooked. Even just with my limited research on Wayfair, I ended up on other sites not even tied to the Wayfair scandal that showed me pictures how human children are bound, drugged and shipped in the sex trafficking industry. How child pornography is used as "art", how children are used in satanic rituals. It's a filthy world out there and quite frankly a a woman and a mother, it really scares me. We want to bitch about petty things like monuments being toppled over or having to wear a mask at the grocers. That stuff is so petty compared to this modern day slavery that everyone seems to be turning a blind eye to.

  3. My daughter shared this story with me over the weekend. People are talking about it on Twitter, but like you said, why isn't this being covered by major news networks? I'm sick of hearing the same stories rehashed when we have crap like this going on in the world that needs attention. Sex trafficking is a huge business and it's sad and makes me angry we aren't using more resources to put a stop to it. I will never understand those who can sell a human nor the mindset of the sick bastards that purchase an unwilling human for pleasure, especially children :(

    1. It really has me sick to my stomach. We're watching the Jeffrey Epstein docu-series in the middle of this too so I'm hyper aware at the moment. People need to open their eyes where it matters most, and for me, that's the kiddies.

    2. Typically news media won't cover anything without being certain. If turned out untrue, Wayfair could sue for libel.

  4. Sex trafficking is so huge I'm not sure how they'd stop it. This story seems like there may be something there, but it also seems a little in the public eye. Wouldn't they use the darknet for it? Or maybe the sickos are too dumb to use that.


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