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Ideas: Anniversary gift ideas for five years of marriage.

As I shared earlier in the week, this weekend we will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary.
The traditional gift for a 5th anniversary is something that consists of wood.
That leaves us with many more options to get something to represent our anniversary.
The past traditional gifts were a little more difficult to follow such as cotton, leather, and flowers.
We opted to purchase a piece of wooden furniture since it is something that we can both enjoy.
We've been saving for the buffet table to match our dining set.  Took us 5 years, but worth the wait!
Before committing to the long awaited purchase, I did brainstorm a few other ideas to share here.

five year anniversary gift ideas

Anniversary gift ideas for 5 years of marriage.

To make this gift extra special, fill it with your pictures from your favorite moments.
On the back of the pictures, you can write the date, event, and why it's so special to you.
This album is so pretty that it could be put on display in your home where guests are bound to browse!

A wooden trunk to place at the foot of your bed is one of my favorite ideas.
You can use it to store linens, photographs, and more making this a luxuriously functional gift.
For the record, this was my second choice behind the buffet table!  Isn't it pretty?

After we purchased our home, the real estate agent gifted us with this and we absolutely love it.
It's something that you will use at your special events.  Besides, cheese = love, right?!

I've always loved the look of wooden shutters to match the front door of your home.
This is something you both could enjoy in celebration of your fifth wedding anniversary.
I've also seen shutters hung with a faux window as a statement piece inside of a friend's home.

If you're looking for the ultimate wooden anniversary gift, you can always go straight to the source!
A tree is a gift that will continue to grow and may outlive your lifetime.
A birch tree has many symbolic meanings in different cultures making it a perfect choice.
Bonus points if you be all romantic and carve your initials into the trunk of tree!

A wooden game set is classic coffee table decor and a fun way to play with your spouse.

This is something that I had in an old apartment I rented.  It was the most useful thing ever.
If you're looking for another practical wooden gift, this may a good choice.
Some even come complete with a mail holder which absolutely doubles it's purposefulness.
Oh, and it can hold the "key to your heart"!  Too cheesy?  Agreed, let's move on..

Coasters are a household must, especially when you have furniture that you're trying to protect.
These little discs can remind you of this milestone anniversary every time they defend your furniture!

A cute way to celebrate your anniversary could be to start a home for a feathery mr. & mrs.

This wooden planter is a great way to bond while purchasing something that you'll have for years.
You can fill your planter with your favorite vegetables or fruits in a neat and organized way.
This is a great gift idea for the couples with a green thumb or a love for the outdoors.

What are your 5th anniversary gift ideas?


  1. I don't think I'd like to get a cheese board for any kind of anniversary LOL Shutters are nice during cold winter nights and scorching summer heat. I do prefer plastic as I have no patience to paint the wood every other year. Birch is, by the way, a freakin' nuance among trees, something always falls down from it throughout the year and creates a constant mess, my neighbours have one right under my window and I'm always surrounded with its nasty mess.

    1. What?! What kind of birch tree do they have? We have a weeping birch tree in my rose garden and it's the prettiest thing that I've ever seen. She doesn't make a mess at all. :)

    2. It sheds some kind of seethrough little husks in spring, then some kind of catkin and then in autumn tons of leaves, it is horrid, my balcony and yard are always filled with that garbage :) and those little husks or membranes even go through nets on our windows and whenever there is a storm it also breaks a lot of its tender branches and tosses them around the street. Maybe yours is small, this one is higher than my house, at last ten meters tall.

    3. I probably haven't noticed because we mulch the bed it's in. The tree is weeping so it's not as high. Maybe it's 6.5' tall. We don't have many trees around here so it makes me appreciate the birch tree all the more.

  2. We used to do these traditional gifts but gave up because it was too difficult! Our gift to each other is usually a date night or trip now.

    1. Love that!! Spend money on memories and not things. :)

  3. I love birch trees! We don't see too many around here, but I did find some of the shedded bark on the ground at our local park that the maintenance guy was going to mow over, so I picked it up to bring home to craft with. I think I'm going to put it a frame and wood burn Jason and my initials on it.

    1. We have a weeping birch tree in our rose garden and I think it's the prettiest thing ever! I've never seen the bark shed, but I can imagine it being very pretty with the white background and unique markings. You must share once you're done.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I love that you got the buffet table. That memory chest caught my eye. We've been getting something for my daughter's hope chest for years. Only problem, we didn't get an actual chest. She stores it under her bed because it's a storage bed - the one with drawers and a cabinet. haha

    Click link below for my new domain. Warmly,

    1. Thank you!! Your post makes me SO happy!! When I showed this list to my husband, he asked me why I listed a coffin as a good anniversary gift. It's a MEMORY CHEST!!! lol


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