Monday, June 22, 2020

List: Ten Summer activities to do this year.

This past Saturday marked the end of Spring and the start of a new season.
Ladies and gentleman, it's officially Summer time!

While Summer isn't my favorite season, it's usually associated with carefree fun.  ...and who doesn't love some carefree fun?  Yes, please!!  This year may be a little different, but that just means we need to get creative.  With a little outside of the box thinking and some smart decisions, this can still be a fabulous Summer!  Here's a list of Summer activities that we hope to be able to do before the end of the season.

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Ten family activities to do during the Summer.

1.  Get creative with an outside DIY project.
While I'm the least artistic person, like ever, even I have done some simple DIY projects.  Build yourself a wooden planter to grow vegetables or build a bird house to hang in a distant tree.  Refurbish old planters with spray paint or hand paint smooth stones for a small rock garden.

Idea:  Check out this guide on how to refurbish planters with spray paint for an easy DIY.

2.  Climb to the top of a lighthouse.
This is the best time of year to make the climb up the never ending steps of a lighthouse.  You'll feel accomplished for making it to the top and be rewarded with a spectacular view.  It's also the place for the ultimate game of I Spy!  You'll be surprised what you see up there.

3.  Listen to live music at a local park.
Bring your lounge chairs, some refreshments, bug spray, and your closest friends.  The kids will have a blast dancing among themselves while you sway to the music and chat.

4.  Make a homemade frozen treat.
Our favorite is a homemade ice cream sandwich with Ben & Jerry's ice cream, of course.  If those aren't your thing, try a homemade ice pop, slushie, or Italian ice.  

Idea:  My kiddies absolutely LOVE making & eating Disney themed ice pop with this kit.
5.  Go fresh or saltwater fishing.
I grew up going on a fishing date with my brother and father every Monday night.  While we don't do it as often with our kiddies, we try to go at least once or twice a year.  The babies love the thrill of catching a fish, playing in the sand, walking in the water, and watching boats.  For a bonus, it's usually followed by a quick service fish meal and ice cream on the shore.

6.  Have a water balloon fight.
Our favorite Summer memories are when daddy someone gets soaked from a surprise attack.  Fill up a bucket of water balloons, bust out the water guns, or just turn on the hose, and c h a r g e  !

Idea:  With advanced water balloon technology, they are easier than ever to do.  My daughter loves these.

7.  Attend a local festival.
We've been to all sorts of them including seafood festivals, strawberry festivals, and even a Greek festival.  Whichever festival you choose, enjoy the themed food, music, and activities.  You'll also be doing a service to local businesses that are acting as vendors at the event.  That's a win, win!

8.  Slide down the Slip N Slide.
Rock a well supportive bathing suit, run, and slide down a slip and slide!  This may sound a bit childish, but it's even more fun as an adult.  Let loose and slide with the kiddies.

Note:  The Slip N Slide that you often see my kiddies enjoy on Instagram is this oneYou're welcome.

9.  Play a neighborhood game of man hunt.
When the sun goes down, set hiding parameters and rules.  Then play a massive game of man hunt.  Everyone hides to the best of their ability.  "It" tries to find and tag them before they get to base.  Think of man hunt as an extra challenging version of hide and seek and tag, but in the dark.  Just remember, no backyards and don't cross the invisible perimeter.  It's only fun when you play fair!

10.  Explore a new terrain and have an adventure.
Visit a nature preserve or park and explore along the nature trails.  Jump in the car and take a mini road trip to a new town and play tourist.  Venture to your local city for some urban exploration on foot or via Segway tour.  I won't judge.  Wherever this takes you, just make sure it's a memorable Summer adventure!

What is on your Summer bucket list this year?


  1. I'm not looking forward to the summer, but then again I never had before either :)

    1. I prefer the coolness of Autumn or Spring too, especially for my disgustingly frizzy hair! Although, this year I danced when homeschooling my daughter ended. That was legit torturous.

    2. You now have a new appreciation for teachers LOL

  2. Summer is my favorite. I love the heat (even if it messes with my hair). I seem to have more energy to do thing when the sun is bright and shining. I do hope to explore new areas this summer, but who knows with the virus going on. We had hoped to be in Germany this year, but we all know how travel went this year :(

    1. Germany sounds like a great place to visit. Right before all of this happened, my (soon to be ex) boss got proposed to in Germany and took lovely pictures in front of castles. Hopefully you get there!

  3. I will pass on fishing, too many flies. Water balloon fights are grand. I explore whether i want to or not haha can you actually slide yet?

  4. I love summer, but am feeling pretty down about it this year. It’s difficult to talk my husband into exploring in normal timeS, but now he’s paranoid about Covid on top of it.


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