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List: Ten interior Fall decor ideas to transform your home for the season.

With the change of seasons comes the change of home decor plus a deep clean.  For the first day of Fall, we put away our glistening mosaics and pops of teal.  We replace them with golden hues and subtle indications of harvest.  While we'll put out a darker piece or two as a nod to Halloween, our goal here is to decorate for Autumn.  With a similar mindset, you can easily create a festive space that looks like an Autumn wonderland.

In this post, I'll share with you my favorite tips and tricks for this seasonal decor swap.  Additionally, I'll share with you our most complimented ideas that get frequently copied by friends and family.  Good luck and happy decorating!

how to decorate your home for autumn to look like a magazine cover

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10 Fall decor ideas to transform your home for the season.

1.  Lanterns with Seasonal Fillers
One of our favorite pieces of decor that's become a staple in our home no matter what season are our two lanterns.  They're tall, off white, with four see through walls.  To transform them into Fall decor, we fill them with glass balls, artificial succulents, and gorgeous porporri balls made to look like Fall foliage.

2.  Decorative Golden Pumpkin Fillers
I have a supply of golden decorative styrofoam pumpkins in the attic that I take down every season.  I use them to fill the bowl on the coffee table, as a pop of color in the curio cabinets, and as a finishing touch to our cornucopia.  This simple idea sticks with the Fall team and the golden hues.  It also helps to tie together multiple pieces since they are scattered throughout the home.

3.  Glass pumpkin with Lid Filled with Candy Corn
Our glass pumpkin jar may look plain and boring, but once it's filled with candy corn, it turns a beautiful shade of orange and is quickly eaten by the kiddies!  For the Month of October, give a nod to Halloween with slipping some fake spiders in there that visitors can peep through the glass.

4.  Seasonal Dish Towels
With the change of season comes the change of our dish towels.  To go with our Fall decor, I have a show dish towel draped along the handle of our oven.  Additionally, we have solid colored dish towels that we actually use draped on a handle next to the sink.

how to decorate the interior for Autumn

5.  Display a Seasonal Cookie Jar
In the center of my long kitchen counter is always a beautiful cookie jar filled to the brim with the best candy!  Autumn is no exception.  I carefully pack away my regular cookie jar and put out a tasteful one in the shape of a pumpkin.  It's a simple swap, but the perfect piece of Fall decor to give the kitchen a mini makeover!

6.  Golden Sign For Centerpiece of Mantle
As part of our Fall decor, we swap our regular centerpiece for a wooden sign with gold writing that reads "Blessed" in script.  It's a beautiful piece and appropriately rustic for the Autumn season.  I also feel that the message is a simple nod to Thanksgiving.

7.  Fall Themed Lumbar Pillow
Another piece of decor that gets swapped for something seasonal is the lumbar pillow that I have displayed on the center of a decorative bench.  To go with our Fall decor, our regular lumbar pillow is replaced with a rustic looking one that reads "Grateful" in a golden colored script.

8.  Fill Vases with Artificial Fall Colored Leaves on Stems
Every Autumn I pack away my artificial flowers and refill my vase with artificial leaves with stems.  These leaves are gorgeous fall colors with hints of gold to match the rest of our Fall decor.  This simple swap transforms any vase so that it looks like it was made specifically to go with your Fall decor!

9  Display Ceramic Pieces that are Fall Themed
No interior Fall decor would be complete without a few festive ceramic pieces thrown in, tastefully, please.  My favorite place to display these pieces are on our fireplace mantle.  We have several blown glass pumpkins that match everything perfectly.  Additionally, we have our gold colored ceramic turkey and a ceramic pick up truck carrying an Autumn harvest displayed on our mantle.  These pieces are the most fun and the most unique to the season!

10.  A Cornucopia Filled with Gourds
It's tradition to display a cornucopia as part of your Fall decor.  You can choose to display a cornucopia that's filled with fake, ceramic gourds or you can choose a gorgeous one that's empty and fill it yourself.  We go with the latter.  We have a traditional Lenox cornucopia that I absolutely adore!  We fill it with dried gourds that I bought in bulk years ago.  The extra gourds are scattered throughout my home and used to fill other places such as candy dishes.

 We have learned over the years to use decorative items that can be transformed throughout the seasons like our lanterns, vases, and lumbar pillows.  This allows us to simply swap out items instead of rearranging everything.  Additionally, we learned to have recurring themes.  To simply say "Fall decor" is not enough.  We go with golden Fall decor which helps to make all rooms flow nicely.  This is especially important in homes like ours with an open floor plan.

No matter what you do, have fun with it and HAPPY DECORATING!

What is your favorite Fall decor?


  1. You should stop drinking camomile during summer as it makes allergies worse, replace it with green tea till Autumn.
    I'm currently using white musk in my handwash and will probably use up Dove's aloe vera and birch water body wash after it as I don't like it for showering. Out of all the new Doves only goji berries/camelia is good, the rest is shitty (we don't have mango yet). My fave shower gel this year has been Palmolive's Coffee body butter wash from their gourmet collection, it is like bathing in caramel, cappuccino, roasted hazelnuts and maple syrup :) I've also bought Ziaya's Orange Butter shower gel last week, it is isn't bad, but I'm not thrilled. I do adore Nivea's apricot shower gel, though, it is like bathing in apricot juice.

    1. Omg,you need to write the commercial for Palmolive! And I need to find that stuff!!

    2. That gourmet collection has coffee, vanilla, coconut, strawberry, chocolate, berries, peach and mint, but I only like the coffee one even though I don't drink coffee :) But you literally feel like you are bathing in a cup of expensive coffee with cream. And it is a shower butter, which means it is luxuriously thick :) and the bottles are gorgeous too. Good for skin too.

    3. It's funny you say that because my doctor just prescribed me a new allergy medication because my ears are so bad! I guess my nightly chamomile tea must come to an end for now. Palmolive around here is the green dish soap. I don't think I've ever seen their body care line, although now I want to try it! I like light, warm scents. Anything too strong turns me off so that coffee body butter sounds amazing. :)

    4. There is a whole list of things that worsen allergies during summer, google it, there are some things on it that I just won't rid myself from, bananas for example, but I replace camomile with nettle and green flavoured tea during summer, especially in August when a weed called ambrosia is flowering here and it is when rhinitis becomes the worst for all allergy sufferers. I put myself on a two week pill treatment then.
      You have Palmolive Coffe Love Body Butter Wash on ebay methinks, I once found my favourite ever Cherry Almond Dove there, but it was 40 bucks for a bottle because it was a rare edition :)

  2. I loved reading about your fave products. I can’t believe how much almond milk you go through! My daughter and I only use 1.5 gallons a week together. I wouldn’t mind trying the shower foam but have always hated the scent of regular Dove products. Is it predominantly vanilla?

    I also need my scented hand soaps. Other musts that I can’t run out of are TraderJoe’s No Salt Almond Butter, Eggo Whole Grain Waffles, Oikos No Fat Plain Greek Yogurt and Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus. AND Frito Lay MultiGrain Scoops which they’ve stopped making during the pandemic!!! I’ve been furious and you should see the tweets and fb comments they are getting! The people have spoken!

    1. Yes, it's predominantly vanilla and smells like a warm scent (if that makes any sense lol). It's not overpowering at all which is part of why I love it. Too funny about the Fritos! Who knew that people took their chips so seriously? lol lol

  3. I use vanilla almond milk as well, I drink it and use it for cereal

    1. I put it in my coffee and then eliminate the sugar. :)

  4. I enjoyed your list. My major wants are Diet Pepsi and a good lip balm.


    1. My favorite lip balm is EOS and Baby Lips, but I can't find Baby Lips anymore.

  5. Silk Vanilla Almond Milk is my favorite. I also can't live without BBW foaming hand soaps and hand sanitizers. Even though it is summer, I still start my morning with a hot cup of Darjeeling tea and end it with a hot cup of lavender or chamomile tea. Those are my quarantine splurges also.

    1. I'm due for a refill of soaps, but I'm waiting for their deal for purchasing 6 at a time. :)

    2. Their sales have been awful since quarantine. I refuse to pay more than $3 each and they haven't had that sale since like Jan or Feb. Thankfully. I still have a cupboard full, so we aren't hurting. I have no problem waiting them out LOL

  6. A big fan of tingly feelings? Want to switch nervous systems with me? lol You panic? Nah, never would have guessed that. You only have 3 boxes left. Oh no!!!


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