Monday, July 27, 2020

List: Ten ideas to bring excitement back into your life.

A few weeks back, I found myself sending out pleas for help to bring excitement into my life.  That's when I started thinking, I've been down this dreaded road before.  Many times, actually.  See in 2016 and again in 2012.  Sigh...  Both posts are from two very different times in my life proving that life can be mundane despite circumstance.  I don't mean mundane or boring in the sense of a lack of drive or responsibility.  The boring I'm referring to comes from a mundane routine where every day is predictable.  While I recognize that some people relish in a life that's stable and predictable, that's just not me.  I crave spontaneity, excitement, and up hill mountains that need to be climbed.  Here's a new list of simple ways to bring excitement back into your world without sacrificing morals.  Hopefully three times really is the charm..

how to break a mundane routine; how to enjoy life again

Ten ideas to bring excitement back into your life.

1.  Plan a weekly date that doesn't involve family.
This could be a date with yourself or a friend.  Either way, break routine by changing company.  ..or by opting for no company.  Trust me when I say this is the biggest change of all!  The dates don't have to be long or costly.  It's just a simple pleasure to indulge and look forward to.

2.  Set up a monthly game night with your favorite people.
It may be difficult to coordinate something weekly, but monthly is typically doable.  Break your routine by setting up competitive fun.  Loser has to host the next game night!

3.  Take a lunch break at least once a week and share it with someone.
This break from the work day is sometimes all that you need to get you through the second half.  Lunch breaks are far and few between these days.  Lunch breaks with company are almost extinct.  Dedicate yourself to getting a slice of pizza or sitting in the lunchroom with a coworker once a week.  If you get a good enough vent session or belly laugh in there, you'll be good for a few more days!

4.  Volunteer your time to an organization that you believe in.
In the past, I've dedicated time to various fundraisers but never anything that I initiated.  In order to spend more time with my daughter, I decided to become a catechist.  As a catechist, I would be able to teach religion to the kiddies, including my little Mushy Face.

5.  Create a Blog and write lists for random people on the internet.
When you put it that way, it does sound a tad bit pathetic, doesn't it?  Well, IDC, because I enjoy it!  I have lots of fun in Blogger and have made quite a few friends and acquaintances through here.  My second favorite part is seeing all the people that came to my page through different Google inquiries.

6.  Plan for at least one monthly family outing.
I'm at the point in my life where date nights don't matter quite as much as a family outing.  Your monthly family date will break up routine and be something that everyone looks forward to.  This could be as simple as a fishing day, as fun as a school play, and as crazy as a day of go kart racing!

7.  Host a Love Love Party with your closest girlfriends.
When I was about 20 years old, I hosted a Love Love Party and it was a night to remember!  This is a juicy party guaranteed to give laughs as the host tries to sell all different types of sex toys.  Similar to a Tupperware party, the host gets credits based on other people's purchases.  I almost died when I got a $1200 credit!  Does that mean that I have kinky friends?  My second favorite was seeing everyone squirm during anal beads BINGO!

8.  Volunteer your time to babysit the kiddies.
This may sound counterproductive to what we're trying to accomplish here, but hear me out.  You'll have lots of fun with all the babies by playing games, watching movies, and making snacks.  This is a definite break from your daily routine and gives you much needed time with other people's kiddies.  Double win - You'll have an IOU for a future babysitting day when you're in need!

9.  Plan a seasonal mini road trip.
While I would love to take a seasonal vacation, let's just face the fact we'll never be rich enough for that!  We can wait to hit the lotto, but in the interim, settle for a seasonal mini adventure.  This could be a self guided tour in a nearby town, a day at the aquarium, or a road trip to a new beach.  To qualify, it should take at least two hours to get to your destination so it feels like a getaway!

10.  Periodically change up your look.
Imagine the moment of bliss that you get every time you open a new tube of mascara then times it by 10.  You can get a new outfit, new hair style, or even simply change your shade of lip stick.  This barely noticeable change in your appearance is going to leave you feeling fresh for a while!

What do you do for excitement?


  1. I much prefer routine, excitements tire me to no extent LOL An excitement a week is enough, but not more than that.
    A much needed time with other people's kiddies? Da what? Why would I want to spend time with any kiddies, let alone other people's spawn??? That's horror not excitement.

    1. Routine makes me feel like life just passes us by. Although, this past weekend was too much excitement. I can't stop yawning!! I think you're right, there has to be a good balance.

  2. Idea number 5 I also agree. By interacting on the blog we can get to know friends from various countries and can add insights from different cultures.
    That is very fun.

    Have a nice week!

  3. A positive list! We are doing a mini road trip this Friday to celebrate our upcoming anniversary.

    Changing my look can be a challenge. I’m good about allowing my hairdresser to try new cuts, but it’s harder for me to change makeup choices. It’s been a bummer to not wear lipstick or lip gloss due to masks!

    1. Agree with the lipstick, although I put it on anyways and then get mad when it hits my mask. The worse for me is the mascara. The humidity from breathing makes my lashes wilt. Corona problems!! Lol

  4. Before the pandemic, we'd have a girl's day out once a month. Things like wine tasting, canvas paintings, craft classes. I can't wait to do those things again when this passes.

    I'd probably like a Love Love Party much better than pampered chef LOL. I kind of want to host one because my best friend would be freaking hilarious with her own commentary on the "goods". Hell, I laugh over her descriptions on the Color Street parties our other bestie has. Throw in some anal bead and I'd probably die laughing there.

    1. Love the girls day out!! The love love party was hilarious. Anal head bingo was definitely one for laughs.. I remember my best friend won. She went from exciting for winning to a look of shame holding her prize. Hahaha

    2. That's a priceless moment right there. One neither of you are bound to forget!

  5. hmmm write lists for people? I don't know, that is stretching it lol

    I can attest to taking other kiddos. Sure disrupts the routine.


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